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Matthew Cowlin

Matthew Cowlin
b. 11 August 1840, Glassmoor, Whittelsey, Cambridge, England, to Joseph and Mary (Hancock) Cowlin
d. 24 September 1925, Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio

m. 1 July 1866, Muskegon, Muskegon County, Michigan
Maria E. Loomis
b. 28 April 1846, New York
d. 7 June 1894, Sheridan County, Nebraska

Children with Maria E. Loomis:
• Alice Jane (1866-1928) married James Alfred Stevens
• Laura May (1874-1951) married Clarence Albert Benedict
• Matthew Willard (1876-1951) married Lenore (Blain) Small

The family came to Hobart, Lake County, Indiana, from Cazevonia, Madison County, New York, in 1865 and they left in 1885 for Box Butte, then Sheridan County, Nebraska.

Submitted by:
Mary Alice Benedict Grindol
Galesburg MI

George Washington Trisler

George Washington Trisler
b. 8 July 1835, Mercer County, Kentucky, to David and Lydia (Hoover/Rohrer) Trisler
d. 5 April 1922, Pawhuska, Osage County, Oklahoma

m. 25 September 1865, Rockport, Spencer County, Indiana
Nancy Ann Wire
b. 15 June 1850, Midway, Spencer County, Indiana
d. 13 March 1932, Avant, Osage County, Oklahoma

Children with Nancy Ann Wire:
• Clara Florence (1866-1932) married (1) Enoch Jones, (2) Jacob Downs
• Sarah (b. 1869) married (1) Jack Shores, (2) George Marion Faylor
• Charley Enay (1872-1951) married (1) Eve Crippen, (2) Elizabeth Stevens
• George Washington (1873-1937) married Dillie Crippen
• Mary (1876-1920) married (1) Winter D. White, (2) David Hildebrand
• James A. (1880-1940) married Ethyl Malone
• Laura B. (1882-1970) married Albert Setterstrom
• Benjamin Harrison (1886-1968) married Letha Ida Linton
• Ross Albert (b. 1895) married Lillie Karnes

George came to Clear Creek Township, Monroe County, Indiana, in 1840. After living in Rockport and Midway in Spencer County, Indiana, he emigrated to Pea Ridge, Arkansas, in 1878. Then in 1881 the family moved to Indian Territory which later became Oklahoma. He was a cooper (barrel-maker). He was in Company I, 18th Regiment, Indiana Infantry from August 1861 to August 1864, except for three months in the 49th Regiment in early 1864.

Submitted by:
Tina Trisler Gilbert
Wichita KS
E-mail: wgilb10676@aol.com

William Stevens

William Stevens
b. 21 September 1796, probably New York
d. April 1871

m/1. 17 October 1824, Vigo County, Indiana
Synthy Benjamin

m/2. 7 July 1833, Vigo County, Indiana
Elizabeth Ann Booth
b. 1816, Indiana
d. 1848 Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana

Children with Synthy Benjamin:
• Issac (b. 1827)
• Amelia (b. 1828)
• Fanny (b. 1829)

• William
• Martha

Children with Elizabeth Ann Booth:
• Sara Jane (b. 1835)
• Phylinda (b. 1838)
• Julia Emerine (b. 1840)
• John Wesley (b. 1843)
• Eliza Jane (b. 1845)
• Rachel (b. 1848)

William came to Indiana about 1825 and lived in Otter Creek Township in Vigo County before leaving the state in 1853 for Wayne, LaFayette County, Wisconsin. He was a Justice of the Peace in Vigo County, Indiana

Submitted by:
Julie Scheuermann
Ontario CA

Sophia Esther Stevens

Sophia Esther Stevens
b. 9 February 1896, Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana, to Leonard and Ida J. (Hatt) Stevens
d. 30 August 1916, Farmington, Fulton County, Illinois

m. 10 January 1914, Jackson, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri
John Ruben Scott
b. 3 January 1894, McLeansboro, Hamilton County, Illinois
d. 8 August 1969, Russellville, Pope County, Arkansas

Children with John Ruben Scott:
• Earl Sylvester

Sophia lived in Tangier, Parke County, and Tab, Warren County, before emigrating in 1909.

Submitted by:
Darlene Jeannette Scott Shawn
Norman OK

Leonard C. Stevens

Leonard C. Stevens
b. January 1869, Parke County, Indiana, to John Walter and Julia Ann (Life) Stevens
d. 13 October 1925, Normal, McLean County, Illinois

m. 21 July 1889, Parke County, Indiana
Ida Jane Hatt
b. July 1871, Parke County, Indiana

Children with Ida Jane Hatt:
• Joseph Earl
• Cecil Coyer
• Cynitha B. (?)
• Sophia Esther
• Clyde
• Orval L.

The family lived in Parke County; Terre Haute, Vigo County; and Tab, Warren County, Indiana, before leaving the state in 1909.

Submitted by:
Darlene Jeannette Scott Shawn
Norman OK

Nancy Lame

Nancy Lame
b. 1804, Scott County, Kentucky, to Joseph and Mary (Bates) Lame
d. 1845, Louisa County, Iowa


m/2. 5 June 1828, Jefferson County, Indiana
Abraham Hill
b. 1807, Scott County, Kentucky

Children with Abraham Hill:
• Mary (1829-1856) married (1) John H. Stevens (1815-1853), (2) James [—?—] (b. 1834)
• Martha (b. 1831)
• James (b. 1834)
• Jessie (b. 1836)
• Rebecca J. (b. 1837)
• Margaret (b. 1840)

Nancy came to Jefferson County, Indiana, in 1807 and lived in Madison and Monroe townships in Jefferson County, Indiana, before emigrating in 1844.

Submitted by:
J. Ralph Lindgren
Bethlehem PA
E-mail: jrl3@lehigh.edu

Ida J. Hatt

Ida J. Hatt
b. July 1871, Parke County, Indiana, to William Albert and Martha A. (Braden) Hatt
d. after 1920

m. 21 July 1889, Parke County, Indiana
Leonard C. Stevens
b. January 1869, Parke County, Indiana
d. after 1920

Children with Leonard C. Stevens:
• Joseph Earl
• Cecil Coyer
• Cynitha B.
• Sophia Esther married [–?–] Scott
• Clyde
• Orval L.

Ida lived in Terre Haute, Vigo County, and in Tab, Warren County, in addition to Parke County while in Indiana. She left from Warren County in 1909. She moved from Farmington, Fulton County, Illinois, sometime after 1920.

Submitted by:
Darlene Jeannette Scott Shawn
Norman OK

Luella Koester

Luella Koester
b. 21 February 1914, Huntersville, Franklin County, Indiana, to Robert Herman and Caroline Charlotte (Thielking) Koester
d. 25 December 1995, McDonough, Henry County, Georgia

m. 27 February 1935, Huntersville, Franklin County, Indiana
Orville Wessel
b. 4 April 1912, Ripley County, Indiana, to William A. and Selma (Belter) Wessel
d. 21 March 1986, Plant City, Hillsborough County, Florida

Children with Orville Wessel:

  • Lucile Caroline (b. 1935) married Glen David Stevens
  • Donald William (b. 1938) married Jerry Louise Hilkinie
  • Earl Robert (b. 1939) married Anita Louise Swails
  • Helen Selma (1941-1999) married John Bailey

Both Luella and Orville are buried in Mt. Enon Cemetery, Plant City, Florida.

Submitted by:
Irene Krieger
Batesville IN
E-mail: ihdkrieger @yahoo.com

John B Wright

John B Wright
b. 12 December 1785, Frederick County, Virginia
d. 1868-69, Illinois

Elizabeth Stevens/Stephens
d. 10 September 1825, Randolph County, Indiana

Children with Elizabeth Stevens/Stephens:

  • Nancy
  • Jesse B.
  • Phebe
  • Mary
  • James S.
  • Rebecca
  • Sidney
  • Hannah
  • David C.
  • Catherine

Submitted by:
Judith L. Weber
Greenfield IA

Charles Cunningham Brown

b. 6 October 1831, Parke County, Indiana, to John and Margaret (Ghormley) Brown
d. 20 March 1914, Caney, Montgomery County, Kansas

m. 13 December 1855, Gratiot, LaFayette County, Wisconsin
Julia Emerine Stevens
b. 7 August 1840, Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana
d. 31 December 1932, Caney, Montgomery County, Kansas

Children with Julia Emerine Stevens:

  • Alma Amanda
  • John Franklin
  • William Henry
  • Fred Arthur

Charles resided in Indiana in Wabash, Parke County, before leaving the state in the 1840’s for Rockford, Winnebago County, Illinois. He then moved on to Wayne, LaFayette County, Wisconsin; Union, Floyd County, Iowa; Abilene, Kansas; and Louisburg, Miami County, Kansas; before finally ending up in Caney, Montgomery County, Kansas.

Charles was a Civil War veteran.

Submitted by:
Julie Scheuermann
Ontario CA