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William Stevens

William Stevens
b. 21 September 1796, probably New York
d. April 1871

m/1. 17 October 1824, Vigo County, Indiana
Synthy Benjamin

m/2. 7 July 1833, Vigo County, Indiana
Elizabeth Ann Booth
b. 1816, Indiana
d. 1848 Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana

Children with Synthy Benjamin:
• Issac (b. 1827)
• Amelia (b. 1828)
• Fanny (b. 1829)

• William
• Martha

Children with Elizabeth Ann Booth:
• Sara Jane (b. 1835)
• Phylinda (b. 1838)
• Julia Emerine (b. 1840)
• John Wesley (b. 1843)
• Eliza Jane (b. 1845)
• Rachel (b. 1848)

William came to Indiana about 1825 and lived in Otter Creek Township in Vigo County before leaving the state in 1853 for Wayne, LaFayette County, Wisconsin. He was a Justice of the Peace in Vigo County, Indiana

Submitted by:
Julie Scheuermann
Ontario CA

Mathew Maddox

Mathew Maddox
b. 15 April 1828, Letcher County, Kentucky, to Matthew and Dicy (Guinn) Maddox
d. 19 July 1908, Concordia, Cloud County, Kansas

m. 1 September 1850, Covington Township, Fountain County, Indiana
Martha Jane “Jenny” Henderson
b. 4 September 1833, Covington Township, Fountain County, Indiana, to Jacob and Hannah (Booth) Henderson
d. 31 January 1911, Concordia, Cloud County, Kansas

Children with Martha Jane Henderson:
• Milton M. (1851-1939) married Lucinda Bell
• Nelson J. (1853-1926) married Nancy Jane Shrader
• John (1854-1863)
• William L. (1858-1895) married Neita L. Barcelo

Mathew came to Indiana from Mason County, Kentucky, in 1832 and lived in Troy Township, Fountain County, until emigrating to Iowa in 1852.

Submitted by:
Patricia Little Maddox
Alexandria VA
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Jacob B. Henderson

Jacob B. Henderson
b. 30 March 1812, Franklin County, Indiana, to William and Martha Henderson
d. 9 September 1886, Cedar Township, Monroe County, Iowa

m. 9 August 1832, Fountain County, Indiana
Hannah Bailey Booth(e)
b. 10 August 1814, Readyville, Rutherford County, Tennessee, to Nathan and Mary (Wallis/Wallace) Booth
d. 12 September 1907, Lushton, York County, Nebraska

Children with Hannah Bailey Booth(e):
• Martha J. (1833-1911) married Matthew Maddox
• Nathan G. (1836-1881) married (1) Elizabeth Cline, (2) Harriet [–?–]
• William (1838-1839)
• John R. (1840-1860)
• James Thomas (1843-1872) married Klingen Smith
• David (1846-1924) married Elizabeth Purcell
• Mary E. (1848-1928) married Robert Anderson
• Adaline (1851-1868) married Charles Wesley Booth
• Anna Olive (1855-1938) married (1) Barzella Nelson Spar Etcher, (2) Orlan Thomas Wood, (3) Robert N. Stall
• Josephine Fern (1857-1917) married William Sanford Mart

Jacob was a farmer and a pastor of the United Brethren Church. He lived in Covington and Troy townships of Fountain County, Indiana, before emigrating to Fulton County, Illinois, in 1854.

Submitted by:
Patricia Little Maddox
Alexandria VA
E-mail: ramseesmar@aol.com