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Morris M. Crowe

Morris M. Crowe
birth: 29 Oct 1857, Pekin, Washington Co., IN to Jefferson and Amanda Ozena (Motsinger) Crowe
death: 4 Nov 1947, at Carp, Owen Co., IN
burial: Hudson Hill Cemetery, Owen Co., IN

marriage: 20 Mar 1881 at Owen Co., IN
Lula “Lulie” E. Montgomery
birth: 21 Jun 1860, at Owen Co., IN to William B. and Nancy A. Montgomery
death: 13 Aug 1951, Bloomington, Monroe Co., IN
burial: Hudson Hill Cemetery, Owen Co., IN

Children of Morris M. Crowe and Lula “Lulie” E. Montgomery:

  • Mont E. Crowe (1882-1970), m. Dovey Steele
  • Frank M. Crowe (1887-1900)

Morris M. Crowe lived in:

Morris lived in Washington County, Indiana, until sometime between 1860 and 1870 when his family settled in Owen County. He continued to live in Owen County until the time of his death. After the death of her husband, Lulie share a home with their son, Mont, in Spencer, Owen County. She died in Monroe County, after being taken there to a hospital after a fall.

Submitted by:
Randi Richardson

James Elbert Price

James Elbert Price
birth: 19 Feb 1906, in Buffaloville, Spencer Co., IN to Lillian Price
death: 26 Jun 2003
burial: Oak Hill Cemetery, Chrisney, Spencer Co., IN

marriage: 5 Jul 1925
Elise Cleadus Wangler
birth: 31 Mar 1909 to Charles Wangler and Nettie Mae Wright
death: 28 Jan 1985
burial: Oak Hill Cemetery, Chrisney, Spencer Co., IN

Children of James Elbert Price and Elise Cleadus Wangler:

  • Elberta Marie Price, 1928-2015
  • Delles Eugene Price, 1929-2014
  • Irene Elaine Price, 1931-2017
  • James Elmer Price, 1934-1956
  • Ervin Lee Price, 1944-Living

James Elbert Price lived In:

Evansville, Buffaloville, Lincoln City, Tennyson, and Chrisney, Indiana.

Other Information:

James Price‘s father is unknown. He lived with his grandparents in Buffaloville from birth until their death in 1919, at which time he went to live his mother, Lillian Price, and her husband, William Emmons. Contributor would appreciate information on this family.

Submitted by:
Donna Sanderson

Frederick William Denkewalter

Frederick William Denkewalter
birth: 22 January 1842 in Germany
death: 28 Jun 1914 at Spencer, Owen Co., IN
burial: Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN

marriage (1): date unknown
Elizabeth Hoyer

marriage (2): 21 Feb 1878, Marion Co., IN
Mary/Mariah Koller

Children of Frederick William Denkewalter and Elizabeth Hoyer:

Children of Frederick William Denkewalter and Mary/Mariah Koller:

  • Walter Edward Denkewalter
  • Otto Edward Denkewalter
  • Mary Denkewalter
  • Oscar Denkewalter

Frederick William Denkewalter lived In:

  • 1876- He was reported to be a practicing physician in LaPorte County, Indiana
  • 1880- Marion County, Indiana
  • 1889- Granted license to practice medicine in Owen County, Indiana
  • 1914- Died at Spencer, Owen County, Indiana

Frederick William Denkewalter also lived In:

  • Born in Germany (variously noted as Baden Baden and Prussia)
  • Michigan (daughter Olga was born there in 1872)
  • Illinois (son Alfred was born there in 1874)
  • Chicago, Illinois (graduated Rush Medical College there, also in 1874)

Other Information:

Very little is known about Frederick William Denkewalter‘s first marriage.

After his death, the grounds of Denkewalter’s Owen County sanitarium were sold to the state and became McCormick’s Creek State Park, the first state park in Indiana.

In the earlist records, he is identified as Walter Denke or F. Walter Denke.

Submitter is not related to this Hoosier ancestor.

Submitted by:
Randi Richardson


Nickolas John Werne

Nickolas John Werne
b. 10 November 1869, Spencer County, Indiana, to Adam and Christina (Fisch) Werne
d. 22 January 1924, Daviess County, Kentucky

m. 29 May 1894, Ferdinand, Spencer County, Indiana
Margaretha Wigger
b. Spencer County, Indiana
d. November 1943, Daviess County, Kentucky

Children with Margaretha Wigger:
• Christopher
• Edna
• Nickolas
• Pauline
• Edith
• Emma

The family moved from Ferdinand, Spencer County, Indiana, in 1903.

Submitted by:
Barbara C. Hamlet
Hawesville KY

George Washington Trisler, II

George Washington Trisler, II
b. 18 December 1873, Rockport, Spencer County, Indiana, to George Washington and Nancy A. (Wire) Trisler
d. 18 May 1937, Vera, Washington County, Oklahoma

m. 5 September 1900, Seneca, Newton County, Missouri
Dillie Crippen
b. 29 May 1883, Seligman, Barry County, Missouri, to Jessie Ives and Susan Elizabeth (Wyrick) Crippen
d. 3 March 1969, Broken Arrow, Tulsa County, Oklahoma

Children with Dillie Crippen:
• Pearl (1902-1902)
• Urban I. (1903-1990) married Alma Fae Sears
• Earl James (1906-1988) married Katie Irene Searle
• Iva Ella (1909-1987) married Fred Amiott
• Mary Sue (1911-1997) married William Edward Wickham
• Paul Elmer (1914-1987) married (1) Ruth Hannon, (2) Nancy [–?–]
• Dillie Faye (1917-1945) married Roy Denton
• Willie George (b. 1920) married Betty Jo Clark
• Tina Christine (b. 1922) married William Clayton Gilbert
• Juanita (1926-1926)
• Dolly Esther (b. 1927) married Henry Franklin Weygandt, Jr.

George lived in Rockport and Midway in Spencer County, Indiana, before emigrating in 1879. He was a Pentecost preacher. He had a molasses mill, raising his own cane and peddling the results. He also had a hay baler and baled hay all over the country.

Submitted by:
Tina Trisler Gilbert
Wichita KS

George Washington Trisler

George Washington Trisler
b. 8 July 1835, Mercer County, Kentucky, to David and Lydia (Hoover/Rohrer) Trisler
d. 5 April 1922, Pawhuska, Osage County, Oklahoma

m. 25 September 1865, Rockport, Spencer County, Indiana
Nancy Ann Wire
b. 15 June 1850, Midway, Spencer County, Indiana
d. 13 March 1932, Avant, Osage County, Oklahoma

Children with Nancy Ann Wire:
• Clara Florence (1866-1932) married (1) Enoch Jones, (2) Jacob Downs
• Sarah (b. 1869) married (1) Jack Shores, (2) George Marion Faylor
• Charley Enay (1872-1951) married (1) Eve Crippen, (2) Elizabeth Stevens
• George Washington (1873-1937) married Dillie Crippen
• Mary (1876-1920) married (1) Winter D. White, (2) David Hildebrand
• James A. (1880-1940) married Ethyl Malone
• Laura B. (1882-1970) married Albert Setterstrom
• Benjamin Harrison (1886-1968) married Letha Ida Linton
• Ross Albert (b. 1895) married Lillie Karnes

George came to Clear Creek Township, Monroe County, Indiana, in 1840. After living in Rockport and Midway in Spencer County, Indiana, he emigrated to Pea Ridge, Arkansas, in 1878. Then in 1881 the family moved to Indian Territory which later became Oklahoma. He was a cooper (barrel-maker). He was in Company I, 18th Regiment, Indiana Infantry from August 1861 to August 1864, except for three months in the 49th Regiment in early 1864.

Submitted by:
Tina Trisler Gilbert
Wichita KS

Mary Elizabeth Stites

Mary Elizabeth Stites
b. 1 October 1837, Rockport, Spencer County, Indiana, to Benjamin and Sidney Vail (Davis) Stites
d. 2 August 1878, America, Pulaski County, Illinois

m. 11 August 1857, Rockport, Spencer County, Indiana
Samuel Sheets
b. 25 October 1833, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
d. 5 November 1906, Carbondale, Jackson County, Illinois

Children with Samuel Sheets:
• Sidney
• Letitia
• Edward Jacob
• Mary Belle
• William
• George Washington
• Benjamin Franklin
• Harry M.
• Charles G.

Mary Elizabeth left Indiana shortly after her marriage for America, Pulaski County, Illinois.

Submitted by:
Norma Sullivan
Delphi IN

Benjamin F. Stites

Benjamin F. Stites
b. 26 December 1843, near Rockport, Spencer County, Indiana, to Benjamin and Sidney Vail (Davis) Stites
d. 31 October 1921, Moore, Fergus County, Montana

m. Yankeetown, Warrick County, Indiana
Matilda Lee
b. 11 January 1858, Yankeetown, Warrick County, Indiana
d. 12 May 1911, Moore, Fergus County, Montana

Children with Matilda Lee:
• Daisy D. (b. 1878)
• Della M. (b. 1880)
• Benjamin Frank (b. 1882)
• William S. (b. 1885)

All the children except William were born in Warrick County, Indiana; William was born in Buffalo County, Nebraska. The family moved to Amherst in Grant Township of Buffalo County some time between the birth of Benjamin and William.

Submitted by:
Norma Sullivan
Delphi IN

George Southwood

George Southwood
b. 28 April 1883, Huff Township, Spencer County, Indiana, to John Quincy and Helen (Arnold) Southwood
d. 15 April 1964, Cambridge, Henry County, Illinois

m. 24 April 1918, Rock Island, Rock Island County, Illinois
Helen Iva Lattin
b. 17 December 1892, Bradford, Stark County, Illinois
d. 29 April 1976, Rock Island, Rock Island County, Illinois

Children with Helen Iva Lattin:
• Delores M. (b. 1919)
• Duane E. (b. 1920)
• Donald G. (b. 1922)
• Dewey R. (b. 1924)

George emigrated in 1916 to Moline, Rock Island County, Illinois, to find employment at the Rock Island Arsenal, where he learned the saddler’s trade with the 7th Cavalry, U.S. Army. He worked there during WWI and again from 1936 until after WWII when he retired. Between employment periods at the arsenal, he worked at the Moline Tool Co. He retired to Henry County and operated a small farm. He and his wife are buried in the National Cemetery at Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois.

Submitted by:
Donald G. Southwood
Davenport IA

Jefferson Simmons

Jefferson Simmons
b. 20 January 1860, Pike or Dubois County, Indiana, to Jefferson and Elizabeth (Kinder) Simmons
d. 25 January 1907, New Madrid County, Missouri

m/1. 25 November 1884, Warrick County, Indiana
Sarah R. Isaacks
b. 1863, Pigeon, Warrick County, Indiana
d. 2 May 1898, Como, New Madrid County, Missouri


Children with Sarah R. Isaacks:
• Alford/Alfred
• Henry
• William “Bill”
• Hattie married [–?–] Duty

Children with [—?—]:
• Tom
• Jerrie married [–?–] Berg

There were five other children but they all died young.

The family lived in Dubois, Pike, Spencer, and Warrick counties in Indiana before leaving the state in 188l.

Submitted by:
Darlene Jeannette Scott Shawn
Norman OK