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Garrell Leslie

Garrell Leslie
birth: September 1, 1929 in Warrick county to Archie and Nora Leslie
death: December 23, 2008
burial: Maroa cemetery, Maroa, Illinois

marriage: April 19, 1947 in Folsonville, Indiana
Inez Louise Ellison
birth: August 24, 1929 in Folsonville, Indiana to Lloyd Ellison and Martha Condict
death: March 23, 2013 in Decatur, Illinois
burial: Maroa, Illinois

Children of Inez Louise Ellison and Garrell Leslie:

  • Garrell M Leslie. 02/05/1948 spouse Cathy Stephens
  • Cynthia D Leslie 08/05/1951 spouse Larry Day
  • Donna C Leslie 11/13/1952. Spouse Stephen Fisher
  • Kathy L Leslie 07/13/1956

Ancestor here lived in:

Folsonville, Booneville, Evansville through 1954

Also lived in:

Decatur IL then Maroa, IL through 1976
Martinsville, IL through time of death

Submitted by:
Kathy Leslie
Email: kathyleslie56@gmail.com

George Bentley Walter

George Bentley Walter
b. 25 January 1812, Highland County, Ohio, to John and Mary (Bentley) Walter
d. 12 April 1898, probably Los Angeles County, California

m/1. 1843, Iowa
Tabitha Shepherd
b. about 1814, Bridgeport, Ohio
d. 1848, Iowa

m/2. 1849, Iowa
Ann S. Gruewell
b. about 1832, probably Quincy, Illinois
d. 28 January 1858, Santa Clara County, California

Children with Ann S. Gruewell:
• Georgiana married Walter Pratt
• Mary M. married Walter Stephens

George came to Indiana from Highland County, Ohio, in 1837 and lived in Marion County, Indiana, until leaving for Washington County, Iowa, in 1845.

Submitted by:
Wayne Walter
San Jose CA

Sarah Phares

Sarah Phares
b. 5 July 1817, Crosby Township, Hamilton County, Ohio, to Isaac and Elizabeth (Brown) Phares
d. 26 November 1906, Franklin County, Kansas

m. 24 September 1835, Shelby County, Indiana
Stacy Stephens
d. 4 July 1899, Franklin County, Kansas

Children with Stacy Stephens:
• John Paul
• James
• Rebecca Jane
• Stacy Henry
• William Thomas
• Samuel Matthew
• Sarah Mary
• Barbara Lucietta
• Enoch Elijah
• Nancy Lydia

Sarah came to Shelby County, Indiana, from Ohio with her parents and grandparents. She moved to Virginia about 1845, then to Washington County, Ohio, about 1849, and to Kansas in 1869. The moves were due to the poor health of her husband. He was a farmer. The move to Kansas was as part of a family group to homestead the land.

Submitted by:
Shirley J. Stedman
Marion TX
E-mail: vega711@juno.com

Neil Gilman Duncan

Neil Gilman Duncan
b. 10 October 1853, Fortville, Hancock County, Indiana, to Hiram Wright and Martha Jane (Reddick) Duncan
d. 3 January 1919, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

m. 14 March 1880, Madison, Yolo County, California
Mabel Ann Stephens
b. 6 December 1860, Coal Bank, Cooper County, Missouri, to James Madison and Mary Jane (Rodgers) Stephens
d. 26 May 1942, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

Children with Mabel Ann Stephens:
• Laura May (1881-1962) married Charles Clarence Hansen
• Charles Ross (1882-1961)
• Robert Neil (1895-1920) married Viola Minnie Hanger

Neil was a miller in northern California. Upon moving to Los Angeles, he was employed by the Union Pacific Railroad. One source refers to Neil’s wife as Elizabeth Ann Maybelle.

Submitted by:
Donald L. West, Sr.
Price UT
E-mail: dlwest@emerytelcom.net

John B Wright

John B Wright
b. 12 December 1785, Frederick County, Virginia
d. 1868-69, Illinois

Elizabeth Stevens/Stephens
d. 10 September 1825, Randolph County, Indiana

Children with Elizabeth Stevens/Stephens:

  • Nancy
  • Jesse B.
  • Phebe
  • Mary
  • James S.
  • Rebecca
  • Sidney
  • Hannah
  • David C.
  • Catherine

Submitted by:
Judith L. Weber
Greenfield IA

Thomas Edward Ray

Thomas Edward Ray
b. 18 July 1879, Lawrence County, Indiana, to Thomas Todd and Susan (Kern) Ray
d. 4 October 1955, Malad City, Idaho

m. 22 May 1920, Oneida County, Idaho
Eva Hansen Stephens
b. 19 August 1889
d. 3 November 1960, Malad City, Oneida County, Idaho

Children with Eva Hansen Stephens:

  • Jessie Scott (b. 1921)
  • Gloria Jones (b. 1925)

Edward emigrated from Lawrence County, Indiana, to Oneida County, Idaho, about 1903. He was the ninth child and the third of his family to move West. After graduating from the University of Michigan, he practiced law in Malad City, Idaho. While he served as Oneida County prosecuting attorney, a man whom he had sent to jail burned down the prosecutor’s home after being released from prison.

Submitted by:
Ruth Ray Edwards
Cincinnati OH

Solomon F Custer

Solomon F. Custer
b. 1816, Montgomery County, Ohio
d. 27 March 1885, Dublin, Wayne County, Indiana

m. 16 November 1836, Wayne County, Indiana
Frances “Fanny” Alger
b. 30 September 1817, Behobeth, Bristol County, Massachusetts, to Samuel and Clarissa (Hancock) Alger
d. 29 November 1889, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana

Children with Frances Alger:

  • Mary Clarissa (b. 1840)
  • Lewis A. (b. 1844)
  • Suphronia Alice (1848–1875) married [–?–] Vickers
  • Benjamin Franklin (1849–1929) married Anna Rebecca Overholtz
  • Lafayette Paul (1854–1930) married Hannah Elizabeth Stephens
  • Clarissa (1847–1857)
  • Sarah Suphronia (1860–1939) married John Luther Bond

According to family tradition, Brigham Young came back East from Utah with Fanny’s brother John to ask her to marry him. She refused, saying, “You are a fine young man, but I want to be an only wife.”

Submitted by:
JoAnn L. Kester
Tipp City OH

Lafayette Paul Custer

Lafayette Paul Custer
b. 29 August 1854, Dublin, Wayne County, Indiana, to Solomon and Frances (Alger) Custer
d. 19 May 1930, Belvedere, Los Angeles County, California

m. 31 July 1875, Dublin, Wayne County, Indiana
Hannah Elizabeth Stephens
b. 1849, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana
d. 1944, Los Angeles, Orange County, California

Children with Hannah Elizabeth Stephens:

  • Charles (May 1885–1887)
  • Arthur (8 May 1887–29 November 1959)

Lafayette P. Custer is mentioned in the book Indiana in Transition as an Indianapolis labor leader. After moving from Indiana to California in 1921, he identified himself as a retired telegrapher.

Submitted by:
JoAnn L. Kester
Tipp City OH

Arthur Custer

Arthur Custer
b. 8 May 1887, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, to Lafayette and Hannah (Stephens) Custer
d. 29 November 1959

Agnes [–?–]
d. about 1952

m/2. 15 June 1953
Lilla Bette Carroll
b. 29 April 1892, Texas

Children with Agnes [–?–]:

  • Eloise (b. 1920)

Arthur was employed by the city of Los Angeles for 31 years as a police administrator.

Submitted by:
JoAnn L. Kester
Tipp City OH