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Nancy Reynolds

Nancy Reynolds
birth: 17 March 1827 in Lawrence County, IN to Richard Reynolds Jr. and Martha “Patsy” McAllister
death: 1 July 1931 in Schuyler County, MO
burial: Darby Cemetery in Schuyler County, MO

marriage: 4 Dec 1851 in Schuyler County MO
Jeremiah “Jerry” Gray
birth: 25 Dec 1833, IN to Jesse Gray and Nancy Rainbolt
death: 25 Jan 1909 in Schuyler County, MO
burial: Darby Cemetery in Schuyler County, MO

Children of Nancy Reynolds and Jeremiah “Jerry” Gray:

  • John J. Gray b.1854, IA d. before 1870
  • Sarah Jane Gray b.9 Nov 1854, IA d. 17 Mar 1947 Schuyler County MO, Husband, John Rush Heaton
  • Jesse R. Gray b 1857 Davis Co. IA, d 1915 Ellis, OK, Wife Louisa Norman
  • James Henry Gray b 14 Feb 1859 Downing, Schuyler County, MO d 7 Sep 1941 Schuyler County, MO Wife Lucinda “Lucy” Mary Shreve
  • Susan Caroline Gray b 19 Nov 1861 Schuyler County, MO d 29 Feb 1928 Lewis, KS Husband Albert R. Ray
  • Nancy Cora Gray b July 1864 Schuyler County, MO d after 1931 Portland, OR Husband Charles A. Rhodes
  • Lucetta Gray b July 1869, MO d 5 May 1954 Los Angeles, CA Husband Nicholas E. Fail

Ancestor here lived in:

Lawrence County, IN

Ancestor also lived in:
1850-57 Davis County, IA
1859-80 Schuyler County, MO
1910 Crawford, KS
1925 Lewis, KS
1930 Schuyler County, MO

Other Information:

Her grandchildren claimed that she chewed long green tobacco and smoked a pipe. They took turns lighting the pipe for her and she always remembered who had done it last, no matter how long it had been between visits. Her grandchildren also claimed that she was a full-blooded Indian. She still had dark hair at her death at age 104.

Submitted by:
Sandra L Norfolk
Email: librariancr@gmail.com

Adam Tschupp

Adam Tschupp
birth: 11 May 1863, Elkhart, Elkhart County, Indiana to Samuel S Tschupp, Jr.(1857 – 1932) and Lydia Emma Wise (1865 – 1961)
death: 3 Apr 1935, Warren Township, Midland County, Michigan
burial: Dale Cemetery, Beaverton, Gladwin County, Michigan

marriage: 7 Oct 1888, Elkhart County, Indiana
Lovina Ellen Martin
birth: 1867 to Moses Hosea Martin (1845 – 1928) and Delilah Miller (1841 – 1900)
death: 1928
burial: Dale Cemetery, Beaverton, Gladwin County, Michigan

Children of Adam Tschupp and Lovina Ellen Martin:

  • Walter Alvin Tschupp 1890 – 1950
  • Maurice Edgar Tschupp 1892 – 1975
  • Hattie Irene Tschupp
  • Wayne Tschupp 1893 – 1949
  • Lila Viola Tschupp 1895 – 1899
  • Sadie Ellen Tschupp Rellinger 1896 – 1990
  • Gaylon Tschupp 1898 – 1899
  • Dora Edith Tschupp Ray1901 – 1993
  • Bessie May Tschupp Wayne 1903 – 1988
  • Ida Belle Tschupp Smith1906 – 1968

Adam lived in Elkhart, Elkhart County, Indiana; Swan, Noble County, Indiana; Harrison, Elkhart County, Indiana; Nappanee, Elkhart County, Indiana; Union, Elkhart County, Indiana; Washinton, Elkhart County, Indiana; Bristol, Elkhart County, Indiana; Warren, Midland County, Michigan; Findlay, Ohio; and Beaverton, Gladwin County, Michigan.

Submitted by:
John Tschupp

Sarah Elizabeth Mullin

Sarah Elizabeth “Libby” Mullin
b. 31 December 1869, Rock Creek Township, Carroll County, Indiana, to Lewis and Nancy Jane (Young) Mullin
d. 19 February 1923, Superior, Mineral County, Montana

m. 29 April 1891, Camden, Carroll County, Indiana
Schyler Colfax Ray
b. 4 February 1869, Camden, Carroll County, Indiana
d. 5 May 1957, Missoula, Missoula County, Montana

Children with Schyler Colfax Ray:
• Daisy Margaret (b. 1892)
• Kate Elizabeth (b. 1893)
• Lois Anna (b. 1895)
• Julia Olive (b. 1899)
• Helen (b. 1901)
• Phillip Mullin (b. 1904)

The Mullin family immigrated to Indiana from Springboro, Warren County, Ohio, in 1831. Libby lived in Rock Creek Township and the town of Camden in Carroll County, Indiana, before leaving in 1909 to join her husband in St. Regis, Montana.

After the 1910 forest fire in which Libby and her family were refugees, she went to work for the railroad as a telegraph operator. Three of her daughters were also telegraph operators for the railroad. The West was a rugged, wild place at the time Libby Ray lived there, and it is said she never became reconciled to it. She always hoped to return to Indiana, and upon her death she was returned to be buried in Camden, Indiana, as was her husband.

Submitted by:
Ann Mullin Burton
Decatur MI

Thomas Edward Ray

Thomas Edward Ray
b. 18 July 1879, Lawrence County, Indiana, to Thomas Todd and Susan (Kern) Ray
d. 4 October 1955, Malad City, Idaho

m. 22 May 1920, Oneida County, Idaho
Eva Hansen Stephens
b. 19 August 1889
d. 3 November 1960, Malad City, Oneida County, Idaho

Children with Eva Hansen Stephens:

  • Jessie Scott (b. 1921)
  • Gloria Jones (b. 1925)

Edward emigrated from Lawrence County, Indiana, to Oneida County, Idaho, about 1903. He was the ninth child and the third of his family to move West. After graduating from the University of Michigan, he practiced law in Malad City, Idaho. While he served as Oneida County prosecuting attorney, a man whom he had sent to jail burned down the prosecutor’s home after being released from prison.

Submitted by:
Ruth Ray Edwards
Cincinnati OH

Sallie Myrtle Ray

Sallie Myrtle Ray
b. 12 March 1884, Shawswick, Lawrence County, Indiana, to Thomas and Susan (Kern) Ray
d. 5 December 1949, Arimo, Bannock County, Idaho

m. 19 September 1911, Sanpete County, Utah
Charles Dana McCormick
b. 1882, Gallia County, Ohio
d. 1955, Arimo, Bannock County, Idaho

Children with Charles Dana McCormick:

  • Fred L. Ray (b. 1912)
  • Nina Ruth (b. 1916) married [–?–] Hardin
  • Charles Ray (b. 1922)

Sallie emigrated from Lawrence County, Indiana, to Malad City, Oneida County, Idaho, in 1910. Sallie was the eleventh child in her family and taught school for several years in Bedford, Lawrence County, Indiana, before being encouraged by her brothers to join them in the West. The Rays were a close family and often gathered at the McCormick farm for family get-togethers.

Submitted by:
Ruth Ray Edwards
Cincinnati OH

Fred Merton Ray

Fred Merton Ray
b. 11 February 1882, Shawswick, Lawrence County, Indiana, to Thomas and Susan (Kern) Ray
d. 29 May 159, Pocatello, Bannock County, Idaho

m. 1 June 1900, Malad City, Oneida County, Idaho
Rachel Jones
b. 12 May 1884, Malad City, Oneida County, Idaho
d. 26 September 1963, Pocatello, Bannock County, Idaho

Children with Rachel Jones:

  • Ralph (b. 1911)
  • Helen (b. 1913) married [–?–] Madden

Fred emigrated from Lawrence County, Indiana, to Malad City, Oneida County, Idaho, in 1904. He taught school in Malad City in 1904 and then left to attend medical school at Northwestern University. He was a graduate of the University of Idaho school of Pharmacy and completed graduate medical studies in Vienna, Austria. He practiced for several years in Portland, Oregon, before joining his brother Dailey in his practice in Pocatello, Idaho. During World War I, he served as a captain in the medical corps.

Submitted by:
Ruth Ray Edwards
Cincinnati OH

Dailey Cooper Ray

Dailey Cooper Ray
b. 18 February 1877, Shawswick, Lawrence County, Indiana, to Thomas Todd and Susan (Kern) Ray
d. 19 March 1966, Pocatello, Bannock County, Idaho

m. 20 March 1912, Oneida County, Idaho
Martha “Mattie” Lewis
b. 13 May 1890, Oneida County, Idaho
d. 8 November 1965, Pocatello, Bannock County, Idaho

Children with Martha Lewis:

  • Daniel (b. 1908)
  • Jesse (b. 1913)
  • George (b. 1914)
  • Kathryn (b. 1918) married [–?–] Hyde
  • Robert (b. 1919)
  • Margaret (b. 1923) married [–?–] Pendola

D. C. was the eighth child in his family and the second to emigrate to the West from Indiana. After graduating from Louisville Medical College, he opened a practice in 1902 in Malad City, Idaho. In 1920, he moved to Pocatello, Idaho, where he practiced for many years. He served three terms in the Idaho State Legislature and was president of the Idaho Medical Society.

Dr. Ray was proud to be an old-fashioned country doctor. In the severe Idaho winters, he had to reach his patients by bob-sled. He delivered many babies in country homes and performed emergency operations on the kitchen tables. Three of the children followed their father into the health care field: Jesse and George were physicians, and Robert was a pharmacist.

Submitted by:
Ruth Ray Edwards
Cincinnati OH

Charlie Newland Ray

Charlie Newland Ray
b. 10 September 1874, Shawswick, Lawrence County, Indiana, to Thomas Todd and Susan (Kern) Ray
d. 6 June 1960, Salt Lake City, Utah

m. 18 June 1902, Salt Lake City, Utah
Lulu Grace Bourgard
b. 1866, Bingham Canyon, Sanpete County, Utah
d. 1966, Salt Lake City, Utah

Children with Lulu Grace Bourgard:

  • Florence (b. 1904) married [–?–] Malmiquist
  • Charles (b. 1909)

Charles Newland was one of twelve children. All completed teachers college and taught school. In 1899 Charlie, the seventh child, was the first of five of the children to go West.

Charlie Ray graduated in 1898 from the Louisville Medical School, now the University of Louisville. In 1899 he was practicing medicine in Utah. He wrote home that he was usually paid in chickens and produce but had received $30.00 for a surgery. He became company doctor for the Utah Copper Company, now Kennicott Mining, in Bingham Canyon, Utah. The family lived in a sixteen-room house with the first floor used as a hospital and the second as the family residence. Lou Ray worked with her husband as a nurse. After a few years, Charlie opened a practice in Salt Lake City.

Submitted by:
Ruth Ray Edwards
Cincinnati OH