Lewis W. Rice

Lewis W. Rice
birth: 24 November 1823 in Shelby, Kentucky to Jesse Rice and Martha Wilcoxson
death: 15 February 1896, in Bowling Green, Washington Township, Clay, Indiana
burial: Bowling Green, Washington Township, Clay, Indiana

marriage: 5 September 1844 in Clay, Indiana
Ann Miles
birth: 22 July 1826 in Parke, Indiana to Samuel Miles and Hannah Ghormley
death: 15 Feb 1896 in Bowling Green, Clay, Indiana
burial: Bowling Green, Clay, Indiana

Children of Ann Miles and Lewis W. Rice:

  • James Miles Rice 1845-1901 m. Emma Jeffries
  • Jesse J. Rice 1846-1921 m. Indiana Hawkins
  • Jane Rice 1848-1936 m. Marrimon Zenor
  • Samuel Rice 1850-?
  • Caroline Rice 1852-? m. Levi Mendenhall
  • Enos Rice 1854-?
  • William Hickson Rice 1856-1941 m. Florance Ann O’Brien
  • Emma Rice 1863-1945 m1 William Godfrey m2 Finley Day m3 James Bohannon m4 William Seymour
  • Ulysses Grant Rice 1865-1936 m. Cora Smith
  • Anna Rice 1868-1922 m. Milton Oberholtzer
  • Hannah Rice 1871-?

Ancestor here lived in:

1844 Clay, Indiana
1844-1896 Bowling Green, Washington, Clay, Indiana

Other Information:

Also lived in Shelby, Kentucky.

Submitted by:
Sharon Rice Barnes
Email: barnes@lclark.edu

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