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John Alfred Riggins

John Alfred Riggins
b. 24 October 1798, North Carolina, to Charles Washington and Charlotte (Haithcock) Riggins
d. 4 March 1863, Jasper County, Illinois

m/1. 22 October 1822, Guilford County, North Carolina
Mary Ann Osborn

m/2. 27 April 1831, Guilford County, North Carolina
Patsy Lamar

m/3. 14 May 1840, Morgan County, Indiana
Franky Ford

Children with Mary Ann Osborn:
• Martin A. (b. 1823-aft. 1880) married Phebe J. Richey

Children with Patsy Lamar:
• Mary Ann (1830-1898) married James W. Crane
• Roxanna I. (1832-1912) married Arlindo Frazier
• Eunice C. (1836-1922) married John I. Guin

Children with Franky Ford:
• Milton (1842-1868) never married

John moved to Indiana in 1834 and lived in Gosport, Owen County, Indiana, and Martinsville, Morgan County, Indiana. He was a farmer and joined the Second Agricultural Society in 1851. Later that year, on 25 October, he won $3 for the best brood mare at the Society’s first fair.

He left Indiana in about 1855 for Jasper County, Illinois.

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Rhonda Dunn
Nashville IN
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Milton Brewer

Milton Brewer
b. 5 September 1847, Union Township, Grant County, Indiana, to John M. and Permelia (Davis) Brewer
d. 18 April 1932, Mt. Hope, Sedgwick County, Kansas

m/1. 29 August 1869, Grant County, Indiana
Rachel E. Osborn
b. 27 January 1848, Grant County, Indiana, to Henry and Mary (Parson) Osborn
d. 13 May 1870, Fairmount Township, Grant County, Indiana

m/2. 23 March 1871, Grant County, Indiana
Elizabeth Jane Payne
b. 14 August 1850, Union Township, Grant County, Indiana, to William Collet and Celia (Lewis) Payne
d. 27 February 1928, Mt. Hope, Sedgwick County, Kansas

Children with Elizabeth Jane Payne:
• Emma C. (1872-1873)
• William David “Will” (1875-1938)
• Mary Emma (1887-1950)
• Charles Ernest “Pete” (1880-1932)
• Joseph Franklin (1880-1880)
• L. May
• Robert Glen
• Carrie

Milton left Indiana in the fall of 1881 and moved to Sedgwick County, Kansas. He farmed there for the rest of his life. He was a member of the M.E. Church and was a Populist in politics and served in public office.

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Charles E. Wells
Clinton MO
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Daniel A. Stump

Daniel A. Stump
b. 27 February 1855, Starke County, Indiana, to Jacob and Lydia (Mishler) Stump
d. 6 December 1928, Furnas County, Nebraska

m. 4 October 1877, New Era, Nebraska
Nancy Lavina Osborn
b. 7 February 1862, Shelbyville, Shelby County, Indiana
d. 24 March 1931, Furnas County, Nebraska

Children with Nancy Lavina Osborn:
• Lulu
• Effie
• Lester

Three children died in infancy.

Daniel lived in Starke, Pulaski, and Elkhart counties in Indiana before he left in 1873.

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Helen C. Cole
Ordville WA

Abraham Stump

Abraham Stump
b. 28 November 1859, Star City, Pulaski County, Indiana, to Jacob and Lydia (Mishler) Stump
d. 14 December 1943, Nebraska

m. 21 April 1880, Nebraska
Edith Elizabeth Osborn
b. 21 March 1860
d. 1 March 1934, Edison, Nebraska

Children with Edith Elizabeth Osborn:
• Jannette
• Myrtle
• Edward
• Winfred
• Ralph
• Harvey
• Charles

Abraham lived in Star City, Pulaski County; Union Township, Elkhart County; and Knox, Starke County, Indiana, before leaving the state in 1873.

Submitted by:
Helen C. Cole
Ordville WA

Mary Shaw

Mary Shaw
b. 21 November 1894, Plainfield, Hendricks County, Indiana, to Arthur J. (1870-1937) and Ruth Ellen (1871-1940) (Cox) Shaw
d. after 1980, Florida

Sam Agnew

m/2. before 1928, Indiana
Will Osborn
d. before 1960

Children with Sam Agnew:
• Lorraine married (1) Richard Horn, (2) [–?–] Whitmore

Mary lived in Plainfield, Hendricks County, Indiana, and Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, before emigrating about 1975.

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Marion G. Harcourt
Indianapolis IN
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Cyrus Olney Patterson

Cyrus Olney Patterson
b. 25 September 1878, Brownsburg, Hendricks County, Indiana, to Francis M. and Louisa Jane (White) Patterson
d. 17 April 1940, Daly City, San Mateo County, California

m/1. 5 April 1911, Marion County, Indiana
Cuba Marie Almond
b. 1888, to Harland and Viola (Osborn) Almond

m/2. about 1921, probably Denver, Colorado
Genevieve [–?–]
b. about 1891, Iowa
d. after 1940

Children with Cuba Marie Almond:

  • Lowell (1911-1985)

Children with Genevieve [–?–]:

  • Stephen (b. ca. 1929)

Olney grew up outside of Brownsburg, Hendricks County, Indiana, and graduated from Brownsburg High School in 1898. Shortly after marrying in 1911, he left Indiana and moved to Denver, Colorado, where his son Lowell was soon born. After they divorced, his ex-wife raised Lowell until he was a teenager, then he went to live with his father. Between 1930 and 1940, Olney left Denver and moved to San Francisco, California.

Olney worked for a telephone company in Plainfield, Indiana, and when he moved west, he was a superintendent for Western Union Telegraph Company.

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Meredith Thompson
Avon IN
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James Alex Saxon

James Alex Saxon
b. about 1849, Carroll County, Indiana, to Charles W. and Malinda (Olinger) Saxon

Mary [–?–]
b. about 1859
d. before 1910

Louisa Osborn


  • Frank A.
  • Lulu

James moved before 1880 to Chicago, Illinois.

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Dawne Slater-Putt
Huntertown IN
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Jonathan Osborn

Jonathan Osborn 
b. 14 February 1799, Virginia
d. 5 May 1877, Galesburg, Putnam County, Missouri

m. 11 August 1835, Knox County, Indiana
Mary Ann C. MacDonald
b. 7 March 1814, Rockville, Montgomery County, Maryland
d. 1 February 1894, Putnam County, Missouri

Children with Mary Ann C. MacDonald:

  • Martha
  • Ann Emiline
  • Mariah Louise
  • William Henry
  • Mary Sarah
  • James Uriah
  • Jonathan R.
  • Susanna
  • Josephine Mary

At the time of his death, William Henry, son of Jonathan Osborn, was the second oldest living person who had fought in the Civil War. Life Magazine carried his story and picture in 1946.

The Osborn’s migrated from Indiana to Galesburg, Putnam County, Missouri, in 1865.

Submitted by:
Bonnie Bartlett
Springfield OR

Francis Marion Robertson

Francis Marion Robertson
b. 16 November 1822, Putnam County, Indiana
d. 29 November 1879, Ravenna, Mercer County, Missouri

m/1. 18 May 1849
Mary Ann Barnes
b. 24 May 1828
d. 28 August 1856

m/2. 14 April 1857, Putnam County, Indiana
Maria Louisa Osborn
b. 7 November 1840, Putnamville, Putnam County, Indiana to Jonathan Osborn and Mary Ann C MacDonald
d. 7 February 1894, Mercer County, Missouri

Children with Mary Ann Barnes:

  • Eliza Ann (1850-1868)
  • Sarah Ann (1852-1870)

Children with Maria Louisa Osborn:

  • William Francis
  • Joseph “George” Washington
  • Mary Rosamond
  • James Rheudolphes
  • Alice Josephine
  • John “Shike” Marion

Francis resided at Mt. Merian, Putnam County, and in Hendricks County, Indiana. He emigrated from Indiana in 1870 to Ravenna, Mercer County, Missouri.

The Robertson family traveled to Putnam County, Missouri, in the fall of 1870 by covered wagon. Francis had tuberculosis and was sick all the way.

Submitted by:
Bonnie Bartlett
Springfield OR

Ruth Davis

Ruth Davis
b. 14 February 1832, Henry County, Indiana, to Mark and Rebecca (Osborn) Davis
d. 12 February 1893, Crestline, Cherokee County, Kansas

m. 24 September 1852, Grant County, Indiana
Isaac Jay
b. 8 December 1830, Miami County, Ohio
d. 6 May 1897, New Sharon, Mahaska County, Iowa

Children with Isaac Jay:

  • Joseph W.
  • Rebecca
  • Eliza J.
  • Mark
  • Thomas
  • John
  • Denny
  • William
  • Anna Jay

Ruth and her husband moved from Indiana in 1852 to Little Baraboo, Sauk County, Wisconsin.

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Evelyn Skelton Sell
Neosho MO
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