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Gordon Ashton France

Gordon Ashton France
b. 29 Nov 1911 Marion, Grant Co., IN to Rev. Nathan P. France & Carrie Catherine Arford
d. 27 July 2009 at Franklin United Methodist Community, Franklin, Johnson Co., IN
bur. Anderson Memorial Gardens, Anderson, Madison Co., IN

Gordon Ashton France

Gordon Ashton France

m. 17 April 1937 at Anderson, Madison Co., IN
Madelyn Elisabeth Wright (still living)

Children with Madelyn Elisabeth Wright:

  • Three children, all still living

Gordon France was the youngest of three sons born to Rev. Nathan Perry France and Carrie Catherine Arford of Grant Co., IN. He attended the University of Indianapolis and graduated magna cum laude in 1933. He served as class president and was active in the school’s tennis and baseball teams. In 2001, members of his baseball team were admitted to the University of Indianapolis Hall of Fame in recognition of their 13-0 season during Gordon’s senior year. He later served on the Board of Trustees for the University and became Trustee Emeritus. Hewas also involved in civic affairs for the community of Anderson, IN where he was active on the school board, the city council, the board of the YMCA, various non-profit community organizations, the Masons, Kiwanis, and the Boy Scouts of America. He was also active with the United Brethren/Methodist Church.

He spent most of his life in Indiana except for a brief period during World War II when he was living in Ohio and working towards the war effort. After the war, he returned to Indiana where he remained until his death in 2009.

Submitted by:
Rick France
Indianapolis, IN
E-mail: rfrance@indy.rr.com

Damon Wilsey Pugh

Damon Wilsey Pugh
b. 15 May 1913, Shelburn, Sullivan County, Indiana, to Robert Webb and Flossie Mamie (Smith) Pugh
d. 4 September 2002, Hohenwald, Lewis County, Tennessee

m/1. 11 August 1934, Sullivan, Sullivan County, Indiana
Doris Esther Harris
b. 26 July 1914, Prairie Creek, Vigo County, Indiana, to Elza Wales Jennings and Bertha Florence (Clouse) Harris
d. 23 June 2001, Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana

m/2. 1961
Doris Jean Fanning
b. 24 Mar 1931
d. 26 October 2002

Children with Doris Esther Harris:

  • Shirley Arlene (b. 1936) married Thomas David Thomson
  • Kenneth Duane (b. 1937) married Janice Southwood
  • Glenn Harold (b. 1941) married Carol Ann Curry

Children with Doris Jean Fanning:

  • Susan Jean (1951-2006) married (1) Thomas C. Kilpatrick, (2) Malcolm Sidney Wright, Jr.

Damon Pugh’s ancestors, Evan and Sarah (Cloud) Pugh migrated to Madison County, Indiana in 1826 from Licking County, Ohio. The family remained in central Indiana in the area of Madison and Delaware counties until early in the 1880’s when the Damon’s grandfather, Joseph I. Pugh, moved, following the death of his first wife, to Sullivan County, Indiana. In 1885, Joseph married Clara Delia Dudley in Sullivan County and became parents of ten children. Today their descendants continue to live in Indiana’s Sullivan and Vigo counties.

In 1960, Damon and Doris Harris divorced. It was then that he left Indiana. He lived for a time in Mississippi and married a second time to Doris Jean Fanning Thrash. Later they made their home in Hohenwald, Tennessee, where they lived and worked for thirty-five years. They died there in 2002.

Damon produced a memoir in 1994 entitled, “My First Eighty Years: Memories of a Man of Sullivan County, Indiana.” It includes stories from his early years on a farm in Sullivan County. As an adult, he mastered a variety of occupations, acquiring a handful of patents in the process. The first two were created for coal processing when he ran the above-ground operations at Jonay Coal Mine near Sullivan, Indiana. He spent the last forty years of his life in sales of heavy equipment used in farming, lumbering, and building operations.
Submitted by:
Shirley Pugh Thomson
Walnut Creek CA
E-mail: thomsonsa@astound.net

Philip Carpenter

Philip Carpenter
b. February 1836, Indiana, to Thomas and Nancy (Collum) Carpenter
d. after 1900, probably Texas

m/1. 23 January 1855, Greene County, Indiana
Elizabeth Ooley
b. 1839, Indiana, to Elijah and Sarah (Newton) Ooley
d. about 1875, Indiana

m/2. 15 September 1875, Greene County, Indiana
Hannah E. Sims
b. October 1847
d. after 1900

Children with Elizabeth Ooley:

  • Salina (1859–bef 1870)
  • Ithamar (1862-1944)
  • Sarah (1864-1941) married (1) Jacob Staggs, (2) John Heinrich Kaiser, (3) Linza L. Woods
  • America (1867-abt 1932) married I. W. Wright
  • Eliza E. (b. 1870)

Children with Hannah E. Sims:

  • James A. (b. 1877)
  • Martha J. (b. 1879)
  • Kalie (b. 1887)

Thomas Carpenter came to Indiana from Kentucky. Phillip left Indiana with the children of his first marriage and his second wife, Hannah Sims. In Missouri, Phillip and Hannah had James; in Arkansas they had Martha; Kalie was born in Texas in 1887. By 1900 they were living in Cedar Township, Polk County, Arkansas.

Submitted by:
Mildred Holmes
Marysville WA
E-mail: mildredwear@peoplepc.com

Hiram Biesecker

Hiram Biesecker
b. 12 February 1843, near Allentown, Adams County, Pennsylvania, John and Sarah Ann (Mickley) Biesecker
d. 3 May 1939, Monticello, Piatt County, Illinois

m. 3 August 1870, Centerville, Illinois
Asenith Harper
b. 14 December 1854, Monticello, Piatt County, Illinois, to William W. and Sarah (Wright) Harper
d. 4 September 1921, Monticello, Piatt County, Illinois

Children with Asenith Harper:

  • John William “Willie” (1871-1873)
  • Joseph Henry (b. 1872)
  • Alfred Newton (b. 1874)
  • Mary Magdeline (b. 1876)
  • Franklin (1880-1880)
  • Otis Emery (b. 1881)
  • Sarah Ann (b. 1882)
  • Clara Etta (b. 1884)
  • Madie Belle (b. 1889)
  • James Arthur (b. 1892)
  • Julia Mae (b. 1895)

Hiram moved with his parents by covered wagon to Colburn, Indiana. There he and his brothers and sisters, who spoke only German, learned the English language. They attended the Lutheran Church where their father often served as the minister.

At age 19, Hiram joined Company A, 116th Regiment, Indiana Volunteers on 11 July 1863 and served as a private. He mustered out at Lafayette on 20 February 1864. Upon returning home, an undertaker paid him $500 to re-enlist in place of his son. This time he served in the 12th Light Artillery and mustered out on 7 July 1865 at Indianapolis, Indiana.

After the war, Hiram and a friend moved to Illinois where he met and married Asenith. They lived on a farm east of Monticello, Illinois but when their home burned, they moved by spring wagon back to Colburn, Indiana for a short time. Their first son was born and died while they were in Indiana and is buried along with his grandparents in the Colburn Cemetery.

Hiram and Asenith returned to Piatt County, near White Heath, Illinois, and had the rest of their children there. Hiram was 96 when he passed away in 1939.

Submitted by:
Melody M. McDaniel
Mahomet IL
E-mail: mmmcdani@mchsi.com

John B Wright

John B Wright
b. 12 December 1785, Frederick County, Virginia
d. 1868-69, Illinois

Elizabeth Stevens/Stephens
d. 10 September 1825, Randolph County, Indiana

Children with Elizabeth Stevens/Stephens:

  • Nancy
  • Jesse B.
  • Phebe
  • Mary
  • James S.
  • Rebecca
  • Sidney
  • Hannah
  • David C.
  • Catherine

Submitted by:
Judith L. Weber
Greenfield IA

Isaiah Wright

Isaiah Wright
b. about 1791, North Carolina, to Richard and Nancy (Morgan) Wright
d. 9 July 1877, Champaign County, Illinois

m. probably Rowan County, North Carolina
Polly Eliza [–?–]
b. about 1797
d. 3 January 1852, Champaign County, Illinois

Children with Polly Eliza [–?–]:

  • Jemima
  • Silas
  • Newton Perry
  • Elizabeth
  • Emily
  • Coleman P.
  • Miles F.
  • Polly Eliza
  • Rebecca L.
  • Susanna

Submitted by:
Judith L. Weber
Greenfield IA

Zara Judson Wisner

Zara Judson Wisner
b. 7 February 1825
d. 27 November 1902, Iola, Allen County, Kansas

m. 24 February 1850, Rush County, Indiana
Nancy “Mary Ann” Davis
b. 5 August 1831, Rush County, Indiana, to William S. and Nancy Jane (Zumwalt) Davis
d. 18 November 1913, Allen County, Kansas

Children with Nancy Davis:

  • Cynthia Drusilla (1850-1926) married John Wright
  • Judson Eugene (1851-1869)
  • Alice Mornelva (1852-1939) married Lewis Edmundson
  • Kansas Lilly (b. 1862) married Charles Denny
  • Ruby Ordelia (b. 1870) married Will Green
  • Carl Angelo (1874-1935) married Bertha Knopp

Zara, a schoolteacher in Rush County, Indiana, in 1850, and Nancy emigrated in 1854 to Webster County, Iowa. At the request of her children in 1900, Nancy (Davis) Wisner wrote the following narrative concerning her family’s emigration from Indiana:

“…Then we struck out for the state of Iowa. We wanted to go to Kansas but were afraid it would be a slave state, so we started to far-off Iowa, which seemed further away than California does now. One of our horses, unfortunately for us, died, and the other one became lame, so we had to trade her off for another one. All this happened while we were not more than one hundred miles from home.”

“We crossed the Wabash River near Terre Haute, crossed the Illinois River at Beardstown, then passed through Springfield, Illinois, then crossed the Mississippi at Keokuk, Iowa, and then reached our destination in about three weeks from the time we started. We bought land on the Skunk River, five miles north of Des Moines, in Webster County.”

“We then had three young children, the youngest being about one year old. There was no house on the land, but there was a crop of sod corn on part of it and plenty of vegetables. We sold $25 worth of sod corn. There was an old stable, in which horses had been kept all summer. We cleaned it out pretty thoroughly and dug it out with a hoe. It was just logs laid up and had a roof on it. We put poles across the logs, and that was our bedstead. We cooked outdoors.”

The narrative continues in a most interesting and informative manner.

Submitted by:
Jean W. Cobb
Lynchburg VA

Robert Merrifield Brenton

b. 9 August 1855, Bainbridge Township, Dubois County, Indiana, to John Borders and Ruth Miller (Heady) Brenton
d. 26 October 1935, Indiahoma, Comanche County, Oklahoma

m. 25 October 1877, Ireland, Dubois County, Indiana
Sarah Belle Dillin
b. 25 March 1859, Bainbridge Township, Dubois County, Indiana, to Samuel and Jane (McMahan) Dillin
d. 19 May 1931, Indiahoma, Comanche County, Oklahoma

Children with Sarah Belle Dillin:

  • Rupert Asa (1878-1962) married Frances T. Carnahan
  • Ruel Obed (1880-1968) married Catherine Emerson
  • Berthel (1882-1883)
  • Sylvan Bryan (1883-1939) married (1) Hannah Marguerite Carnahan, (2) Becky Wooten
  • Altha Belle (1887-1961) married LeGrande Lee Wright
  • Alma Jane (1889-1974) married Frank Goumaz
  • Robert Edgar (1891-1966) married Edna Marie Johnson
  • Ruby Ruth (1893-1941) married Emmet Alvin Jones

Both Robert and his wife, Sarah, were born and raised in the Scotch-Irish community near Ireland, Dubois County, Indiana.

Robert was a carpenter and moved his family west as the railroads opened the west with opportunities for those with building skills. By September 1878, they were in Walton, Kansas, and by March 1891 had moved on to Pueblo, Colorado.

In 1893 they moved back to the Kansas-Oklahoma area where Robert took part in making the Cherokee Strip Run. He homesteaded 11 miles northwest of Enid, Oklahoma, about four miles west and one mile south of Kremlin.

Submitted by:
Radine Brenton Weedon
Stow OH

Sarah A Saxon

Sarah A Saxon
b. about 1854, Indiana or Ohio

m. 8 November 1876, Champaign County, Illinois
Thomas J. Wright
b. about 1846, Kentucky

Children with Thomas J. Wright:

  • Pearly
  • Maud

Sarah moved to Ludlow, Champaign County, Illinois, before 1876.

Submitted by:
Dawne Slater-Putt
Huntertown IN
E-mail: dslaterput@aol.com

Harley Miller

Harley Miller
b. 22 April 1895, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana, to John and Flora (Shaw) Miller
d. 5 January 1961, Canandaigua, Ontario County, New York

m. 20 July 1922, Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio
Anna May Sheardown
b. 10 December 1902, Goderich, Steuben County, Ontario, Canada
d. 17 March 1986, Alden, Erie County, New York

Children with Anna May Sheardown:

  • John Virgil Wright (b. 18 September 1923)
  • Florence Edith Wright (b. 31 October 1924)

Harley changed his name while serving in the United States Army during World War I to Virgil Wright.

Submitted by:
Florence E. Gerbec
Tonawanda NY