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Elvira Demeretta Chappell

Elvira Demeretta Chappell
b. 18 September 1842, Algiers, Pike County, Indiana, to Moses Lane and Amanda Melvina Susan (Twitty) Chappell
d. 12 April 1915, Gandy, Logan County, Nebraska

m. 24 June 1864, Algiers, Pike County, Indiana
Allen Overton Adams
b. 28 October 1842, Algiers, Pike County, Indiana, to Edward S. “Ned” and Martha A. “Patsy” (Harris) Adams
d. 10 December 1917, Winslow, Pike County, Indiana

Children with Allen Overton Adams:
• Arthur Adison (1865-1935) married Zulima R. “Zella” Radcliff
• Martha Issabelle “Mattie” (1866-1945) married Isaac “Ike” Selby
• Edward Grant (1869-1935) married Martha Anna Sorguis
• Moses Lane (1870-1958) married Jeanette Maude Oberson
• Mary Elizabeth (1872-1969) married Homer Curt Thomas
• George Jerome (1875-1957) married Martha Esther Coen
• Nancy Katherine “Kate” (1877-1926) married Curtis L. Gribling
• Chloe Luella (1880-1926) married Claude B. Loudon
• Allen Beverly (1881-1911) married Cora Delilah McCain
• Clyde (1884-1885)
• Claude (1884-1885)
• Orace Eldoris (1886-1917) married Henerietta Mathilda Fitzgerald

Elvira left the state in 1891. Allen Adams was buried in Gandy, Logan County, Nebraska, the week after he died in Indiana.

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Larry L. Nielson
Fruitland ID
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Arthur Hogarth Steele

Arthur Hogarth Steele
b. 16 August 1896, Frankfort, Clinton County, Indiana, to Samuel and Mary Alice Johnson (Pottinger) Steele
d. 31 March 1993, Houston, Harris County, Texas

m. 4 June 1924, Covington, Campbell County, Kentucky
Mary Lorene Blue
b. 15 August 1902, Richland Township, Grant County, Indiana, to Carey Samuel and Sina May (Harris) Blue
d. 8 January 1976, Houston, Harris County, Texas

Children with Mary Lorene Blue:
• Susanna Hawthorne married [–?–] Noe
• Beverly Blue married [–?–] Draper

Arthur lived in Tipton, Tipton County; Frankfort, Clinton County; Peru, Miami County; and Marion, Grant County, before emigrating from Indiana in 1943. He worked as an apprentice pharmacist in Peru and Marion before the war. He was in the 607th Army Aero Squadron in World War I. After the war, he worked for the Central City Chemical Co. of Chicago, Illinois; White Motor Co. of Cleveland, Ohio; and Petro Tex Chemical Corp. of Houston, Texas. He was an elder in the Central Presbyterian Church in Houston.

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Susanna S. Noe
Issaquah WA
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Henry B Gunsaullus

Henry B Gunsaullus
b. 16 November 1825, Richland County, Ohio, to Levi Alexander and Jane (Bodley) Gunsaullus
d. 6 January 1873, Bourbon County, Kansas

m. 30 May 1847, Salem Center, Steuben County, Indiana
Eunice W. Harris
b. 3 June 1827, Oneida, New York
d. 11 February 1908, Bourbon County, Kansas

Children with Eunice W. Harris:
• Levi Augustus (1848-1938) married Barbara Ellen Moss
• Alice Jane (1851-1920)
• Cordelia (1854-1904) (twin) married Lyman Hurlbut Tiffany
• Cornelia (b. 1854) (twin) married Hebron F. Ruble
• Frank Henry (1857-1937) married Sahara Isabel Fitzpatrick

Henry came to Steuben County, Indiana, about 1839 and left the state before 1860.

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Wilda Marshall Brown
Port Byron NY
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Clara Alice Dexter

Clara Alice Dexter
b. 2 February 1886, Morocco, Newton County, Indiana, to David Austin and Anne Marier (Howell) Dexter, Jr.
d. 28 March 1969, Pratt, Pratt County, Kansas

m. before 1903
Joseph Marion Swiger
b. 15 November 1877, Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, Indiana, to John and Sarah (Harvey) Swiger

Children with Joseph Marion Swiger:
• Barbara Ellen (1903-1984) married (1) Russell Chester Miller, (2) Newton Vincent Smith, (3) James Bodkins
• Margarete May (1904-1979) married Edward Joseph Hartke
• Lawrence Elmer (1907-1977) married Gertrude Peo
• Daisy Lorena (b. 1907) married Harold Edward Millard
• Jennie Blanch (1909-1998) married (1) Chester Bert Zimmerman, (2) Leo Stanley Owxzarski
• Sarah Evelena (1911-1994) married (1) Harry Novak, (2) Jesse Frank Odle
• Joseph Willferd (1914-1966) married (1) Irma May Walker, (2) Betty Lou Gunn
• Beatrice Louella (b. 1916) married Orran Zerber
• Benjamin Willard (1919-1961) married Marjorie Harris
• Florence Elizabeth (b. 1924) married Garl Figgins
• Mary Louise (b. 1931) married (1) Russell W. Vernard, (2) Denzil Patrick

The family lived in Tippecanoe, Lake, LaPorte, and Newton counties in Indiana. Clara left Michigan City after 1944. At the time of her death, she lived next door to her daughter Barbara. Joseph’s whereabouts after 1927 are unknown. Clara was granted a legal separation from Joseph on 3 April 1926 in LaPorte County. The divorce was granted 18 January 1927 in the same county. She was called Alice, her middle name, until after the divorce, when she began using Clara.

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Betty Odle Ramsey
Batesville AR
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Damon Wilsey Pugh

Damon Wilsey Pugh
b. 15 May 1913, Shelburn, Sullivan County, Indiana, to Robert Webb and Flossie Mamie (Smith) Pugh
d. 4 September 2002, Hohenwald, Lewis County, Tennessee

m/1. 11 August 1934, Sullivan, Sullivan County, Indiana
Doris Esther Harris
b. 26 July 1914, Prairie Creek, Vigo County, Indiana, to Elza Wales Jennings and Bertha Florence (Clouse) Harris
d. 23 June 2001, Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana

m/2. 1961
Doris Jean Fanning
b. 24 Mar 1931
d. 26 October 2002

Children with Doris Esther Harris:

  • Shirley Arlene (b. 1936) married Thomas David Thomson
  • Kenneth Duane (b. 1937) married Janice Southwood
  • Glenn Harold (b. 1941) married Carol Ann Curry

Children with Doris Jean Fanning:

  • Susan Jean (1951-2006) married (1) Thomas C. Kilpatrick, (2) Malcolm Sidney Wright, Jr.

Damon Pugh’s ancestors, Evan and Sarah (Cloud) Pugh migrated to Madison County, Indiana in 1826 from Licking County, Ohio. The family remained in central Indiana in the area of Madison and Delaware counties until early in the 1880’s when the Damon’s grandfather, Joseph I. Pugh, moved, following the death of his first wife, to Sullivan County, Indiana. In 1885, Joseph married Clara Delia Dudley in Sullivan County and became parents of ten children. Today their descendants continue to live in Indiana’s Sullivan and Vigo counties.

In 1960, Damon and Doris Harris divorced. It was then that he left Indiana. He lived for a time in Mississippi and married a second time to Doris Jean Fanning Thrash. Later they made their home in Hohenwald, Tennessee, where they lived and worked for thirty-five years. They died there in 2002.

Damon produced a memoir in 1994 entitled, “My First Eighty Years: Memories of a Man of Sullivan County, Indiana.” It includes stories from his early years on a farm in Sullivan County. As an adult, he mastered a variety of occupations, acquiring a handful of patents in the process. The first two were created for coal processing when he ran the above-ground operations at Jonay Coal Mine near Sullivan, Indiana. He spent the last forty years of his life in sales of heavy equipment used in farming, lumbering, and building operations.
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Shirley Pugh Thomson
Walnut Creek CA
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Harlan C Jones

Harlan C Jones
b. 6 March 1814, Alabama, to George and Narcissa (Harris) Jones
d. 12 April 1870, South Cedar Township, Jackson County, Kansas

m. 11 May 1837, Clinton County, Ohio
Ruth Hannah Zell
b. 3 March 1816, Clarksburg, Harrison County, West Virginia
d. 19 April 1893, South Cedar Township, Jackson County, Kansas

Children with Ruth Hannah Zell:

  • Sarah Elizabeth (1838–1917)
  • Permelia Joanna (1839–1872)
  • Samuel Rockhill (1840–1916)
  • Mary Tyson (b. 1842)
  • Rhoda Caroline (b. 1844)
  • Narcissa Jane (1846–1929)
  • Albert Darvin (1848–1923)
  • Mortimer Zell (1850–1901)
  • Samantha Harriet (1852–1935)
  • Franklin Lemuel (b. 1853)

Harlan Jones resided in Clinton and Warren counties of Ohio, before moving to Parke County, Indiana, about 1844. In 1855, he moved by ox team from Parke County, Indiana, to Oak Mills, Cedar Township, Jackson County, Kansas.

Although born in Alabama, Harlan Jones was a strong Free State man. He was eventually driven from Oak Mills by pro-slavery border ruffians who took him prisoner. One night when his captors fell drunk around a campfire, he escaped and fled to Missouri. Returning later, he settled near Winchester, Kansas. But when border ruffians jumped his claim there, he purchased a claim in Leavenworth County, Kansas.

Swindled out of his Leavenworth claim, Harlan moved to Jackson County, Kansas, where he secured another tract of land, built a log cabin, and settled his family. He went from there to Atchison County, to learn the trade of stone mason, returned, and erected many of the early stone and brick buildings in northeastern Kansas.

Submitted by:
Betty Seprodi
Terre Haute IN

John Brookins Gilliland

John Brookins Gilliland
b. 29 September 1812, Salisbury Township, Rockingham County, Virginia, to John J. and Susannah (Harris) Gilliland
d. 28 February 1898, Chillicothe, Wapello County, Iowa

m/1. 15 July 1832, Bartholomew County, Indiana
Sirenna Herron
d. 25 December 1857, Wapello County, Iowa

m/2. 10 February 1859, Appanoose County, Iowa
Martha A. Shoemaker
b. 1822, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, to Malachai and Susanna (Shafer) Shoemaker
d. 7 March 1881, Worth County, Missouri

Children with Sirenna Herron:

  • Susannah (1833–1910) married Lewis Stump
  • John F. (b. 1835)
  • Malinda (b. 1838)
  • James A. (b. 1837)
  • Francis M.
  • George Washington (b. 1844) married Malinda Cate
  • Catherine (b. 1846)
  • Wesley J. (1849–1932) married Nancy Tadlock
  • Garret Martin (1853–1932) married Margaret Lockman
  • Mary C. (b. 1852) married William Vantress
  • Sarienna (b. 1854)

Children with Martha A. Shoemaker:

  • Lewis W. (1861–1938) married Elizabeth A. [–?–]
  • David (1863–1955) married Margaret [–?–]
  • Emma Isabelle (1866–1947) married George Lincoln Robinson

John emigrated from Bartholomew County, Indiana, to Appanoose County, Iowa, in 1853.

Submitted by:
JoAnn M. Goodacre
Springfield VA

Sarah Ann Dickerson Broyles

Sarah Ann Dickerson Broyles
b. to Samuel and Elizabeth (Barnett) Dickerson

James Broyles

m/2. 26 June 1865, Johnson County, Indiana
Dorrel Paul
d. 1877, Newton County, Missouri

m/3. 5 March 1882, Newton County, Missouri
D. T. Harris

Children with James Broyles:

  • Alfred Henry

Children with Dorrel Paul:

  • Granville Irvin (b. 1866, Indiana)
  • Anna J. (b. 1869, Missouri)
  • Jesse A. (b. 1871, Missouri)
  • Emily H. (b. 1874, Missouri)
  • General Lafayette Paul (b. May 1876)

In 1865, Dorrel Paul was awarded custody of Alfred Henry Broiles/Broyles, the son of James and Sarah Ann (Dickerson) Broyles, in the Johnson County, Indiana court. About 1866, the couple moved with Alfred Henry to Granby, Newton County, Missouri.

Submitted by:
Karen Dickerson Hillson
Belton MO