Harry Evertt Warren

Harry Evertt Warren
b. 2 September 1883, Orleans, Orange County, Indiana, to Jackson and Clara (Worrell) Warren
d. 25 October 1956, Pengree, Bingham County, Idaho

m. 5 January 1908, Sedan, Chautaugua County, Kansas
Mable Edith Wells
b. 22 March 1887, Kapioma Township, Atchison County, Kansas
d. 1 October 1925, Wildcat Township, Elk County, Kansas

Children with Mable Edith Wells:
• Zella Mae (b. 1909)
• Vivian Clara (b. 1911)
• Beryl Bernice (b. 1912)
• Mildren Jeanne (b. 1916)
• James Jackson (b. 1925)

Harry emigrated from Orange County, Indiana, in 1884.

Submitted by:
LeAnne C. Wilson
Blue Springs MD

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