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William Oliver Richison

William Oliver Richison
b. 13 May 1887, Jackson Township, Jay County, Indiana, to Frank Albert and Sarah Jane (Davis) Richison
d. 23 April 1962, Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio

m. 25 December 1906, Jay County, Indiana
Mary Louisa “Lulu” Gibson
b. 20 April 1886, Jay County, Indiana
d. 18 April 1961, Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio

Children with Mary Louisa Gibson:
• Irma Frances (b. 1908) married Ralph Richard Mumma
• Wava Margaret (1911-1996) married Russell Renzi Haney
• Carl Albert (1914-1944) married Frances Geraldine Mumma
• Glenn Alvin (b. 1921) married Catherine Bernadette Roach

Will left Jay County and lived in both Muncie, Indiana, and Detroit, Michigan, before finally settling in Dayton, Ohio. Will and Lulu are both buried in Gravel Hill Cemetery, just outside of Bryant in Jay County, Indiana.

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Shirley Richison Fields
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Berley Oral Richison

Berley Oral Richison
b. 29 September 1889, Indiana, to Frank Albert and Sarah Jane (Davis) Richison
d. 6 June 1946, Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio

Ruby Marie Manes
b. 28 July 1897
d. December 1980

Children with Ruby Marie Manes:
• Paul R. (1921-1987) married June McLaughlin
• June
• Phyllis Jean (b. 1929) married Richard Lee Woody

The 1900 census entry for Berley lists him as a female, aged 11. Berley lived in Wabash Township in Jay County, Indiana, until sometime after 1907 when he moved into the city of Portland. He worked there as a laborer doing body work. By the 1930 census, Berley had moved to Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio, when he remained until his death. He was a carpenter by trade as was his father before him.

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Shirley Richison Fields
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Guy Eli Richison

Guy Eli Richison
b. 4 January 1895, Geneva, Adams County, Indiana, to Frank Albert and Sarah Jane (Davis) Richison
d. 3 April 1959, Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio

m. Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio
Carrie Estella Stoner
b. 26 May 1895 to Jacob and Flora (Runkel) Stoner
d. 3 November 1978, Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio

Children with Carrie Estella Stoner:
• Reba C. (b. 1915) married Richard Myers
• James M. (1917-1995) married Vera [–?–]
• Guy Dale (b. 1920) married Evelyn Brinkel

Guy and Carrie lived in Wabash and Wayne townships in Jay County and all of their children were born there. They left Indiana in the 1930’s and moved to Montgomery County, Ohio for the remainder of their lives.

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Shirley Richison Fields
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Olive Alexander

Olive Alexander
b. 10 June 1887, Jay County, Indiana, to Thomas Franklin and Mary Ann (Courtney) Alexander
d. 29 October 1973, Merced, Merced County, California

m/1. 11 August 1906, Bearcreek Township, Jay County, Indiana
Dallas Ray Richison
b. 4 August 1884, Jay County, Indiana, to Frank Albert and Sarah Jane (Davis) Richison
d. 13 March 1947, Winchester, Randolph County, Indiana

m/2. 15 April 1950
J. Frank Hodge
b. 24 November 1878, Jay County, Indiana, to Commodore Perry and Susan (Wood) Hodge
d. 1956, Winchester, Randolph County, Indiana

Children with Dallas Ray Richison:
• Modjeska Pauline (1907-1989) married Milburn
Theodore Thornburg
• Ophir Orlo (1909-1949) married Zella Beatrice
• Herbert Meredith (1913-1969) married Alice Louise
• Charles Allen (1918-1989) married Mildred Miley
• Frank Vaughn (1920-1999) married Edith Catherine

Olive lived in Jay and Randolph counties while she was in Indiana. She was moved to California by her son Frank and daughter Pauline when her health began to decline in 1966. When she died there in 1973, her ashes were flown back to Indiana to be buried beside her first husband, the father of all her children, in Fountain Park Cemetery in Winchester, Randolph County, Indiana.

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Modjeska Pauline Richison

Modjeska Pauline “Polly” Richison
b. 25 September 1907, Jay County, Indiana, to Dallas Ray and Olive (Alexander) Richison
d. 21 March 1989, Seattle, King County, Washington

m/1. 18 May 1926, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana
Melburn Theodore Thornburg
b. 9 November 1903, Jay County, Indiana
d. 4 January 1987, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana

m/2. after 1926
Paul Armstrong

m/3. before August 1949
Elwood Thompson

m/4. after 1952
James Jackson

m/5. by 1973
William Cleary

Stankey Rohr

Pauline’s first husband, Ted Thornburg, worked at Kistleman’s Wire Mill in Muncie for many years and was reputed to have bootlegged booze during Prohibition while married to Pauline. They divorced, and she married several more times before her death. She never had any children although her brother, Frank, seemed to remember being told that she miscarried one child.

Paula, as she was known outside the family, married her third husband, Elwood Thompson, in the late 1940’s. He was a navigator on a plane shot down over Korea, and his body was never recovered. She was a widow (Mrs. Stankey Rohr) when she died.

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Shirley Richison Fields
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Edith Catherine Smith

Edith Catherine Smith
b. 15 February 1918, Ligonier, Noble County, Indiana, to Thomas Jackson and Eva May (Vance) Smith
d. 28 April 2003, Huntington Beach, California

m. 30 June 1946, Winchester, Randolph County, Indiana
Frank Vaughn Richison
b. 6 October 1920, Winchester, Randolph County, Indiana, to Dallas Ray and Olive (Alexander) Richison
d. 21 September 1999, Santa Ana, Orange County, California

Children with Frank Vaughn Richison:
• Michael Vaughn (b. 1949) married April Irene Kuikahi
• Patrick Allen (b. 1951) married Patricia Byers

Edith was a registered nurse and worked at the Irene Byrum Sanitarium in Fort Wayne, Indiana, until after her marriage. By 1947 she was living in St. Louis, but moved to Winchester where she lived for many years before making her final move to Santa Ana, Orange County, California.

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Shirley Richison Fields
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Carl Albert Richison

Carl Albert Richison
b. 9 February 1914, Portland, Jay County, Indiana, to William Oliver and Mary Louisa (Gibson) Richison
d. 30 May 1977, Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio

m. 6 February 1937, Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio
Frances Geraldine Mumma
b. 30 July 1914, Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio
d. 1 October 1997, probably Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio

Children with Frances Geraldine Mumma:
• Phillip Kent (1938-1994) married Barbara Ann Daniels
• Sue Rebecca (b. 1940)
• Sarah Jane (b. 1943)
• Pamela Ann (b. 1952) married Dean Alan Wright

Carl was born and raised in Portland, Indiana but left in the 1930’s for Harrison Township, Montgomery County, Ohio, and lived out the rest of his life there.

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Shirley Richison Fields
Avon IN
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