Hezekiah Stout Denham

Hezekiah Stout Denham
b. Fall 1802, Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee
d. 1 May 1886, Mount Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa

m/1. 30 June 1824, Harrison County, Indiana
Winney Little/Littell
b. 1 January 1803, Georgia, to Reuben and Elizabeth Covington (Gormley) Littell
d. 20 April 1863, Columbus City, Iowa

m/2. 1864
Harriet Silley

m/3. 1871
Eliza S. Culver

Children with Winney Little/Littell:

  • daughter (1825-1829)
  • Penelope Jane (b. ca 1829) married (1) David Macdonald Little, (2) Patrick Dennis
  • Ursula Milon (1831-1901) married (1) Eli Lemuel Wells, (2) Richard C. Wells
  • William Jasper (1832-1869) married Esther M. Jeffries
  • Hugh Little (1835-1889 married Caroline M. Blosser
  • Reuben M. (1837-1895) married (1) Abigail Warn, (2) Eleanor M. Sheriff-Smith
  • Obediah E. (1839-1905) married Lucy Orman

Hezekiah arrived in Indiana from Virginia with his parent about 1817. He lived and married in Harrison County, Indiana, leaving there for Iowa between 1835 and 1837. At least five of his seven children were born in Indiana.

He was a Justice of the Peace, minister for the United Brethren Church, a farmer, and a tailor of clothing for doctors. He made beautiful button holes and created many quilts from fabric scraps until about four years before his death in 1886. He was a smoke and once accidently burned down his own home.

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Rosalie L. De Martino
Salem OR
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