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James Isaac Ghormley

James Isaac Ghormley
birth: 19 April 1772 in Cumberland, Pennsylvania to Hugh Ghormley & Mary Catherine Covington
death: 11 December 1850 in Wabash Twp, Parke, Indiana
burial: Hixon Cemetrry, Wabash Twp, Parke, Indiana

marriage: 1 November 1791 in Cumberland, Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Cunningham
birth: 9 June 1769 Cumberland in Pennsylvania to Charles Cunningham & Margaret Evans
death: 7 January 1856 in Mecca, Wabash Twp, Parke, Indiana
burial: Hixon Cemetery, Wabash Twp, Parke, Indiana

Children of Elizabeth Cunningham and James Isaac Ghormley:

  • Margaret Ghormley 1792-1850 m. John Brown
  • Jane Ghormley 1794-1879 m. Henry Brown
  • Michael Ghormley 1795-1875 m. Margaret Laverty
  • Elizabeth Ghormley 1798-1883 m. Samuel Laverty
  • Hugh Ghormley 1800-1808
  • Hannah Ghormley 1802-1858 m. Samuel Miles
  • Thomas C Ghormley 1804-1808
  • Mary “Polly” Ghormley 1806-1865 m. Aquilla Justice, Jr
  • Sarah Ghormley 1808-1835 m. William Hixon

Ancestor here lived in:

1830 New Albany, New Albany Twp, Floyd, Indiana
1840 Parke, Indiana
1850, Mecca, Parke, Indiana

Ancestor also lived in:

19 April 1772-1802 in Mifflin, Cumberland, Pennsylvania
1804-1808 Ohio

Submitted by:
Sharon Rice Barnes

George F Roberts

George F Roberts
birth: 1887 in Bowling Green, Kentucky to Franklin and Mary (Whittaker)
death: 1951 in New Albany, Floyd Co, Indiana
burial: Kraft Charlestown Rd, New Albany IN

marriage: about 1895 in Bowling Green, KY
Nellie Roberts
birth: 24 Jan 1874 Erin, Houston, Tennessee to Martha Tunks
death: 8 Aug 1943 in New Albany, Floyd Co, Indiana
burial: Kraft Charlestown Rd, New Albany, IN

Children of Nellie Roberts and George F Roberts:

  • Jesse 1897 1 yr old
  • Marie 1897
  • Paul 1900
  • Virginia 1902
  • Harry 1903
  • Bertie 1906
  • Stanley 1908-1909
  • Chester 1911
  • Paul 1913

Ancestor here lived in:

New Albany, Floyd Co, IN

Other Information:

George Roberts passed long before I was born. Sadly, my grandfather passed when I was 9 so I don’t have any direct stories from him.

Submitted by:
Shelly Cleveland

Virgil James Gilchrist

Virgil James Gilchrist
birth: 28 Mar 1900 in Richland Twp., Fulton Co., IN to William Jefferson Gilchrist & Millie Artemicia Mow
death: 08 Apr 1971 in Jeffersonville, Clark County, IN
burial: Walnut Ridge Cemetery, Jeffersonville, Clark Co., IN

marriage: 25 Oct. 1927 in South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN
Alcie Elizabeth O’Dell
birth: 25 Oct 1903 in Montgomery County, IN to William Franklin O’Dell & Virginia Margaret Phelps
death: 18 Mar 1972 in Jeffersonville, Clark Co., IN
burial: Walnut Ridge Cemetery, Jeffersonville, Clark Co, IN

Children of Virgil James Gilchrist and Alcie Elizabeth O’Dell:

  • Claudia Marie Gilchrist m. Robert Eugene Deen
  • Margaret Jean Gilchrist m. Frank Duane Killebrew
  • Wilma Opal Gilchrist (11 Dec. 1930 – 01 May 2012) m. 27 Aug 1955 to Samuel Cline Gill
  • James Bruce Gilchrist (01 Jan 1933 – 04 Jan 2004) m. Katherine Joanna Wishard
  • Living
  • Robert Allen Gilchrist m. Patricia Sue McAllister

Virgil James Gilchrist lived in:

  • 1900-1927 Fulton County, IN
  • 1928- 1939 St. Joseph Co., IN and Fulton Co., IN
  • 1943-1945 New Albany, Floyd County, IN
  • 1945- 1954 Jeffersonville, Clark County, IN
  • 1957-1971 Jeffersonville, Clark County, IN
  • 1939-1943 Vinita, Craig County, OK
  • 1954-1957 Reidland, McCrackin County, KY

Other Information:

Virgil dropped out of high school in the first part of his senior year and began his life’s work in construction. For a short time he took a job in IL, working on a horse farm and helping to train trotters and pacers. He loved sulky racing and frequently took his family to fairgrounds and race tracks where these horses were raced. He never bet on the horses, but simply loved to watch them run. Living in Jeffersonville, IN he often took out-of-town visitors to Lexington, KY to tour the thoroughbred horse farms in the days when visitors were allowed to walk through the barns and stables. In his younger days, Virgil was on the construction crew that built the football stadium at Notre Dame University in South Bend. During his working life, he worked as a carpenter and later as construction superintendent, building schools, churches and place of business. From the 1940s until his death, Virgil was very active in the Methodist Church, serving as lay leader, chairman of the official board, choir member and Sunday School teacher. He started teaching a class of junior high school students at Park Place Methodist Church and continued with that class until those students had children in junior high school. He was lovingly called “Pop” Gilchrist by that group, and at the time of his death, the class built a picnic shelter on the church property and named it in honor of Virgil J. Gilchrist. He loved working with young people, and he loved the Lord he served so faithfully.

Submitted by: 
E Ann Grubb
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William Vaughn Moody

William Vaughn Moody
birth: 8 Jul 1869 in Spencer, Owen Co., IN to Francis B “Frank” and Henrietta Moody
death: 17 Oct 1910 at Colorado Springs, El Paso Co., CO
burial: Graceland Cemetery, Chicago, Cook Co., IL

marriage: 5 Jul 1909, Québec, Canada
Harriet Converse (Tilden) Brainard
birth: 18 Mar 1857, Parkman, Geauga Co., OH to William Mason and Harriet (Converse) Tilden
death: 22 Feb 1932, Chicago, Cook Co., IL

The marriage produced no children

William Vaughn Moody Lived In:

  • Owen County, Indiana
  • New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana

Other Information:

William was a well-known playwright and poet who traveled the world. He was New Albany High School’s valedictorian in 1885. William attended Harvard University where he excelled in literature. In 1908 he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters degree from Yale.

Harriet, whose family was from Chicago, was eleven years his senior. On their English honeymoon it was discovered that William was going blind. He died the following year, at age forty-one, of complications from a brain tumor.

Submitted by:
Randi Richardson

Francois Jacquot

Francois Jacquot
birth: 12 Sept 1808 in Haute-Saone, France to Augustin Jacquot and Marguerite Bouche
death: 12 Aug 1874 in Lafayette Township, Floyd, Indiana
burial: St Mary of the Knobs, Floyd Knobs, Floyd, Indiana

marriage: 21 May 1833 Arcey, France
Marie Catherine Brocard
birth:30 May 1799 Belfort, France to Jacques Brocard and Magdelaine Bourgeois
death: 5 Oct 1872 Lafayette Township, Floyd, Indiana
burial: St Mary of the Knobs, Floyd Knobs, Floyd, Indiana

Children of Francois Jacquot and Marie Catherine Brocard:

  • Marie Theresa Jacquot b.1830, d.1907, m. Thomas Duffy
  • Emile Balthazare Jacquot b.1836, d.1837
  • Mary Catherine Jacquot b.1838, d.1902, m. John R. Brown
  • Philip B. Jacquot b.1842, d.1923, m. Barbara Schwab

Ancestor here Lived In:

  • 1808-1837 Chalonvillars, Haute-Saone, France
  • 1837-1874  Lafayette Township, Floyd, Indiana

Other Information:

Immigrated to the United States, arriving 16 May 1837 on the Ship Salem from LeHarve, France to New Orleans, Louisiana

Owned land in Mooresville:
Lots 8, 9 and 10 – section 19
Southeast quarter of section 20
Northwest quarter of section 29

Was a farmer and wagon maker.

Submitted by:
Patricia A. Tucker

John Morgan

John Morgan
birth: 26 Aug 1811, Wheeling, Virginia (now West Virginia)
death: 17 Jun 1852, Washington County, Indiana
burial: Fredericksburg Cemetery, Fredericksburg, Washington County, Indiana

marriage: 24 Dec 1835, Floyd County, Indiana
Margaret A. Bright
birth: 2 May 1815, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky to John Andrew Bright & Lydia Hinkle
death: 16 Aug 1902, Evansville, Vanderburg County, Indiana
burial: Oak Grove Cemetery, Washington, Daviess County, Indiana

Children of John Morgan and Margaret A. Bright:

  • Richard George Morgan (1836-1912)  m. 1863 Hester Ann Russell
  • Elizabeth Martha Morgan (1838-1973) m. 1854 Calvin Henry Thompson
  • John Bright Morgan (1840-1913) m. 1861 Mary E. Kipp
  • William Henry Morgan (1842-1926) m.1866 Sarah Louise Elliott
  • Sarah Ann Morgan (1844-1934) m. 1865 George William Tolson
  • David Kimble Morgan (1847-1926)  m/1. 1872  Hannah Sipgler; m/2. 1875 Harriet Sparks
  • Volney Edgar Morgan (1849-1935) m/1. 1877 Elizabeth Christina Bruner; m/2. 1888 Mary Ann Miles; m/3. 1920 Julia Cummings; m/4. 1926 Junetta “June” Bailey
  • Lydia Morgan (1852-1906) m. Joseph C. Loughmiller

John moved to Floyd County, Indiana with his parents in 1815. He married Margaret Bright in Floyd County and their first child, Richard, was born in Terre Haute, Vigo County. By 1842, the family lived in Frederickbury, Washington County, where son William was born.

Thomas Albert Morgan, born 25 Aug 1805 and John Morgan, born 26 Aug 1811 were brothers born in Wheeling, West Virginia and settled in Indiana in 1826 at Fredricksburg, Indiana.”

“John B. Morgan Sr. was born in Virginia, presumably in the Shenandoah Valley.  In 1815 his, parents moved to Floyd County Indiana, in 1815, where he was raised and educated.  He entered the saddle and harness trade with his brother Thomas in 1825 in Fredericksburg, Indiana. and the business proved profitable.  The 1850 census indicated that he had $2,000 to his name, which was quite a bit for that period.“

“John’s son Kimble and Volney were the first to settle in Daviess County, Indiana.”

“Richard George Morgan was born at Terri Haute, In 8 Feb 1836.  His parents moved to Fredricksburg , Posey County, in the Spring of 1841, opening an general store and harness shop in the old building recently torn down to give place to Julian’s new building.  At that time Washington Street was the State road.  A brick hotel that stood near the wall on that street, the brick building now occupied by Thomas Richards and a few cabins constituted the town.
Mr Morgans father (John) soon erected an old fashioned English inn, where H.L. Siegs residence now stands.  It was a very large building, containing more than twenty rooms, had great double porches and was built with a view to the convenience and comfort of the traveling public.  It was destroyed by fire about 1855.”

Submitted by:
Barbara McTygue Scanlon

Thomas Albert Morgan

Thomas Albert Morgan
birth: 25 Aug 1805, Wheeling, Virginia (now West Virginia)
death: 10 Jun 1899, Washington County, Indiana
burial: Canton Cemetery, Washington County, Indiana

marriage: 24 Sep 1827, Floyd County, Indiana
Harriet Buckman
birth: 14 May 1808, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Benjamin Buckman & Eunice Mather
death: 18 Mar 1889, New Philadelphia, Washington County, Indiana
burial: Canton Cemetery, Washington County, Indiana

Children of Thomas Albert Morgan and Harriet Buckman:

  • Benjamine F Morgan (1829-1881)  m. 1851 to Margaret Walker
  • Ermine Morgan (1831-1914) m. 1860 to James Grokett
  • Margaret Ann Morgan (1833-?) m. 1857 to Thomas Thompson
  • Thomas Richard Morgan (1835-1891) m. 1857 to Penelope R. Moore
  • Eunice L. Morgan (1837-?) m. 1860 William Durbin
  • Elmira Morgan (1839-?) m. 1856 to William A.  Auston
  • Lafayette Morgan (1842-1880) m1. 1868 to Mary McCurdy; m2. 1877 to Marg. Monroe
  • Clark Buckman Morgan (1846-1864) died in the Civil War.
  • Harriet Morgan (1847-1882) m. 1868 Henry Clay Durbin
  • Clarence D. Morgan (1850-1855)
  • Belle Morgan (1858-?) m. [–?–] Meadows

“June  12, 1889, New Philadelphia items–Thomas Morgan Sr. passed the way of all flesh, June 10th , of paralysis.  Deceased was 84 years old and leaves a family of four children, one son and three daughters, who still survive him.  One of his sons, Clark, who departed this life several years ago, met his death while out defending the Stars and Stripes.  His son Thomas R. Morgan lives in Campbellsburg.  Mr. Morgan was pioneer saddle and harness maker, having carried on the business here alone for 30 years. He was an industrious good citizen and a member of the Baptist Church.”

“Thomas Albert Morgan was born on Aug 25 1805, either in Wheeling, Virginia (now West Virginia) or the Shenandoah Valley.  One of his grandchildren, Belle Meadows, recalled a story he related about having been lost in the mountains of Kentucky at the age of five, after trying to follow his father who was going hunting.  He became lost in the woods overnight while family and friends tried to locate him.  A Negro discovered him the following morning.  this story suggests that the Morgan family may have lived in Kentucky for a time.

In 1815, his parents moved to Floyd County, Indiana, where Thomas was reared and educated.  He moved with his brother to Fredericksburg in 1825 and opened a saddle and harness shop.  this business flourished and he became a prominent member of society.  Although not rich, he was financially sound.  On 26 Sept 1827, Thomas married Harriet Buckman in Floyd County, Indiana, who was the daughter of Benjamin and Eunice Buckman II.  They resided in Washington and Floyd Counties for the remainder of their lives and Thomas was renowned and respected throughout the area for the quality work he did.  Through out  the years they lived in Fredericksburg, Salem, New Albany, Canton and New Philadelphia.  On July 4 1885, Thomas and Harriet won a five dollar gold piece for having been married the longest of anyone present, 58 years.  Thomas died in New Philadelphia on 10 June 1889 and Harried died there on 18 March 1889.  They are buried in the Canton Cemetery in Canton, Indiana.”

New Philadelphia, Indiana is an unincorporated Community in Franklin Township, Washington  County, Indiana.

Submitted by:
Barbara McTygue Scanlon

Frank Howell Neeld

Frank Howell Neeld
b. March 1881, New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana, to James W. and Catherine C. (Wells) Neeld
d. 1954, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio

m. 8 June 1903, New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana
Catherine Ethel Edmonds
b. 1884, Jeffersonville, Clark County, Indiana
d. 16 October 1958, Euclid, Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Children with Catherine Ethel Edmonds:
• Catherine
• Agnes
• Lou
• Frank
• Lawrence
• Helena

The family left New Albany, Indiana, in 1915.

Submitted by:
Joel K. Waszak
Louisville CO

Henry Thomas Edmonds

Henry Thomas Edmonds
b. 9 October 1891, Jeffersonville, Clark County, Indiana, to George D. and Anna (Weissenberger) Edmonds
d. 17 October 1975, Cleveland Heights, Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Henry never married. He emigrated from New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana, in 1915.

Submitted by:
Joel K. Waszak
Louisville CO

Alexander O’Neill

Alexander O’Neill
b. 11 Sept 1811 in Pittsburgh, PA to Hugh O’Neill and Deborah Joyce
d. 16 Mar 1897 at New Albany, Floyd Co., IN
bur. Fairview Cemetery, New Albany, Floyd Co., IN

Alexander O'Neill gravestone

Alexander O’Neill gravestone

m. 13 Jul 1837 Floyd Co., IN
Margaret Louisa Kain/Cain 
b. 1819 at Carlisle, PA
d. 27 Nov 1879 at New Albany, Floyd Co., IN
bur. Fairview Cemetery, New Albany, Floyd Co., IN

Children with Margaret Louisa Kain/Cain:

  • William James O’Neill (1838-after 1865)
  • Andrew Foster O’Neill (10 May 1840-10 Jun 1914) m. Lucinda Lyons (6 Mar 1841-5 Sept 1913) 9 Oct 1866
  • Sarah Jane O’Neill (25 Apr 1843-26 Feb 1929) m. Norman Campbell (1843-16 Jun 1886) 1 May 1873
  • Emily Isabel O’Neill (17 Mar 1846-15 Sept 1930) m. Joseph McPherson (1844-2 Oct 1895) 1 Dec 1869
  • Charles W. O’Neill (abt. 1848-)

Submitted by:
Ronald L. Darrah
Indianapolis, IN