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Francis Marion Payne

Francis Marion Payne
b. 26 October 1849, Clark County, Indiana
d. 4 November 1928, Bellingham, Washington

m. 19 June 1873, Saluda, Jefferson County, Indiana
Elizabeth Luella Wells
b. 23 July 1852, Saluda, Jefferson County, Indiana
d. 29 December 1907, Newton, Jasper County, Illinois

Children with Elizabeth Luella Wells:

  • Eva Grace (1874-1949) married James Lee Hesler
  • Estella May (1877-1975) married Albert Mellum
  • Claudia Laura (1880-1968) married Earl C. Applegate
  • Christina Florence (1883-1885)
  • Clyde Wells (1885-1952) married Balva May Mitchell
  • Winnie Luella (1889-1986) married Earl Palmer Hill
  • Edwin Francis (1892-1972) married Bertha Louise Adams

Francis and Elizabeth emigrated from Indiana to Newton, Jasper County, Illinois, after their
marriage in 1873.

Estella Mellum, Francis and Elizabeth’s second child, homesteaded a tract of land on Cyrus Island in Puget Sound, Washington, and later purchased an adjacent tract of 160 acres. She built her own cabin, as well as some of her furniture. Her father left Illinois to live with Stella at her island home after the death of his wife in Illinois.

Submitted by:
Marjorie P. Hoelzel
Wilmington DE

James Martin Dugger

James Martin Dugger
b. 2 December 1849, Lynn Camp, Knox County, Kentucky, to Daniel and Mary Dugger
d. 26 September 1926, Mazie, Mayes County, Oklahoma

m. 19 September 1872, Greene County, Indiana
Caroline Eliza Wells
b. 20 April 1847, Greene County, Indiana, to James and Sarah Jane (Walker) Wells
d. 24 April 1935, Dalhart, Texas

Children with Caroline Eliza Wells:

  • Mary
  • Robert
  • Charles
  • Leander
  • Eudous “Dick”
  • Pearl
  • Chestr
  • Lou Alice
  • William
  • Harvey “Steve”
  • George “Sam”
  • Albert

James immigrated to Indiana from Knox County, Kentucky, in 1861. He lived in Greene and Parke counties in Indiana. James emigrated from Indiana to Rosalia, Butler County, Kansas, in 1875.

Submitted by:
Geneva Dugger Taylor
Ft. Gibson OK

Amanda Danley/Donnelly

Amanda Danley/Donnelly
b. 30 January 1847, perhaps Rush County, Indiana, to Patrick and Nancy (Wells) Danley
d. 26 June 1925, Adair County, Missouri

Francis M. Swisher
b. 1847
d. 1871

William Daniels

Children with Francis M. Swisher:

  • Benjamin Francis Swisher (6 February 1869–6 January 1940)

Children with William Daniels:

  • Mary (b. ca. 1837)
  • James H. (b. ca 1839)
  • Thomas (20 August 1842–10 May 1914)
  • Amanda

Amanda immigrated to Indiana from Kentucky between 1839 and 1843. She moved to Adair County, Missouri, by 1858.

Patrick Danley (Amanda’s father)
b. 1800, Maryland

Nancy Wells (Amanda’s mother)
b. 1810, Kentucky

Thomas Wells (Amanda’s grandfather)
b. 1775, Maryland

Submitted by:
Mettie Swisher Conley
Novinger MO

Eleazer Crouch

Eleazer Crouch
b. 13 March 1824, Manchester, Dearborn County, Indiana, to Benjamin and Elizabeth (Rarrick) Crouch
d. 12 January 1892, Muskegon County, Michigan

m/1. 17 November 1842, Dearborn County, Indiana
Lucinda Matthews
b. 2 September 1824, Manchester, Dearborn County, Indiana, to Jonas D. and Susannah (Milliken) Matthews
d. 18 May 1858, Mishawaka, St. Joseph County, Indiana, of consumption

m/2. 4 April 1859, St. Joseph County, Indiana
Ann Marie Wells
d. 13 December 1883, Hastings, Barry County, Michigan

Children with Lucinda Matthews:

  • Mary E. (b. 1846) married John J. Trego
  • Susan C. (b. 1848) married G. H. Hutchinson
  • Ephraym (1849–1850)
  • Eliza A. (b. 1850) married Ruben M. Hall in 1869
  • Flora A. (1853–1896) married Charles K. Beam in 1869
  • Norman Eddy (1855–1945) married Mary Mae Norter in 1886

Children with Ann Marie Wells:

  • Nellie
  • perhaps others

All of Eleazer’s family settled in Michigan in 1859 after his second marriage, with the
exception of Flora and Norman. Eleazer and Ann Marie and his daughters Mary (Crouch) Trego and Susan (Crouch) Hutchinson settled in Hastings, Barry County, Michigan, while Eliza (Crouch) Hall went to Muskegon and Nellie resided in Three Rivers, Michigan.

Submitted by:
Barbara Taylor Szabo
Osceola IN

William Anthony and Mahala Gertrude Robinson

William Anthony
b. 18 January 1810, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, to Henry and Catherine Anthony
d. 11 September 1890, Bourbon County, Kansas
m. 13 September 1837, Ripley County, Indiana

Mahala Gertrude Robinson
b. 15 May 1820, Indiana
d. 23 December 1874, Scott, Bourbon County, Kansas

Children with Mahala Gertrude Robinson:

  • Ruth Jane married [–?–] Hickox
  • James
  • Robert L.
  • Alex
  • Permenes married [–?–] Wells
  • Frank
  • George W.

William moved to Indiana with his parents in 1810 from Northumberland County,
Pennsylvania. He resided in Franklin and Ripley counties in Indiana before leaving for Bourbon County, Kansas, in 1872.

Submitted by:
Mrs. Walter J. Anthony
Fort Scott KS