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Ferne Etta Sutton

Ferne Etta Sutton
b. 27 October 1890, Perry Township, Indiana, to John Ethelbert and Kitty Wells (Paddock) Sutton
d. 12 June 1971, Gibson City, Ford County, Illinois

m. 23 September 1912, Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana
Peter Olson
b. 25 May 1886, Illinois, to Andrew and Katrina Maria (Thompson) Olson
d. 20 November 1953, rural Lyman Township, Ford County, Illinois

Children with Peter Olson:
• Vernon Arvid (1914-1991) married Pearl Ione Giroux
• LaVaun (1919-1993) married Joseph Demers
• Estol (b. 1921) married Mabel Henrichs
• Delores (b. 1929) married Richard Morrison

Ferne’s great-grandparents came to Indiana between 1802 and 1824. Ferne’s father, John Ethelbert, moved Ferne and the rest of the family to Lyman Township, Ford County, Illinois, and they were listed there in the 1910 census. When her family returned to Indiana, Ferne remained behind.

Ferne married a third generation American and they lived their lives in Iroquois County, Illinois, as farmers. She was extremely active in the Thawville Congregational Church. Her granddaughter got her love of walking cemeteries from Ferne, who traced her family history to the Mayflower.

Submitted by:
Betty Jean Olson Heideman
Gibson City IL
E-mail: angelbetty@prairienet.org

David Henry Gray

David Henry Gray
b. 1825 or 1835, Indiana
d. 19 February 1889, Hailey, Idaho

m. 29 June 1870, Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana
Charlotte Jane Thompson
b. 8 April 1842, Lockland, Hamilton County, Ohio
d. 26 November 1930, Blackfoot, Bingham County, Idaho

Children with Charlotte Jane Thompson:
• Eddie
• Daniel Thompson (b. 1872)
• Martha Daisy (b. 1875) married (1) [–?–] Hansbrough, (2) [–?–] Schellenback

The family left Wayne County, Indiana, about 1870. David was a Wells Fargo agent in California and a miner in Nebraska and Idaho.

Submitted by:
Mary Gray McMurdo
San Mateo CA

Mark Davis

Mark Davis
b. 10 August 1800, Surry County, North Carolina, to William and Ann (Marshall) Davis
d. 20 June 1870, Flint, Mehaska County, Iowa

m. 27 May 1822, Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana
Rebecca Osborne
b. 7 October 1802, Guilford County, North Carolina, to David and Elizabeth (Thompson) Osborne
d. 24 August 1884, Laton, Rooks County, Kansas

Children with Rebecca Osborne:

  • Mary Ann (1823-1886)
  • William (1825-1850) married Rebecca Small
  • Rachel (1827-1901)
  • David (1829-1836)
  • Ruth (1832-1893) married Isaac Jay
  • Elizabeth (1834-1836)
  • Nathan (1837-1907) married Hannah Malinda Hutchens
  • Stephen J. (b. 1840)
  • Hiram M. (1844-1903)
  • Clarkson (b. 1847)

Mark came to Indiana before 1822, living in Wayne, Henry, and Grant counties, and emigrated in 1852 to the Little Baraboo Valley, Wisconsin, a Quaker settlement. He became one of the justices in the town of Woodland, Wisconsin, when it was formed in 1857. He was a Quaker preacher and sold land to the Baraboo Monthly Meeting for the Friendswood burial ground. The family moved on to Iowa in 1865. While he did not serve in the Civil War, two or three of his sons did.

Submitted by:
Leslie Hope
Santa Monica CA
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Helen Anna Curran

Helen Anna Curran
b. 25 November 1894, Elkhart, Elkhart County, Indiana, to James and Mary Florence (Condra) Curran
d. 11 September 1976, Arlington Heights, Illinois

m. 17 February 1917, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
William Dewolf Cook
b. 29 July 1890, Melrose, Clark County, Illinois, to Andrew and Mary (Thompson) Cook
d. 27 February 1945, Phoenix, Arizona

Children with William Dewolf Cook:

  • William Edward (b. 1919) married Shirley Ann Bauer
  • Ellen Irene (b. 1921) married Charles Robert Courtney

Helen moved to Chicago after the death of her father in 1911. After the death of her husband, she had several jobs, including being a cashier at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Helen and William are both buried in Pine Lake Cemetery, LaPorte, Indiana.

Submitted by:
Ellen C. Courtney
San Francisco CA
E-mail: elleninsf@sbcglobal.net

Samuel Lewis Cooksey

Samuel Lewis Cooksey
b. 6 June 1859, Owen County, Indiana, to John Wyatt and Mahulda Mahoney (Ellis/Allis) Cooksey
d. 9 July 1928, Hume, Douglas County, Illinois

m. 6 June 1883, Vandalia, Owen County, Indiana
Mary Cynthia Criss
b. 7 December 1867, Vandalia, Owen County, Indiana, to Henry and Juliette Frances (Roberts) Criss
d. 10 September 1944, Danville, Vermilion County, Illinois

Children with Mary Cynthia Criss:

  • Homer Wyatt (1883-1954) married Pearl Thompson
  • Ann Rosella (1890-1982) married Elmer Shunk
  • William Roy (twin, 1896-1958) married Delorus Daugherty
  • Lewis Ray (twin, 1896-1958) married Gertrude Kewitt
  • Gertrude Elizabeth (1897-1977) married (1) Elbert Blaisdell, (2) Edward Lykins
  • Alva Dow (1899-1938) married Virgie Jewel Pate
  • Edith Ethel (1901-1985) married Vance Baxter

In 1832, Vincent Cooksey, his wife Sarah Simpkins, and their infant son John Wyatt came to Owen County, Indiana from Montgomery County, Virginia. John Wyatt’s son, Samuel Lewis, was born in Owen County, Indiana in 1859. About 1915, Samuel, wife Mary Cynthia Criss, and family moved to Newman, Douglas County, Illinois.

Samuel and two of his sisters were students at the Indiana School for the Blind, where Samuel learned the trade of making brooms. In Owen County, he was township supervisor, farmed, and made brooms. Alva Dow couldn’t understand why his father could give complete strangers money to buy children’s shoes, but couldn’t always buy shoes for his own children.

At Newman, Illinois, three of the grown sons did the farming, the daughters did the housework, and Mary Cynthia looked after Samuel. In the early 1920’s Samuel bought a new automobile for the family and suggested that he give it the gas while his son steered!

Submitted by:
Dow Junior Cooksey
Danville IL
E-mail: dcooksey@insightbb.com

Mary Cynthia Criss

Mary Cynthia Criss
b. 7 December 1867, Vandalia, Owen County, Indiana, to Henry and Juliette Frances (Roberts) Cross
d. 10 September 1944, Danville, Vermillion County, Illinois

m. 6 June 1883, Vandalia, Owen County, Indiana
Samuel Lewis Cooksey
b. 6 June 1859, Owen County, Indiana, to John Wyatt and Mahulda Mahoney (Ellis/Allis)
d. 9 July 1928, Hume, Douglas County, Illinois

Children with Samuel Lewis Cooksey:

  • Homer Wyatt (1883-1954) married Pearl Thompson
  • Ann Rosella (1890-1982) married Elmer Sunk
  • William Roy (twin, 1896-1958) married Delorus Daugherty
  • Lewis Ray (twin, 1896-1958) married Gertrude Kewitt
  • Gertrude Elizabeth (1897-1977) married (1) Elbert Blaisdell, (2) Edward Lykins
  • Alva Dow (1899-1938) married Virgie Jewel Pate
  • Edith Ethel (1901-1985) married Vance Baxter

Sarah Criss, her son William Cross and his son, Henry Criss, came to Owen County, Indiana from Carroll County, Ohio, in 1935. They settled at Vandalia, Owen County, Indiana. Sarah and her son William are both buried in the Vandalia Methodist Cemetery and Henry is in the Palestine Cemetery in Vandalia. Henry’s daughter Mary Cynthia was born near Vandalia, Indiana. About 1915, Mary and her husband Samuel Cooksey moved to Newman, Douglas County, Illinois. Mary looked after her blind husband’s business affairs, while her daughters did the housework and the sons did the farming.

Submitted by:
Dow Junior Cooksey
Danville IL
E-mail: dcooksey@insightbb.com

Harrison Nesler

Harrison Nesler
b. 7 February 1824, probably Posey County, Indiana, Jonathan and Amanda (Allyn) Nesler
d. 28 January 1892, Jasper Township, Carroll County, Iowa

m/1. 20 April 1846, Posey County, Indiana
Martha Givens
b. about 1826 Francis (Carlisle) Crawford
d. January 1850

Nancy Ann Knowles
b. 13 May 1833
d. 18 November 1907

Children with Martha Givens:

  • Elizabeth (ca. 1847-bef. 1860)

Children with Nancy Ann Knowles:

  • Rhesa J. “Reese” (aka Jay Leslie) (1854-1942) married (1) Emma Zella Thompson, (2) Mary Ellen Pea, (3) Eve Selina Shunkweiler
  • Hannah Minerva (1855-1935) married (1) Richard Call, (2) Richard Coen
  • Amanda Lucinda (1858-1929) married Charles Wesley Bailey
  • William Harrison (1863-1883)
  • Charles Edward (1868-1930) married Ella Brand
  • Lennis (1872-bet. 1914-1920) married Margaret Aarons

There were as many as six other children who died young according to census entries for Nancy (Knowles) Nesler.

Submitted by:
Emily Moore
Indianapolis IN
E-mail: eallynm@aol.com