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Lewis Leslie McShane

Lewis Leslie McShane
b. 25 April 1879, Mahalasville, Morgan County, Indiana, to Francis Marion and Nora Rachel (Cramer) McShane
d. 19 October 1955, Glenside, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

m. 5 August 1903, Olathe, Johnson County, Kansas
Lorena Ellis
b. 1 June 1871, Indiana, to Jesse and Evaline (Thomas) Ellis, Jr.
d. 20 March 1964, St. Petersburg, Florida

Children with Lorena Ellis:
• Lois Jessie (1904-1997) married Clarence Eugene Mason
• Doris Loreen (1907-1999)
• Marjorie Elizabeth Louise (b. 1914) married Carl Irving Wilbur

Lewis’ grandparents came to Indiana from Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, about 1830. They lived first in Harrison Township, Dearborn County, and later moved to New Trenton, Franklin County, Indiana in the 1840’s. Lewis left Indiana in 1881 for Gardner, Johnson County, Kansas. He later lived in Illinois and in Springfield, Massachusetts, before finally moving to Glenside, Pennsylvania.

Lewis was a teacher for a short time in Johnson County, Indiana, and married a teacher before joining Dodd, Mead & Company, where he sold encyclopedias for 20 years, but eventually left Dodd, Mead & Company. He moved to G & C Merrian & Company, where he became Vice President and a member of the board of directors.

Submitted by:
Helen M. Bailey
Travelers Rest SC

Zachariah Shackelford

Zachariah Shackelford
b. 7 September 1830, Salvisa, Mercer County, Kentucky, to Richard and Eliza (Dean) Shackelford
d. August 1892, Nonesuch, Woodford County, Kentucky

m/1. 7 May 1854, Franklin County, Kentucky
Mildred Jane Ellis
b. 1834, Hendricks County, Indiana, to Phillip R. and Elizabeth (Shackelford) Ellis
d. between 1866-1870, Hendricks County, Indiana

m/2. before 1880, Kentucky
Mrs. Margaret Cunningham

Children with Mildred Jane Ellis:
• Ammi W. (d. in infancy)
• Elizabeth “Betty”
• Richard J. (1861-1862)
• Albertine “Tiny” married James Lewis
• William H. (1866-1956) married (1) Grace Cole, (2) Mrs. Betty Cole Sims

The couple moved to Hendricks County, Indiana, soon after their marriage, but by 1870 the father and his three surviving children had moved back to Kentucky.

Submitted by:
Mary Jane Shackelford Kaiser
Ft. Wayne IN

John Wesley Kimbel

John Wesley Kimbel
b. 8 May 1847, Ohio, to Daniel and Elizabeth (Cole) Kimbel
d. 30 January 1919, Leonidas Township, St. Joseph County, Michigan.

m/1. 19 December 1868, Marshall County, Indiana
Margaret E. Hissong
b. about 1851, Indiana
d. 25 February 1873, Menson Township, St. Joseph County, Michigan

m/2. about 1876
Anna J. White
b. 1860, Michigan, to Amos and Clarissa White
d. 28 September, Leonidas, Michigan

m/3. 22 June 1881, Three Rivers, Michigan
Louisa J. Lamphier March
b. 1859
d. April 1883, Manistee County, Michigan

Emma Augusta Brand
b. 27 August 1869, Auburn, DeKalb County, Indiana
d. 12 December 1952, Centreville, Michigan

Children with Margaret E. Hissong:
• Lilly M. (1870-1876)
• George Lee (1873-1929) married Theresa Pauline Henrietta Piotrasch

Children with Anna J. White:
• female infant (1878-1878)
• Wesley John (1879-1970) married (1) Clara J. Wagner Marsac, (2) Marigam A. Monroe Ramsey

Children with Emma August Brand:
• Charles (1887-1955) married Emma [–?–]
• Daniel (1888-1949) married Jeanette Baldwin
• Arthur (1891-1957) married Alma Emilia Giehne
• Vesta (1893-1920) married Valma N. E. Brown
• Ezra R. (1895-1903)
• Clifford (1897-1903)
• Leathia R. (1898-1903)
• Ola F. (1900-1961) married (1) Harry Inman, (2) James A. Jordan, (3) Howard Ellis
• Ralph (1902-1971) married Glennys Moughton
• Katie Marie (1904-1974) married Lester George McAmis
• Earl (1905-1981) married (1) Florence [–?–], (2) Emma Bavin

John was living in Fairfield Township, DeKalb County, Indiana, by 1853. He left from Bourbon Township, Marshall County, Indiana before 1873. He also lived in Etna Green, Kosciusko County, Indiana.

Submitted by:
Sally Kimbel
Troy MI
E-mail: swansall@123.net

Charles Diehl Fields

Charles Diehl Fields
b. 18 February 1849, Grant County, Indiana, to Ellerson and Mary Ann (Diehl) Fields
d. 29 July 1934, Gage, Ellis County, Oklahoma

m. 14 December 1873, Blue Rapids, Marshall County, Kansas
Lucinda Victoria Morris
b. 10 February 1857, Butler Township, Bates County, Missouri, to A. Joseph and Ellen C. (Butcher) Morris
d. 25 September 1916, Gage, Ellis County, Oklahoma

Children with Lucinda Victoria Morris:
• John Walter (1874-1951) married Josephine Duck
• Frederick Ephram (1876-1949) married Anna Katherine Lewis
• Estella M. (1879-ca. 1973) married Elmer Pierce
• Clarence C. (1880-1945) married Caroline Estelle Kibler
• May (1882-1882)
• Albert E. (1883-1965) married Roberta Lee Hudson
• Floy Alice (1888-1974) married James Ellis, Sr.
• Goldie (1892-1940)

Charles lived in Richland Township, Grant County, and in Hartford Township, Adams County, while in Indiana. He emigrated in 1864 from Adams County.

Submitted by:
Aletha M. Fields
Columbia MO
E-mail: clancy@computerland.net

James Andrew Cunningham

James Andrew Cunningham
b. 30 August 1842, Daviess County, Indiana, to William R. Cunningham
d. 10 May 1923, El Campo, Wharton County, Texas

m. 23 May 1868, Daviess County, Indiana
Martha A. Martin
b. 18 April 1851, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, to Joseph and Sarah A. (Darrall) Martin
d. 17 May 1917, St. Louis, Missouri

Children with Martha A. Martin:

  • Joseph Douglas (1870-1928) married Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” Ellis
  • Charles Sidney (1873-1946) married (1) Daisy Ann McDonald, (2) Mazelle Server, (3) Emma Elizabeth Shields Holden
  • Samuel (b. 1878)
  • Verna “Vernie” (b. 1879) married William Earl McKiddy
  • Lenora Maude (1887-1968) married Harry Eugene Harder

James was living in Madison Township, Daviess County, Indiana in 1850. They left the state sometime after 1868. All their children were born in Missouri. Martha was also married to Frank Ross.

Submitted by:
Charles L. Cunningham, Jr.
Houston TX
E-mail: clc@flash.net

Samuel Lewis Cooksey

Samuel Lewis Cooksey
b. 6 June 1859, Owen County, Indiana, to John Wyatt and Mahulda Mahoney (Ellis/Allis) Cooksey
d. 9 July 1928, Hume, Douglas County, Illinois

m. 6 June 1883, Vandalia, Owen County, Indiana
Mary Cynthia Criss
b. 7 December 1867, Vandalia, Owen County, Indiana, to Henry and Juliette Frances (Roberts) Criss
d. 10 September 1944, Danville, Vermilion County, Illinois

Children with Mary Cynthia Criss:

  • Homer Wyatt (1883-1954) married Pearl Thompson
  • Ann Rosella (1890-1982) married Elmer Shunk
  • William Roy (twin, 1896-1958) married Delorus Daugherty
  • Lewis Ray (twin, 1896-1958) married Gertrude Kewitt
  • Gertrude Elizabeth (1897-1977) married (1) Elbert Blaisdell, (2) Edward Lykins
  • Alva Dow (1899-1938) married Virgie Jewel Pate
  • Edith Ethel (1901-1985) married Vance Baxter

In 1832, Vincent Cooksey, his wife Sarah Simpkins, and their infant son John Wyatt came to Owen County, Indiana from Montgomery County, Virginia. John Wyatt’s son, Samuel Lewis, was born in Owen County, Indiana in 1859. About 1915, Samuel, wife Mary Cynthia Criss, and family moved to Newman, Douglas County, Illinois.

Samuel and two of his sisters were students at the Indiana School for the Blind, where Samuel learned the trade of making brooms. In Owen County, he was township supervisor, farmed, and made brooms. Alva Dow couldn’t understand why his father could give complete strangers money to buy children’s shoes, but couldn’t always buy shoes for his own children.

At Newman, Illinois, three of the grown sons did the farming, the daughters did the housework, and Mary Cynthia looked after Samuel. In the early 1920’s Samuel bought a new automobile for the family and suggested that he give it the gas while his son steered!

Submitted by:
Dow Junior Cooksey
Danville IL
E-mail: dcooksey@insightbb.com

Mary Cynthia Criss

Mary Cynthia Criss
b. 7 December 1867, Vandalia, Owen County, Indiana, to Henry and Juliette Frances (Roberts) Cross
d. 10 September 1944, Danville, Vermillion County, Illinois

m. 6 June 1883, Vandalia, Owen County, Indiana
Samuel Lewis Cooksey
b. 6 June 1859, Owen County, Indiana, to John Wyatt and Mahulda Mahoney (Ellis/Allis)
d. 9 July 1928, Hume, Douglas County, Illinois

Children with Samuel Lewis Cooksey:

  • Homer Wyatt (1883-1954) married Pearl Thompson
  • Ann Rosella (1890-1982) married Elmer Sunk
  • William Roy (twin, 1896-1958) married Delorus Daugherty
  • Lewis Ray (twin, 1896-1958) married Gertrude Kewitt
  • Gertrude Elizabeth (1897-1977) married (1) Elbert Blaisdell, (2) Edward Lykins
  • Alva Dow (1899-1938) married Virgie Jewel Pate
  • Edith Ethel (1901-1985) married Vance Baxter

Sarah Criss, her son William Cross and his son, Henry Criss, came to Owen County, Indiana from Carroll County, Ohio, in 1935. They settled at Vandalia, Owen County, Indiana. Sarah and her son William are both buried in the Vandalia Methodist Cemetery and Henry is in the Palestine Cemetery in Vandalia. Henry’s daughter Mary Cynthia was born near Vandalia, Indiana. About 1915, Mary and her husband Samuel Cooksey moved to Newman, Douglas County, Illinois. Mary looked after her blind husband’s business affairs, while her daughters did the housework and the sons did the farming.

Submitted by:
Dow Junior Cooksey
Danville IL
E-mail: dcooksey@insightbb.com

Nancy Faris Ellis

Nancy Faris Ellis
b. 25 August 1811, to Henry and Charity (Harper) Ellis
d. 20 September 1881, Chetopa, Kansas

m. 11 October 1836
William Harper Reed
b. 10 January 1816
d. 28 October 1857, Chetopa, Kansas

About 1838 William H. and Nancy (Ellis) Reed moved from Ohio to Delaware County, Indiana. Later they moved to Moultrie County, Illinois, where Henry Ellis, Nancy’s father died on 28 October 1857. In 1866 the family moved to Chetopa, Kansas.

Submitted by:
Joseph R. Williams
Helena MT