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Barbara Lein

Barbara Lein
birth: 18 Jan 1835, Selbitz, Bavaria to Johann Nicol Lein and Margaretha Bauer
death: 8 Dec 1893, Loogootee, Martin County, Indiana
burial: St. Paul’s Cemetery, Haysville, Dubois County, Indiana

marriage: 18 March 1856
Johann S. Huebner
birth: 13 Mar 1835, Wasserkraut, Bavaria to Johann Hubner and Kunigunda Lehren
death: 28 Jan 1892, Loogootee, Martin County, Indiana
burial: St. Paul’s Cemetery, Haysville, Dubois County, Indiana

County of Barbara Lein and Johann S. Huebner:

  • Anna Katherine, 1857-1913, m. Charles Harned
  • Henry, 1859-1861, n.m.
  • John, 1860-1936, m. Martha Matthewson
  • Martin E., 1862-1934, m. Rachel Fraim
  • Margaret, 1864-1952, m. John Allman
  • Anna, 1868-1963, m. Joseph McAtee
  • Harry, 1873-1903, m. Elizabeth Young
  • Philip, 1875-1913, n.m.
  • Augusta, 1878-1932, m. Wiliam Mosier

Barbara was born in Selbitz, Oberfranken, Bavaria. She arrived on the ship “Emma” with her sister Catherine on 22 October 1853. Her brother, Eberhardt, and mother, Margaretha (nee Bauer), came in 1861 after the death of their father, Johann Nicol.  Margaretha is buried immediately to the west of the Hubner plot. She lived in Haysville, Dubois County, Indiana (1853-1860) and Loogootee, Martin County, Indiana (1860-1893).

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Carol Collins
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John Stark

John Stark
b. 24 December 1851, Versailles, Ripley County, Indiana, to Elijah and Elizabeth (Johnson) Stark
d. 17 April 1943, Knoxville, Marion County, Iowa

m. 5 November 1872, Versailles, Ripley County, Indiana
Mary Eliza Tyson
b. 18 December 1851, Versailles, Ripley County, Indiana
d. 16 December 1932, Buffalo, Wilson County, Kansas

Children with Mary Eliza Tyson:
• Cornett Tyson Hamilton (1873-1961) married (1) Clara McManus, (2) Ella Mae Fike, (3) Eleanor Salome Barrell
• Curtis (1875-1940) married Lydia Groth
• Mabel (1877-1954) married Louis DeValois Butler
• Ethel (1879-1967) married Benjamin William Longenecker
• Herbert “Bertie” (1881-1969) married Lydia Agnes Stover
• Grace (1886-1961) married (1) Azro Dudley Hardy, (2) Louis C. Bauer, (3) James O. Rosillo
• Grey (1886-1969)
• Ralph “John” (1889-1895)

The family left Ripley County, Indiana, about 1876 for Buffalo, Wilson County, Kansas. John Stark was a soldier in the Spanish American War and served in Cuba. He lived a number of years in the Soldier’s Home in Leavenworth, Kansas.

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Willis H. Lowrey
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Helen Anna Curran

Helen Anna Curran
b. 25 November 1894, Elkhart, Elkhart County, Indiana, to James and Mary Florence (Condra) Curran
d. 11 September 1976, Arlington Heights, Illinois

m. 17 February 1917, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
William Dewolf Cook
b. 29 July 1890, Melrose, Clark County, Illinois, to Andrew and Mary (Thompson) Cook
d. 27 February 1945, Phoenix, Arizona

Children with William Dewolf Cook:

  • William Edward (b. 1919) married Shirley Ann Bauer
  • Ellen Irene (b. 1921) married Charles Robert Courtney

Helen moved to Chicago after the death of her father in 1911. After the death of her husband, she had several jobs, including being a cashier at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Helen and William are both buried in Pine Lake Cemetery, LaPorte, Indiana.

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Ellen C. Courtney
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Johann Mulzer

Johann Mulzer
b. 26 July 1859, Spencer County, Indiana, to Wolfgang and Ann (Huebschman) Mulzer
d. 14 May 1942
bur. St. John Lutheran EV. Cemetery – Evanston, Spencer, Indiana

Johann Mulzer gravestone

Johann Mulzer gravestone

m/1 15 May 1884, Spencer County, Indiana
Louisa Wilhelmina Maier
b. 9 January 1865, Spencer County, Indiana, to Valentine and Wilhelmina (Grass) Maier
d. 31 July 1899, Spencer County, Indiana
bur. St. John Lutheran EV. Cemetery – Evanston, Spencer, Indiana

m/2 17 November 1901
Anna Mary Lottes
b. 18 June 1868, Indiana
d. 14 June 1921, Spencer County, Indiana
bur. St. John Lutheran EV. Cemetery – Evanston, Spencer, Indiana

Anna Mary Lottes gravestone

Anna Mary Lottes gravestone

Children of Johann and Louisa Wilhelmina (Maier) Mulzer:

  • Anna Ottillie “Tillie” (1885-1982) married Johann Wilem Bauer
  • Martha Franziska (1887-1925) married Philip August Stein
  • Oscar Christoph (1890-1956) married Amelia Anne Foertsch
  • Margaretha Ida (1892-1988) married (1) Joseph Hasselwander, (2) Mr. Howe
  • Wilhelmina Selma (1895-1923) married Edward Stephen Stein

Children of Johann and Anna Mary (Lottes) Mulzer:

  • Minnie (ca 1898-1922) married Mr. Merta
  • Johann Raymond (1903-1990) married Nelda A. Fisher
  • Anna Margaret (b. 1905) married (1) Thomas Paul Huebschman, (2) Paul Vernie Goorum

Johann lived his entire life in Spencer County, Indiana.

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Marlene Petty Polster
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Wolfgang Mulzer

Wolfgang Mulzer
b. 28 September 1832, Sophienthal, Oberfranken, Bavaria, Germany, to George Stephen Voit and Margertha Barbara Mulzer
d. 21 February 1925
bur. St. John Lutheran Ev. Cemetery, Evanston, Spencer, Indiana

Mulzer gravestone

Mulzer gravestone

m/1. 11 November 1858, Spencer Co., Indiana
Ann Huebschman
b. 9 March 1841, Egloffstein, Oberfranken, Bavaria, Germany, to Johann and Margaret (Polster) Huebschman
d. 27 July 1860, Spencer Co., Indiana
bur. St. John Lutheran Ev. Cemetery, Evanston, Spencer, Indiana

m/2. 30 September 1862, Kratzburg Trinity Ev. Church, Fulda, Spencer Co., Indiana
Margaretha Huebschman
b. 19 May 1843, Egloffstein, Oberfranken, Bavaria, Germany, to Johann and Margaret (Polster) Huebschman
d. 10 May 1869
bur. St. John Lutheran Ev. Cemetery, Evanston, Spencer, Indiana

m/3. 31 May 1870, Spencer Co., Indiana
Anna Keller
b. 17 December 1843, Preussling, Oberfranken, Bavaria, Germany, to George and Barbara (Kiefner) Keller
d. 14 June 1924, Evanston, Spencer, Indiana
bur. St. John Lutheran Ev. Cemetery, Evanston, Spencer, Indiana

Children of Wolfgang and Anna (Huebschmann) Mulzer:

  • Johann (1859-1942) married Anna Mary Lottes

Children of Wolfgang and Margaretha (Huebschmann) Mulzer:

  • Anne Elizabeth Maria (1865-1939) married Christopher Braun
  • Veronica Wilhelmine Louise “Minnie” (1867-1956) married Ludwig Keiper

Children of Wolfgang and Anna (Keller) Mulzer:

  • George Friedrich D. (1873-1898)
  • Margarethe Sophia (1874-1965) married Christoph George Bauer
  • Heinrich Wilhelm (1877-1966) married Friedaricka Margaretha Schultz
  • Anna Margaretha (1879-1971) (twin) married George Ludwig Bauer
  • Anne Matilda (1879-1901) (twin)
  • Clara Emilie (1881-1972) married Johann Heinrich Christian Wilhelm Wittman
  • Ludwig Friedrich (1883-1905)
  • George Edward (1884-1901)
  • Charles W. (1886-1973) married Theresa Katharine Vogel
  • Katharina Lydia (1888-1937) married Phillip Peters
  • Herman Rudolph (1890-1949) married Margarethe Louise “Clara” Polster

Wolfgang and his mother, Margaretha Barbara and her husband George S. Voit, along with several others immigrated to North America in 1851. They traveled to Bremen, Germany where they boarded a ship bound for New Orleans, Louisiana, landing in November of 1851. They made their way up the Mississippi to the Ohio River and disembarked at Troy, Perry Co., Indiana. They took up farming in Spencer County. Wolfgang had befriended the Johann Hubschman family. Johann and Margaret E. Polster had given Wolfgang their permission to marry their eldest daughter, Anna, before their deaths in 1855 and 1856. With that permission, Wolfgang had promised to take care of the Hubschman children. Wolfgang then took into his home the five younger children. Anna was very ill from consumption and died at the age of 19, the day after her and Wolf’s only son’s first birthday. On September 30, 1862 Wolfgang married Margatha Huebschman (his first wife’s younger sister). She was also ill of consumption and died, but not before giving Wolfgang two daughters.

In 1870 Wolfgang married Anna Keller. Anna came to America with her father and mother, George Keller and Barbara Kuffner, arriving in New Orleans. Anna and Wolfgang were blessed with eleven children. Wolfgang attended school until he was 14 years old, and was considered to be highly educated. He was part of the core group of St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church in Evanston, Spencer County, Indiana. All of his children were baptized there. He was an Elder in the church and when the pastor was gone, he would read the sermons.

On September 1, 1856 Wolfgang became a citizen of the United States at Rockport, Spencer County, Indiana. Johann Mulzer, Wolfgang’s first son was born in Spencer County, Indiana. He married Louisa Wilhelmina Maier in 1884. Five children were born to this union. After Louisa’s death, Johann married Anna Mary Lottes Dersch at Trinity United Church of Christ near Fulda, Indiana. To this union, two children were born. Johann and his wives were very hard-working farmers in Spencer County.

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Marlene Petty Polster
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Margaretha Laura Magdalena Bauer

Margaretha Laura Magdalena Bauer
b. 13 June 1820, Birk, near Creussen, Bavaria, Germany, to Johann Nicolaus and Maria Barbara (Hereth) Bauer
d. 19 December 1891, Atchison, Atchison County, Kansas

m/1. 27 December 1843, Spencer County, Indiana
Henry Frederick Wilheim Racine
b. about 1812, Hannover, Germany,
d. 1847/48

m/2. 20 October 1848, Rockport, Spencer County, Indiana
Stephen Vogel
b. 8 February 1822, Affalterthal, Bavaria, Germany
d. 28 December 1880, Spencer County, Indiana

Children with Henry Frederick Wilheim Racine:

  • Louise Katharine (1843-1932) married George Wolfgang Kiefner
  • Henry (1845-1892) married Margaretha Lottes
  • Margaretha Barbara (1847-1935) married (1) John Busch, (2) Jacob Fella

Children with Stephen Vogel:

  • Catherine Anna (1849-1941) married Johannes W. Braun
  • George H. (1851-1914) married Frances Agnes Welch
  • Anna K. (1853-1855)
  • Mathais (b. 1855) married Magdalena Huebsch
  • Nicholas (1857-1945) married Augusta Emma Schwope
  • Kunigunda Julia (1860-1948) married Joseph Stengell
  • Anna Margaret (1862-1938) married Henrich J. Braun

Margaretha emigrated from Bavaria in 1839 to Spencer County, Indiana. All her children were born in Spencer County, Indiana, and it was not until sometime before 1888 she moved to Atchison, Kansas.

Her first husband fell overboard from a flatboat going down the Mississippi River and his body was never found. Both of her husbands were farmers

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Anna Maria Fisher

Anna Maria Fisher
b. 5 August 1856, Sherman Township, Huron County, Ohio, to Michael and Waldaburga (Bauer) Fischer
d. 23 January 1908, Waterloo, Black Hawk County, Iowa

m. 23 October 1882, Columbia City, Whitley County, Indiana
Edward Reiff
b. 11 February 1862, Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany
d. 24 March 1933, Waterloo, Black Hawk County, Iowa

Children with Edward Reiff:

  • William Prosper
  • Antone Edward

Anna immigrated to Whitley County, Indiana, about 1882 from near Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio, and emigrated from Thorncreek Township, Whitley County, Indiana, to Waterloo, Black Hawk County, Iowa, in 1906.

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Valerie J. Boggs
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