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William Marshall

William Marshall

It is not known when and where William was born. He was killed in 1831 along the Red River in Arkansas. He was married to a Delaware Indian and was moving west with her people.

He was a partner with William Connor at Conner’s Trading Post along the White River in Hamilton County, Indiana. He left the state in 1820.

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Marion G. Harcourt
Indianapolis IN
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Isaac Van Doren Johnson

Isaac Van Doren “Ike” Johnson
b. 1 September 1863, Winchester, Randolph County, Indiana, to Elihu Theodore and Mary (McCracken) Johnson
d. 21 June 1942, Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas

m. 3 September 1889, Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Sadie Wilson McCrea
b. 19 April 1870, Peoria, Peoria County, Illinois
d. 2 December 1950, Ponca City, Kay County, Oklahoma

Children with Sadie Wilson McCrea:
• Carl Thomas (1890-1969)
• Margaret (1893-1968) married [–?–] Marshall
• Leonard L. (1897-1967)
• Patrick Albert (1897-1967)
• Theodore Ellihu (1900-1976)
• Mary Elizabeth (1903-1976) married [–?–] Hinton
• Alice Ruth (1905-1976) married (1) [–?–] Roberts, (2) [–?–] Sevier
• Howard Vann (1908-1986)

Ike left the state in 1883. He was a farmer. As soon as he’d saved up enough money to rent a farm, he was married. They moved to Wichita in 1940.

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Margaret Johnson Irwin
Goddard KS
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Mark Davis

Mark Davis
b. 10 August 1800, Surry County, North Carolina, to William and Ann (Marshall) Davis
d. 20 June 1870, Flint, Mehaska County, Iowa

m. 27 May 1822, Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana
Rebecca Osborne
b. 7 October 1802, Guilford County, North Carolina, to David and Elizabeth (Thompson) Osborne
d. 24 August 1884, Laton, Rooks County, Kansas

Children with Rebecca Osborne:

  • Mary Ann (1823-1886)
  • William (1825-1850) married Rebecca Small
  • Rachel (1827-1901)
  • David (1829-1836)
  • Ruth (1832-1893) married Isaac Jay
  • Elizabeth (1834-1836)
  • Nathan (1837-1907) married Hannah Malinda Hutchens
  • Stephen J. (b. 1840)
  • Hiram M. (1844-1903)
  • Clarkson (b. 1847)

Mark came to Indiana before 1822, living in Wayne, Henry, and Grant counties, and emigrated in 1852 to the Little Baraboo Valley, Wisconsin, a Quaker settlement. He became one of the justices in the town of Woodland, Wisconsin, when it was formed in 1857. He was a Quaker preacher and sold land to the Baraboo Monthly Meeting for the Friendswood burial ground. The family moved on to Iowa in 1865. While he did not serve in the Civil War, two or three of his sons did.

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Leslie Hope
Santa Monica CA
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Walter Folger Brewer

b. 1846, Campbellsburg, Washington County, Indiana, to Richard and Hannah (Hobbs) Brewer
d. 24 July 1907, Guthrie, Logan County, Oklahoma

m/1. 1864, Washington County, Indiana
Hannah Bogle

m/2. 27 March 1870, Salem, Washington County, Indiana
Julia Caroline Marshall

Walter appeared in both the 1850 and the 1860 censuses in Vernon Township, Washington County, Indiana. Sometime after the 1860 census, he moved on to Oklahoma, where he died in 1907.

Submitted by:
Mary LeMay
Fallbrook CA

William Thomas Stagg

William Thomas Stagg
b. 1824, Athens County, Ohio, to Thomas and Susanna (Howlett) Stagg
d. 8 October 1882, Healing Springs Township, Independence County, Arkansas

m. 11 March 1843, Ripley County, Indiana
Elizabeth Martha Ann Marshall
b. 1827, Pennsylvania
d. 9 March 1902, Pine Township, Cleburne County, Arkansas

Children with Elizabeth Martha Ann Marshall:

  • Frederic P.
  • William Hiram
  • Sylvester Harvey
  • Thomas Alfred
  • George R.
  • Susannah Jane
  • John L.

William came to Columbia Township, Jennings County, Indiana, from Athens, Ohio, in 1825. The family emigrated in 1875.

Submitted by:
Dorothy P. Ball
Kansas City MO

William Hiram Stagg

William Hiram Stagg
b. 1847, Columbia Township, Jennings County, Indiana, to William T. and Martha A. (Marshall) Stagg
d. 7 December 1887, Pine Township, Cleburne County, Arkansas

m. 24 November 1867, Jennings County, Indiana
Sarah C. Ferren
b. March 1849, Ohio
d. 3 November 1910, Pine Township, Cleburne County, Arkansas

Children with Sarah C. Ferren:

  • Martha Melissa
  • John William
  • Eunice Alice
  • Thomas Burton
  • Alfred Leonadus
  • James Monroe

The family moved from Jennings County, Indiana, in 1868.

Submitted by:
Dorothy P. Ball
Kansas City MO

Charles Bentley

b. 23 August 1819, Tyringham, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, to John and Mary (Chapin) Bentley
d. 3 February 1895, Bangor Township, Marshall County, Iowa

m. 17 March 1846, Wabash County, Indiana
Cordelia Baker
b. 1 August 1829, Cattaraugus County, New York, to Peter and Catherine (Marvin) Baker
d. 18 July 1905, Laurens, Pocahontas County, Iowa

Children with Cordelia Baker:

  • Mary Jane (1847-1913) married Nicholas Moore
  • Peter John Lewis (1849-1918) married Caroline Charlotta Moore
  • George Silas (1850-1852)
  • Harriet Adelia (1853-1854)
  • Joseph Marvin (1856-1944) married Bonnie Bell Johnson
  • George Edwin (1858-1949) married Margaret Ann Valentine
  • David Waldo (1860-1906) married Eunice Etta Marshall
  • Rebecca Josephine (1862-1901) married Thomas Hudson

In the fall of 1840, Charles Bentley, along with his brothers, Joseph, Ezra, and Silas, and their families, moved west. They left Berkshire County, Massachusetts, crossed Lake Erie on a ferryboat, and followed the Wabash River to settle in the woods of southwestern Wabash County, Indiana. They had an ashery west of Pioneer. The Baker family had settled in Wabash County in 1841 on the Indian Reservation. In 1853, Joseph Bentley went to see what the land was like to the west. The Bentley brothers sold their homes and started west about the first of September 1854. There were four couples and fourteen children in horse- drawn covered wagons. They reached Bangor Township, Marshall County, Iowa, on 12 October 1854.

Submitted by:
Barbara Vorseth Benson
Wyoming MI

George Harvey Marshall

George Harvey Marshall
b. 14 November 1828, Berkshire, Tioga County, New York, to Harvey George and Eunice (Hull) Marshall
d. 7 March 1902, Clackamas County, Oregon

m/1. 8 December 1850, Jennings County, Indiana
Susannah Jane Howlett
b. 5 April 1832, Columbia, Jennings County, Indiana
d. 6 May 1879, Clackamas County, Oregon

Children with Susannah Jane Howlett:

  • William Nelson
  • Lucy Ann
  • David Milton
  • Sarah Jane
  • Susan Eveline
  • John Alfred
  • Mary Alice Marshall

George immigrated with his parents to Jennings County, Indiana, about 1836 from Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. His parents helped establish the Flat Rock Baptist Church, and their home was a station on the Underground Railway, passing slaves through Indiana to Canada. Perhaps George helped too, but he was married and had children of his own by then.

He resided in Jackson Township, Ripley County, Indiana, and Columbia Township, Jennings County, Indiana.

George and his wife Susannah were married before her parents and siblings left Indiana, and they lived on her parents’ place. Their youngest son was just a baby when they left Indiana by train and settled in Eagle Creek, Clackamas County, Oregon, not far from where Susannah’s family had settled.

When Susannah died in 1879, she left small children. George then married a widow with small children of her own and had two sons by his second wife.

Submitted by:
Bethel L. Marshall
Boise ID

Betsy Ann Johnson

Betsy Ann Johnson
b. 13 April 1823, Wayne County, Indiana, to Charles and Mary (Comer) Johnson
d. 1899, New Paris, Preble County, Ohio

m. November 1840, Wayne County, Indiana
Enoch M. Marshall
b. 1815, Ohio
d. 20 May 1886, Preble County, Ohio

Children with Enoch M. Marshall:

  • Mary
  • Ethelinda
  • James
  • Charles
  • Samuel

Betsy emigrated from Wayne County, Indiana, to New Paris, Preble County, Ohio in 1843.

Submitted by:
Sharon Wrede Jones
Richardson TX

Cyrus Clayton Donham

Cyrus Clayton Donham
b. 20 March 1866, Clermont County, Ohio, to Isaac F. and Elizabeth (Donham) Donham
d. 16 March 1935, Caldwell, Sumner County, Kansas

m. 23 November 1888, Sumner County, Kansas
Oakey S. Simons
b. 20 May 1872, Oakmont, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, to William George and Emma Jane (Kunkle) Simons
d. 11 August 1956, Caldwell, Sumner County, Kansas

Children with Oakey S. Simons:

  • Earl (1889–1955)
  • Mary Edith (1891–1974) married Theodore Marshall
  • Elbert Lee (1894–1961)
  • Van Lester (1895–1970)
  • Clarence (1897–1899)
  • Laura Edna (1899–1966) married Walter Robert Smith
  • infant (b. ca. 1900)
  • Letha Blanche (1902–-1968)
  • Velma Belle (1906–1969)
  • Bertie Mae (1908–1993) married Henry Perry Milbourne

Cyrus moved to Riley Township, Vigo County, Indiana, in 1868 and emigrated in 1885.

Submitted by:
Carol Chaplin Milbourn
Roanoke VA