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Garrell Leslie

Garrell Leslie
birth: September 1, 1929 in Warrick county to Archie and Nora Leslie
death: December 23, 2008
burial: Maroa cemetery, Maroa, Illinois

marriage: April 19, 1947 in Folsonville, Indiana
Inez Louise Ellison
birth: August 24, 1929 in Folsonville, Indiana to Lloyd Ellison and Martha Condict
death: March 23, 2013 in Decatur, Illinois
burial: Maroa, Illinois

Children of Inez Louise Ellison and Garrell Leslie:

  • Garrell M Leslie. 02/05/1948 spouse Cathy Stephens
  • Cynthia D Leslie 08/05/1951 spouse Larry Day
  • Donna C Leslie 11/13/1952. Spouse Stephen Fisher
  • Kathy L Leslie 07/13/1956

Ancestor here lived in:

Folsonville, Booneville, Evansville through 1954

Also lived in:

Decatur IL then Maroa, IL through 1976
Martinsville, IL through time of death

Submitted by:
Kathy Leslie
Email: kathyleslie56@gmail.com

Austin Joseph Silsby

Austin Joseph “Asa” Silsby
b. 1832, New York, to [–?–] and Harriet Silsby
d. February 1897, Clarence, Cedar County, Iowa

m. 22 June 1853, Kosciusko County, Indiana
Sarah Ann Dewell
b. 11 April 1834, Wayne County, Ohio, to Solomon and Carolyn (Miller) Dewell
d. 3 August 1916, Mentone, Kosciusko County, Indiana

Children with Sarah Ann Dewell:
• Harriet (b. 1856) married Milton Fisher
• Richard W. (b. 1857) married Orpha Woolery
• Silas (b. 1860)
• Mary (b. 1863) married George W. Whetstone
• Michael Abraham (b. 1866) married Daisy Graham
• Melissa Jane (b. 1868) married Enoch Scott Cochran
• Alice married Noah A. Pontious

There may have been three more children. Asa came to Indiana before 1850 and lived in St.
Joseph and Kosciusko counties before moving to Cedar County, Iowa, in the 1860’s. He was a private with Company F of the Indiana Volunteers in the Civil War and a member of the Grand Army of the Republic.

Submitted by:
Cynthia Cockran Jones
Marietta GA

Joseph Raney

Joseph Raney
b. 14 July 1824, Perry Township, Martin County, Indiana, to Joseph and Cecilia (Cissel) Raney
d. 22 February 1889, Sherman Township, Kossuth County, Iowa

m/1. 31 January 1847, Perry Township, Martin County, Indiana
Polly Gootee
b. 19 February 1819, Perry Township, Martin County, Indiana, to Thomas and Nancy Gootee
d. 26 March 1862, Sherman Township, Kossuth County, Iowa

m/2. 22 May 1863, Cresco Township, Kossuth County, Iowa
Mary Fisher
b. 5 March 1845, Medford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, to Addison and Martha Fisher
d. 31 December 1907, Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa

Children with Polly Gootee:
• Virginia (b. 1847) married (1) William Johnson, (2) A. J. Downs
• Walter W. (1849-1920) married Cora Marie Fisher
• Thomas (1850-1851)
• Sheldon (b. 1852) married Isabella Gilmore
• John (b. 1854)
• Nancy (1856-1875)
• Caroline (1858-1918) married John Robert Fraser
• Francis Joseph (1860-1889)
• unknown

Children with Mary Fisher:
• Mary A. (1864-1955) married E. C. Clark
• Henry A. (1865-1871)
• Phoebe O. (1867-1944) married Charles Elmer Clark
• William H. (1868-1926) married Flora B. Stoddard
• Cora Marie (1870-1929) married John Orlando Starks
• Charles A. (1872-1946) married Leila Clark
• David Elmer (1874-1924) married Adda Sample
• Carrie I. (1876-1885)
• James Adolfus (1877-1954) married Lula Mae Fitch
• Martha A. (b. 1879) married Walter R. Davis
• George S. (b. 1881) married Lula [–?–]
• Robert F. (1883-1957) married (1) Josephine Ryan, (2) Caroline M. McLoed
• Lillian Gertrude (b.1885) married Forest Ward Cairy
• Frank (1888-1912)
• Eleanor

Joseph and Polly moved to Muscatine County, Iowa, in 1854, then on to Kossuth County, Iowa, in 1856. Joseph was the third white farmer to settle in what is now Sherman Township but was then Irvington Township. The first white birth in that township was their daughter Caroline. The second white death in the township was Polly.

Submitted by:
Thomas H. Starks
Las Vegas NV
E-mail: tomstat@aol.com

Charles Wesley Hartup

Charles Wesley Hartup
b. 1 September 1840, near Economy, Wayne County, Indiana, to James and Mary (Whitinger) Hartup
d. 16 March 1937, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas

m. 15 March 1870, Hagerstown, Wayne County, Indiana
Anna Rachel Dolley
b. 20 April 1848, Hagerstown, Wayne County, Indiana, to William Malcolm and Elizabeth (Fisher) Dolley
d. 15 December 1894, Eagle Pass, Maverick County, Texas

Children with Anna Rachel Dolley:
• Charles Dolley (1871-1952)
• Clara Belle (1874-1962) married Robert Lee Bonnet
• Florence (1875-1937) married Frederick Putnam Jaggi
• Anna May (1877-1911) married John William Chichester

Charles lived near Economy, in Hagerstown, and in Richmond, all in Wayne County, Indiana, until emigrating in 1864. After attending Earlham College, he taught at a primary school, which was how he met his wife, until the Civil War began. He was a private in Company B, 19th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry. After the war, he was Quartermaster in the 4th Army Corps at Huntsville, Alabama; from there he was stationed in Nashville, Tennessee, and New Orleans, Louisiana, before going to Port Lavaca, Texas. He then became District Clerk of Calhoun County, Texas. He was a deputy inspector for the U.S. Customs Service until 1890. He was elected Justice of the Peace in 1912 and served six terms. He was also appointed U.S. Commissioner, an office which he held until 1925. Between federal and local service, he was in private business twice.

Submitted by:
Harold L. Dawe
Arvada CO
E-mail: hdawe@mho.com

Ulysses Grant Fisher

Ulysses Grant Fisher
b. 14 August 1862, Huntington, Huntington County, Indiana, to Daniel and Jane (Cox) Fisher
d. 3 April 1944, McAlester, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma

m. 22 July 1906, McAlester, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma
Nettie Pearl Abbott
b. 23 November 1881, Humbolt, Kansas
d. 9 December 1955, McAlester, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma

Children with Nettie Pearl Abbott:
• James Ellsworth
• John Howard
• Myrtle Mae married [–?–] Fiedler
• Alice Louise married (1) [–?–] Brown, (2) [–?–] Wilson
• Roy Willard
• Sam Richard

Ulysses emigrated from Huntington County, Indiana, in 1898.

Submitted by:
Karen Higgins
Oklahoma City OK
E-mail: karen@health.ok.gov

Daniel Fisher

Daniel Fisher
b. 1 January 1824, Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana, to Daniel and Damaris (Starbuck) Fisher
d. 14 February 1906, McAlester, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma

m. 23 May 1856, Huntington County, Indiana
Jane Cox
b. 9 January 1838, Indiana
d. 17 August 1904, Huntington County, Indiana

Children with Jane Cox:
• Viola Alice married [–?–] Chenoweth
• Melvinia Belle married [–?–] Miller
• Ulyses Grant
• Oliver F.

Daniel lived in Richmond, Wayne County, and Huntington, Huntington County, before leaving Indiana in 1898.

Submitted by:
Karen Higgins
Oklahoma City OK
E-mail: karen@health.ok.gov

Anna Rachel Dolley

Anna Rachel Dolley
b. 20 April 1848, Hagerstown, Wayne County, Indiana, to William Malcolm and Elizabeth (Fisher) Dolley
d. 15 December 1894, Eagle Pass, Maverick County, Texas

m. 15 March 1870, Hagerstown, Wayne County, Indiana
Charles Wesley Hartup
b. 1 September 1840, near Economy, Wayne County, Indiana, to James and Mary (Whitinger) Hartup
d. 16 March 1937, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas

Children with Charles Wesley Hartup:
• Charles Dolley (1871-1952)
• Clara Belle (1874-1962) married Robert Lee Bonnet
• Florence (1875-1937) married Frederick Putnam Jaggi
• Anna May (1877-1911) married John William Chickester

Anna lived in Hagerstown, Wayne County, Indiana, until emigrating in 1864. She met her husband when he was the teacher at the primary school she attended before the Civil War.

Submitted by:
Harold L. Dawe
Arvada CO
E-mail: hdawe@mho.com

Johann Mulzer

Johann Mulzer
b. 26 July 1859, Spencer County, Indiana, to Wolfgang and Ann (Huebschman) Mulzer
d. 14 May 1942
bur. St. John Lutheran EV. Cemetery – Evanston, Spencer, Indiana

Johann Mulzer gravestone

Johann Mulzer gravestone

m/1 15 May 1884, Spencer County, Indiana
Louisa Wilhelmina Maier
b. 9 January 1865, Spencer County, Indiana, to Valentine and Wilhelmina (Grass) Maier
d. 31 July 1899, Spencer County, Indiana
bur. St. John Lutheran EV. Cemetery – Evanston, Spencer, Indiana

m/2 17 November 1901
Anna Mary Lottes
b. 18 June 1868, Indiana
d. 14 June 1921, Spencer County, Indiana
bur. St. John Lutheran EV. Cemetery – Evanston, Spencer, Indiana

Anna Mary Lottes gravestone

Anna Mary Lottes gravestone

Children of Johann and Louisa Wilhelmina (Maier) Mulzer:

  • Anna Ottillie “Tillie” (1885-1982) married Johann Wilem Bauer
  • Martha Franziska (1887-1925) married Philip August Stein
  • Oscar Christoph (1890-1956) married Amelia Anne Foertsch
  • Margaretha Ida (1892-1988) married (1) Joseph Hasselwander, (2) Mr. Howe
  • Wilhelmina Selma (1895-1923) married Edward Stephen Stein

Children of Johann and Anna Mary (Lottes) Mulzer:

  • Minnie (ca 1898-1922) married Mr. Merta
  • Johann Raymond (1903-1990) married Nelda A. Fisher
  • Anna Margaret (b. 1905) married (1) Thomas Paul Huebschman, (2) Paul Vernie Goorum

Johann lived his entire life in Spencer County, Indiana.

Submitted by:
Marlene Petty Polster
Crown Point IN
E-mail: marlenepolster@sbcglobal.net

Ophir Orlo Richison

Ophir Orlo Richison
b. 24 August 1909, Jay County, Indiana, to Dallas Ray and Olive (Alexander) Richison
d. 31 July 1949, Winchester, Randolph, Indiana
bur. Fountain Park Cemetery, Winchester, Randolph, Indiana

m. 30 August 1929, Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio
Zella Beatrice Wilkerson

Ophir Richison funeral card

Ophir Richison funeral card

Children with Zella Beatrice Wilkerson:

  • James Oliver (1930-2004) married (1) Eris Jeannine Fisher, (2) Rita Cunningham Roberts
  • Betty Jean (1933-1982) married Roscoe Junior Shrack
  • Shirley Ann (living)
  • Donna Lee (living)
  • Danny Ray (living)

Orlo and Zella went to relatives in Ohio to get married thinking they would be able to keep the marriage a secret from their parents for awhile. Their intention was to continue to live with their parents for a short time until they were more financially able before telling them of the marriage and finding a home together. Like many secrets, theirs did not remain secret very long. Upon returning home, Zella found her parents already aware of the marriage.

It seems someone in Ohio who knew her parents had heard the news and informed Zella’s parents. Orlo worked in Indianapolis in factories for a time but after his father died in 1947, he moved the family to Winchester in order to take over the painting and paper hanging business of his father. Two years later, in 1949, Orlo was killed in an automobile accident, leaving Zella a widow with five children, the youngest being only six months old.

Submitted by:
Shirley Richison Fields
Avon IN
E-mail: richison@me.com

Johann Heinrich Christian Wilhelm Wittman

Johann Heinrich Christian Wilhelm Wittman
b. 9 April 1886, Spencer County, Indiana, to Johann B. and Margaretha (Purtzer) Wittman
d. 18 April 1972, Fremont, Dodge County, Nebraska

m. 5 June 1913, Evanston, Spencer County, Indiana
Clara Emilie Mulzer
b. 9 February 1881, Evanston, Spencer County, Indiana to Wolfgang and Anna (Keller) Mulzer
d. 10 April 1972, Fremont, Dodge County, Nebraska

Children with Clara Emilie Mulzer:

  • Arthur Henry (1914-1998) married Norma Emma Minna Dunklau
  • Wallace E. (1915-1988) married Hilda D. C. Katt
  • Rudolph Henry Carl (1917-1965) married Helen Mary Jensen
  • Narvin Otto married Verna L. Pressley
  • Oscar (1920-1986) married Ruby Doris Peck
  • Erwin George married Rita Ann Fisher

Johann was born in Huff Township of Spencer County, Indiana. He took his family and moved to Winslow, Dodge County, Nebraska, in 1916. He and Clara were married at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Evanston, Indiana, and are buried next to each other in the Memorial Cemetery in Fremont, Nebraska.

Submitted by:
Marlene Polster
Crown Point IN
E-mail: marlenepolster@sbcglobal.net