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Solomon F Custer

Solomon F. Custer
b. 1816, Montgomery County, Ohio
d. 27 March 1885, Dublin, Wayne County, Indiana

m. 16 November 1836, Wayne County, Indiana
Frances “Fanny” Alger
b. 30 September 1817, Behobeth, Bristol County, Massachusetts, to Samuel and Clarissa (Hancock) Alger
d. 29 November 1889, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana

Children with Frances Alger:

  • Mary Clarissa (b. 1840)
  • Lewis A. (b. 1844)
  • Suphronia Alice (1848–1875) married [–?–] Vickers
  • Benjamin Franklin (1849–1929) married Anna Rebecca Overholtz
  • Lafayette Paul (1854–1930) married Hannah Elizabeth Stephens
  • Clarissa (1847–1857)
  • Sarah Suphronia (1860–1939) married John Luther Bond

According to family tradition, Brigham Young came back East from Utah with Fanny’s brother John to ask her to marry him. She refused, saying, “You are a fine young man, but I want to be an only wife.”

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JoAnn L. Kester
Tipp City OH

Lafayette Paul Custer

Lafayette Paul Custer
b. 29 August 1854, Dublin, Wayne County, Indiana, to Solomon and Frances (Alger) Custer
d. 19 May 1930, Belvedere, Los Angeles County, California

m. 31 July 1875, Dublin, Wayne County, Indiana
Hannah Elizabeth Stephens
b. 1849, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana
d. 1944, Los Angeles, Orange County, California

Children with Hannah Elizabeth Stephens:

  • Charles (May 1885–1887)
  • Arthur (8 May 1887–29 November 1959)

Lafayette P. Custer is mentioned in the book Indiana in Transition as an Indianapolis labor leader. After moving from Indiana to California in 1921, he identified himself as a retired telegrapher.

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JoAnn L. Kester
Tipp City OH

John Luther Bond

John Luther Bond
b. 14 December 1853, Knightstown, Henry County, Indiana
d. 22 December 1931, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

m. 14 September 1875, Dublin, Wayne County, Indiana
Sarah Suphronia “Phronia” Alger
b. 10 February 1860, Trenton, Grundy County, Missouri, to Thomas and Sarah Ann (Edwards) Alger
d. 14 June 1939, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

Children with Sarah Suphronia Alger:

  • Clyde L. (1877-1955)
  • Wilson Claude (b. 1879)

John and his family emigrated from Indiana in 1904 to Los Angeles, California.

Phronia’s father died in the Civil War when she was two years old. Three months later her mother gave birth to another child. For reasons unknown, Phronia was given to her aunt and uncle to raise, and her mother took her other children, including the new baby, and went on to Salt Lake City where she joined her husband’s parents, Samuel and Clarissa (Hancock) Alger. LDS records in Salt Lake City show that Sarah Ann, Joseph J., Clarisse E., John W., and Polly A. Alger arrived in Salt Lake City with Captain Peter Nebeker’s ox train on 29 September 1866.

Phronia was brought to Dublin, Wayne County, Indiana, and raised with the other children of Solomon and Frances (Alger) Custer.

When Phronia and her husband and their sons moved to California in 1904, they visited with her biological mother in Arizona. The mother and daughter hadn’t seen each other in over forty years. Phronia’s mother died soon after this meeting.

The Algers were Mormons, with the exception of Fanny (Alger) Custer, who raised Phronia. Samuel Alger, Phronia’s paternal grandfather, traveled from Bristol, Ontario County, New York, to Willoughby, Astubula County, Ohio, to Mayfield, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, to Kirtland, Ohio, to Nauvoo, Illinois, to Independence, Missouri, to Missouri River, to Iowa, and on to Salt Lake City, Utah. The family is said to have traveled west to Nauvoo, Illinois, with Joseph Smith, the Mormon prophet who was killed at Carthage, Illinois, while living at Nauvoo.

Submitted by:
JoAnn L. Kester
Tipp City OH