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Vincent Scott McClure

Vincent Scott McClure
b. 30 October 1815, Oaktown, Knox County, Indiana, to Samuel and Jane (Curry) McClure
d. 18 May 1893, Eugene, Lane County, Oregon

m/1. 1834, Knox County, Indiana
Sarah “Sally” Bruce
b. Bruceville, Knox County, Indiana, to Major William and Sarah (Polk) Bruce
d. 1858, Eugene, Lane County, Oregon

m/2. Oregon
Sarah Tandy Benson

Children with Sarah Bruce:
• Hester “Hettie” (1835-1901) married Isaac William Bond
• Jane married William F. Lyon
• William Henry Harrison

The family emigrated on 20 March 1853. They traveled seven months by ox and wagon with several family members to Oregon. They were part of “The Lost Wagon Train of 1853” which got lost between Fort Hall and the Cascade Mountains. They finally arrived in the Willamette Valley in late October. He was instrumental in the formation of the First Christian Church in Eugene in 1866 and served as the first deacon. He was elected to the state legislature in 1862, serving one term.

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Christie Hill Russell
Paris IL
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Henry Clay Gibson

Henry Clay Gibson
b. 12 October 1846, Montezuma, Parke County, Indiana, to Henry Clay and Sarah (Bond) Gibson
d. 1 May 1925, Effingham County, Illinois

m. 15 February 1872, Fayette County, Indiana
Lydia Anna Veatch
b. 15 July 1849, Fayette County, Indiana
d. 29 April 1915, Effingham County, Illinois

Children with Lydia Anna Veatch:
• Henderson Brady
• Emma Zetta
• Pearl Leota
• Robert Clay

The family lived in Parke and Fayette counties and in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, before emigrating.

Isaac William Bond

b. 19 December 1827, Virginia, to Joseph and Mary (Ashelman) Bond
d. 22 May 1915, Eugene, Lane County, Oregon

m. 9 October 1851, Knox County, Indiana
Hester “Hettie” McClure
b. 19 August 1835, Knox County, Indiana, to Vincent Scott and Sarah “Sally” (Bruce) McClure
d. 14 April 1901, Eugene, Lane County, Oregon

Children with Hester McClure:

  • Vincent Scott (b. ca. 1854) married Etta McConnell
  • Joseph Wolfe (b. ca. 1855) married Mattie Zumwalt
  • Louisa Elizabeth (b. ca. 1856) married Rufus Robertson
  • William Loretta (b. ca. 1859)
  • Allen Watson (b. ca. 1861) married Rachel Gross
  • Mary Ann “Mollie” (b. ca. 1863) married Charley Withrow
  • Emma Jane (b. ca. 1866) married William Wheeler
  • Eliza Catherine (b. ca. 1868) married Halvor Wheeler
  • Hetty Amanda (b. ca. 1870) married John Parker
  • Robert Bruce (b. ca. 1873) married Belle Gibson

Isaac came to Knox County, Indiana, in 1837. He and his family left for Oregon from Oaktown, Knox County, on 21 March 1853 with a wagon and ox team. Several relatives also were part of this wagon train. This group became lost and wandered around for two weeks before coming to a place they had been before. They were “The Lost Wagon Train of 1853,” which rescuers were sent out to find.

Most of the land used for the Eugene Maholn Sweet Airport originally belonged to the Bonds. Isaac was a charter member of Pleasant Hill Grange and Irving Grange. He was Deacon of the Christian Church for many years. He served on the school board for twenty years, and he was a member of the board of supervisors for roads for three terms.

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Christie Hill Russell
Paris IL

Ellis Bond

b. 11 February 1814, Webster, Wayne County, Indiana, to Samuel and Charity (Beeson) Bond
d. 16 February 1859, Clinton, Douglas County, Kansas

m. 18 February 1835, Wayne County, Indiana
Elizabeth Bakehorn
b. 26 May 1811, New Jersey
d. 3 May 1893, Clinton, Douglas County, Kansas

Children with Elizabeth Bakehorn:

  • Silas S. (b. 1835)
  • Enos (b. 1838)
  • Louiza (b. 1839)
  • Sylvanus (b. 1842)
  • Letitia (b. 1845)
  • Thomas (b. 1848)

Ellis lived in New Garden Township, Wayne County, Indiana, and emigrated from there in 1854.

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David Mason
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William Lewelling

William Lewelling
b. 28 September 1817, Randolph County, North Carolina, to Meshach and Jane (Brookshire) Lewelling
d. before 11 December 1847, Indiana

m. 21 February 1838, Henry County, Indiana
Cyrena “Sirena” Wilson
b. 27 November 1817, Highland County, Ohio, to Michael C. and Rebecca (Reece) Wilson
d. 19 November 1856, Henry County, Iowa

Children with Cyrena Wilson:

  • Rebecca (1839–1922) married (1) Allan Hampton, (2) [–?–] Frazier, (3) [–?–] Chantry
  • Elvina (1840–1909) married (1) Joseph H. Bond, (2) Lew Trueblood
  • Anna (b. 1842) married Norton Hockett
  • Asa Guy (1845–1941) married Amanda Virginia Hord
  • Lorenzo Dow (1846–1900) married Angeline C. Cook

In 1838 William Lewelling moved with his brothers, Henderson and John, to Henry County, Iowa.

William, a Quaker minister, was a powerful advocate of the abolition of slavery. In 1847, while lecturing either in Illinois or Indiana, “with great fervor, power, and energy” on his constant theme, William was taken ill and afterwards “took to his bed and never arose.”

At the time of this lecture, William had admonished his friends and assistant, “Thee will have to look after Cyrena and the children, Eric.” Within a short time Cyrena Lewelling became the wife of Eric Knudson. But in 1856 a fire took Cyrena’s life, and the Lewelling children became orphans.

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Jacqueline Frank Strickland
Rockwall TX

Henry Clay Gibson

Henry Clay Gibson
b. 12 October 1846, Parke County, Indiana, to Henry and Sara (Bond) Gibson
d. 1 May 1925, Effingham County, Illinois

m. 15 February 1872, Fayette County, Indiana
Lydia Ann Veatch
b. 15 July 1849, Alquine, Fayette County, Indiana
d. 29 April 1915, Effingham County, Illinois

Children with Lydia Ann Veatch:

  • Henderson
  • Emma Zetta
  • Pearl Leota
  • Robert Clay

Henry emigrated from Marion County, Indiana, to Effingham County, Illinois, in 1887.

Submitted by:
Dorothy Ray Gibson
White Heath IL

Solomon F Custer

Solomon F. Custer
b. 1816, Montgomery County, Ohio
d. 27 March 1885, Dublin, Wayne County, Indiana

m. 16 November 1836, Wayne County, Indiana
Frances “Fanny” Alger
b. 30 September 1817, Behobeth, Bristol County, Massachusetts, to Samuel and Clarissa (Hancock) Alger
d. 29 November 1889, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana

Children with Frances Alger:

  • Mary Clarissa (b. 1840)
  • Lewis A. (b. 1844)
  • Suphronia Alice (1848–1875) married [–?–] Vickers
  • Benjamin Franklin (1849–1929) married Anna Rebecca Overholtz
  • Lafayette Paul (1854–1930) married Hannah Elizabeth Stephens
  • Clarissa (1847–1857)
  • Sarah Suphronia (1860–1939) married John Luther Bond

According to family tradition, Brigham Young came back East from Utah with Fanny’s brother John to ask her to marry him. She refused, saying, “You are a fine young man, but I want to be an only wife.”

Submitted by:
JoAnn L. Kester
Tipp City OH

John Luther Bond

John Luther Bond
b. 14 December 1853, Knightstown, Henry County, Indiana
d. 22 December 1931, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

m. 14 September 1875, Dublin, Wayne County, Indiana
Sarah Suphronia “Phronia” Alger
b. 10 February 1860, Trenton, Grundy County, Missouri, to Thomas and Sarah Ann (Edwards) Alger
d. 14 June 1939, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

Children with Sarah Suphronia Alger:

  • Clyde L. (1877-1955)
  • Wilson Claude (b. 1879)

John and his family emigrated from Indiana in 1904 to Los Angeles, California.

Phronia’s father died in the Civil War when she was two years old. Three months later her mother gave birth to another child. For reasons unknown, Phronia was given to her aunt and uncle to raise, and her mother took her other children, including the new baby, and went on to Salt Lake City where she joined her husband’s parents, Samuel and Clarissa (Hancock) Alger. LDS records in Salt Lake City show that Sarah Ann, Joseph J., Clarisse E., John W., and Polly A. Alger arrived in Salt Lake City with Captain Peter Nebeker’s ox train on 29 September 1866.

Phronia was brought to Dublin, Wayne County, Indiana, and raised with the other children of Solomon and Frances (Alger) Custer.

When Phronia and her husband and their sons moved to California in 1904, they visited with her biological mother in Arizona. The mother and daughter hadn’t seen each other in over forty years. Phronia’s mother died soon after this meeting.

The Algers were Mormons, with the exception of Fanny (Alger) Custer, who raised Phronia. Samuel Alger, Phronia’s paternal grandfather, traveled from Bristol, Ontario County, New York, to Willoughby, Astubula County, Ohio, to Mayfield, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, to Kirtland, Ohio, to Nauvoo, Illinois, to Independence, Missouri, to Missouri River, to Iowa, and on to Salt Lake City, Utah. The family is said to have traveled west to Nauvoo, Illinois, with Joseph Smith, the Mormon prophet who was killed at Carthage, Illinois, while living at Nauvoo.

Submitted by:
JoAnn L. Kester
Tipp City OH