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John McElroy, II

John McElroy, II
b. to Robert and Matilda (Trout) McElroy
d. 6 April 1887, Kankakee County, Illinois

m. 11 February 1840, Jefferson County, Indiana
Margaret Crozier
b. to James and Mary (Woods) Crozier
d. November 1871, Kankakee County, Illinois

Children with Margaret Crozier:
• Sarah (1849-1920) married Ben Roberts
• George McKee (1852-1939) married Lydia Cooper
• Julia E. (b. 1854) married James Smiley
• James (1857-1948) married Melissa Ann Hoyt Cooper
• Mary Frances “Mace” (1858-1939) married John Blackstone Cooper
• John, Jr. (1861-1938) married Cora Jane Cooper
• Edwin McLellan (1864-1938) (twin) married (1) Belle Sullinder, (2) Magda T. Kopstad
• Elvina “Allie” (b. 1864) (twin) married Harry Watkins
• Wilbur (1868-1899) (twin)
• Willis (1868-1929) (twin) married Katie Mann

John came Indiana in 1830 as a boy. He moved to LaPorte County about 1854 and to Kankakee County, Illinois, in 1860. He was a farmer, a stock breeder, and a member of the Presbyterian Church.

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Robert McElroy

Robert McElroy
b. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to John and Margaret (Campbell) McElroy
d. 19 August 1874, Kankakee County, Illinois

m. about 1825, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Matilda “Amanda” Trout
d. 1891, Kankakee, Illinois

Children with Matilda Trout:
• John (1826-1887) married Margaret Crozier
• Amanda (b. 1827)
• Paul (b. 1829)
• Hannah (b. 1833)
• Isaac (b. 1835)
• Margaret (b. 1837)
• Hester “Hettie” (b. 1841)
• William (b. 1843)
• James (b. 1849)
• Sarah (b. 1851)

In 1830, the family came from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to Jefferson County, Indiana. They moved to LaPorte County, Indiana, about 1854. They then moved to Kankakee County, Illinois, in 1860. Robert was a farmer. His parents came from Ireland to Pennsylvania about 1802; all their children were born in Pennsylvania.

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Tammy Wilson
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