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Nancy Reynolds

Nancy Reynolds
birth: 17 March 1827 in Lawrence County, IN to Richard Reynolds Jr. and Martha “Patsy” McAllister
death: 1 July 1931 in Schuyler County, MO
burial: Darby Cemetery in Schuyler County, MO

marriage: 4 Dec 1851 in Schuyler County MO
Jeremiah “Jerry” Gray
birth: 25 Dec 1833, IN to Jesse Gray and Nancy Rainbolt
death: 25 Jan 1909 in Schuyler County, MO
burial: Darby Cemetery in Schuyler County, MO

Children of Nancy Reynolds and Jeremiah “Jerry” Gray:

  • John J. Gray b.1854, IA d. before 1870
  • Sarah Jane Gray b.9 Nov 1854, IA d. 17 Mar 1947 Schuyler County MO, Husband, John Rush Heaton
  • Jesse R. Gray b 1857 Davis Co. IA, d 1915 Ellis, OK, Wife Louisa Norman
  • James Henry Gray b 14 Feb 1859 Downing, Schuyler County, MO d 7 Sep 1941 Schuyler County, MO Wife Lucinda “Lucy” Mary Shreve
  • Susan Caroline Gray b 19 Nov 1861 Schuyler County, MO d 29 Feb 1928 Lewis, KS Husband Albert R. Ray
  • Nancy Cora Gray b July 1864 Schuyler County, MO d after 1931 Portland, OR Husband Charles A. Rhodes
  • Lucetta Gray b July 1869, MO d 5 May 1954 Los Angeles, CA Husband Nicholas E. Fail

Ancestor here lived in:

Lawrence County, IN

Ancestor also lived in:
1850-57 Davis County, IA
1859-80 Schuyler County, MO
1910 Crawford, KS
1925 Lewis, KS
1930 Schuyler County, MO

Other Information:

Her grandchildren claimed that she chewed long green tobacco and smoked a pipe. They took turns lighting the pipe for her and she always remembered who had done it last, no matter how long it had been between visits. Her grandchildren also claimed that she was a full-blooded Indian. She still had dark hair at her death at age 104.

Submitted by:
Sandra L Norfolk
Email: librariancr@gmail.com

Lewis Walden

Lewis Walden
birth:18 January 1801, at Woodford County, Kentucky to Joseph and Rachel Walden
death: 8 Apr 1886, Owen County, Indiana
burial: Chambersville Cemetery, Owen Co., IN

marriage: 25 Apr 1822
Virlincha G Parks
birth: c.1805 in North Carolins to William and Jemima Parks
death: 3 Nov 1885, probably in Owned Co., IN
burial: Chambersville Cemetery, Owen Co., IN

Children of Lewis Walden and Virlincha G Parks:

  • William J Walden, b. 1823, d. 1897, m. Virlincha Julia Parks
  • Austin M Walden, b. 1825, d. 1879, m. Mary Matilda Litten
  • Nancy Ann Walden, b. 1826, d. 1916, m. Rufus H. Cline
  • Willis Benjamin Walden, b. 1829, d. 1914, m. Filena/Philina Cline
  • Lewis W. Walden, b. 1830, d. 1885, m. (1) Elizabeth Ann Owens, (2) Frances Reynolds
  • Zephania E Walden, b. 1833, d. 1916, m. Nancy A Abernathy
  • Virlincha Walden, b. 1836, d. 1916, m. William Litten
  • Jemima Walden, b. 1838, d. 1883, m. William Cline
  • David C Walden, b. 1840, d. 1855
  • Rachel Walden, b. 1842, d. 1927, m. (1) Andrew J Hite, (2) Joel H Malicoat

Lewis Walden Lived In:

The Walden family lived in Virginia until after the close of the Revolutionary War, when they relocated to Woodford County, Kentucky and then to Bloomington, Monroe Co., Indiana in 1819. They lived in Ellettsville, Monroe County for a time and then settled in Owen County on a property known as Flat Woods.

Other Information:
Most of the family is buried in Chambersville Cemetery east of Spencer.

There is no relation between this Indiana ancestor and the submitter.

Submitted by:
Randi Richardson
Email: GFTL@bluemarble.net


Nicholas Hightshue

Nicholas Hightshue
born 15 Dec 1789, Frederick, Maryland to Jacob Hightshue and Margaret Seuberlinger
died 26 Feb 1858, Marion County, Indiana
burial: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana

Married: 18 Oct 1821, Perry County, Ohio
Jane Reynolds
born: 18  Aug 1793, Frederick, Maryland
died: 18 Mar 1859
burial: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana

Children of Nicholas Hightshue and Jane Reynolds:

  • Lucy Ann Hightshue (b. 22 Feb 1822, Ohio, d. 26 Feb 1892, Indiana) married Nathan Brumfield (b: 1833, Ohio, d:  27 Dec 1889). Both are buried at Crown Point Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Jacob Hightshue (b. 6 Nov 1823, Ohio, d. 23 Sep 1904, Zionsville, Boone County, Indiana) married Sarah Ann Hollingsworth (b. 7 Dec 1826, Indiana, d.  14 Mar 1908, Zionsville, Boone County, Indiana). Both are buried at North Liberty Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.
  • James Reynolds Hightshue (b. 14 Oct 1826, Ohio, d: 14 Oct 1894, Indiana) married Sarah Jane Hollingsworth (b.  20 Mar 1831, Indiana, d. 23 Apr 1905, Indiana). Both are buried in North Liberty Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.
  • Elizabeth Hightshue (b. 21 Aug 1828, Ohio, d. 17 Apr 1897) married Thomas T. Glidewell (b. 22 Nov 1828 Indiana, d. 31 Jan 1898). Both are buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana)
  • Mary Jane Hightshue (b.  21 Aug 1828, Ohio, d;  1905) married John M. Ross (b. 1821 d. 1868). Both are buried at Crown Point Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Nancy Hannah Hightshue (b. 1833, Indiana, d. 17 Jan 1913, Berrin, Michigan), married Leander Glidewell (b. 1832, Indiana, d. 5 Nov 1896, Indiana). Both are buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.
  • Cynthia Margaret Hightshue (b. 4 Aug 1837, Indiana, d. 13 Jun 1912, Pike Township, Marion County, Indiana) married Francis Marion Hollingsworth (b. 30 Jan 1837 Indiana, d. 3 Apr 1926).  Both are buried in North Liberty Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.

Nicholas and Jane (Reynolds) Hightshue lived in Perry County, Ohio, until the early 1830’s. Nicholas brought his family to Pike Township, Marion County, Indiana around 1832.  He was a founding and charter member of the Ebenezer Christian Church.  He and his wife remained in Pike Township until their deaths.

Some of their children owned land in Hendricks and Boone Counties as well.

Submitted by:
Nita Strainer

Cora Mae Davidson

Cora Mae Davidson
b. 12 May 1861, Brownsburg, Hendricks County, Indiana, to James/John and Rebecca (Avery) Davidson
d. 27 December 1947, Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio

m. 8 April 1883, Hendricks County, Indiana
Silas Patterson
b. 15 April 1859, Hendricks County, Indiana, to John K. Y. and Arie Ann (Shockley) Patterson
d. 8 June 1917, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana

Children with Silas Patterson:
• Ralph (1884-1884)
• infant female (1885-1885)
• Bessie Rebecca (1887-aft. 1947) married Harry Franklin Reynolds
• Herman Clair (1880-1925) married Klora Mae Kirkendall
• Lula Verner (1890-1918) married Thomas Arthur Griggs
• Eva F. (1892-1978) married Wilbur Tedrow Kilbourne
• Wallace E. (1900-1982) married Cecelia [–?–]

The family farmed in Brownsburg, Hendricks County, Indiana, until 1907, when they moved to Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana, to work in the factories. In 1917, Cora’s husband died when he was cutting trees and fell to the sidewalk, hitting his head. Shortly after that, she and her four surviving children moved to Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.

Submitted by:
Meredith Thompson
Avon IN
E-mail: mere@augustmoondesign.com

David Clinton Moore

David Clinton Moore
b. 10 July 1847, Howard Township, Parke County, Indiana, to John S. and Barbara A. (Lowe/Lough) Moore
d. 2 June 1919, Fort Dodge (Dodge City), Kansas

m. 14 April 1872, Danville, Illinois
Charlotte E. Johns
b. 26 March 1849, Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana
d. 2 August 1929, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas

Children with Charlotte E. Johns:
• Emma Norah (1872/73-1872)
• Ella Zora (1874-1913) married George Reynolds
• Thomas Clinton (1877-1949)
• Fred David (1883-1930/1931)

In 1862, David moved to Cain Township, Fountain County, and by 1889 he was living in Chicago. David was in the 116th Regiment, Company C, Indiana Volunteers during the Civil War. He was a member of GAR in Fort Dodge and Topeka, Kansas.

Submitted by:
Patricia Moore Althaus
Johnson City TX
E-mail: althaus@moment.net

Achelus Shedrick Key

Achelus Shedrick Key
b. 18 January 1842, Surry County, North Carolina, to William S. and Lydia D. (Jones) Key
d. 13 June 1930, Sharpsburg, Taylor County, Iowa

m/1. 31 December 1862, Surry County, North Carolina
Martha Ellen Whittaker
d. Indiana

m/2. 1 November 1868, Jasper County, Indiana
Mary Grubb
b. 19 November 1846, Jefferson County, Virginia, to Adam and Elizabeth (Mercer) Grubb
d. 19 February 1901, Grove Township, Taylor County, Iowa

m/3. 22 September 1901
Sarah Ellen Coe
b. 3 September 1873, North Carolina
d. 21 July 1969, Taylor County, Iowa

Children with Martha Ellen Whittaker:
• Samuel Jefferson (1865-1924) married Rose L. Gaudard
• James Lewis (ca. 1867-1961) married Blanche Davis

Children with Mary Grubb:
• Eliza Ellen (1870-1918) married John Wattie Campbell
• Cora Lee (b. 1872) married Elmer McLaughlin
• John Orman (1874-1957) married Goldie Cook
• Charles Lee William (1879-ca. 1950) married Ida Bell Crowe
• William (b. aft. 1880)
• Oscar Henry (1883-1967) married Ethel Mae Strum
• Rosa Edith (1885-1934) married Jerry Wilson

Children with Sarah Ellen Coe:
• Roxa Viola (1902-1961)
• Lloyd Amond (b. 1903) married Edna Weese
• Eunice May (b. 1905) married James A. Eller
• Lydia DeBose (b. 1907) married Russell Reynolds
• Bessie Maciel (1908-1944) married Elwin Brown
• Hollis Cecil (1910-1910)
• Hattie Dell (b. 1911) married Asa Tackett
• Royal Jackson (1914-1917)
• Lula Tessie (1917-1917)
• Dora Jessie (1917-1918)
• Mary Lessie (b. 1917) married William Terry

A. S. Key was a Confederate soldier in Company H, 11th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry (volunteers) from June 1861 for twelve months. He was wounded as part of Jackson’s campaign of the Shenandoah Valley on 25 May 1862. In June 1862, he was reported as being “absent without leave.”

Six months later her married his first wife. The couple most likely moved to Indiana between the births of their two sons, probably because of the harsh conditions in North Carolina after the war. Martha died, leaving him with two young children. While it is not known exactly when they came to Indiana, they left Jasper County in 1869.

He married Mary in Jasper County and their first child was born in Peoria, Illinois, where Mary also had family. By 1880, the family was in Grove Township, Taylor County, Iowa.

By the end of his life, A. S. had married three times and had twenty children, the last three being triplets. His name has also been spelled Achillus Sherdrick Key.

Submitted by:
Sandra L. Carter-Duff
Denver CO
E-mail: sandy@carduff.com

Charlotte E. Johns

Charlotte E. “Lottie” Johns
b. 26 March 1849, Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana, to Rennie W. and Nancy (Lowe/Lough) Johns, Sr.
d. 2 August 1929, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas

m. 14 April 1872, Danville, Illinois
David Clinton Moore
b. 10 July 1847, Howard Township, Parke County, Indiana
d. 2 June 1919, Fort Dodge (Dodge City), Kansas

Children with David Clinton Moore:
• Emma Norah (1872/3-1875)
• Ella Zora (1874-1913) married George Reynolds
• Thomas Clinton (1877-1949)
• Fred David (1883-1930/1)

David Moore served in the 116th Regiment, Company C, Indiana Volunteers, July 1863-March 1864. He was a member of the Grand Army of the Republic, and Charlotte was a member of the Woman’s Relief Corps Auxiliary to the GAR. She was also a member of Eastern Star.

Submitted by:
Patricia Moore Althaus
Johnson City TX
E-mail: althaus@moment.net

Lenora May Brunt

b. 3 August 1875, Summitville, Madison County, Indiana, to
William Davis and Adaline A. (Reynolds) Brunt
d. 13 October 1963, Brush, Morgan County, Colorado

m. 20 December 1896, Peru, Nemaha County, Nebraska
Thomas Sharp Weaver
b. 27 July 1866, Punxsutawney, Jefferson County,
d. 15 April 1939, Denver, Denver County, Colorado

Children with Thomas Sharp Weaver:

  • Veryl Bell (1897-1978) married [—?—] Cameran
  • Jackson Fay (1899-1963)
  • Hallie May (1902-1988) married [—?—] McMichael

Lenora lived in Summitville, Boone Township, and Anderson in Madison County, Indiana. Starting about age ten, she played the piano for the hymn sings as her father traveled from church to church preaching at revival meetings and baptizing converts.

According to her granddaughter, she played in an almost jazzy manner with nothing sad or somber but in a joyful manner. She confided in later years that part of the joy in accompanying her father was that in most churches, she was allowed to choose a piece of clothing for herself or a sibling from that church’s Poor Barrel. She like this because the clothes were “new” to her schoolmates, thus eliminating the teasing, “You’re wearing Mary’s old dress.”

Submitted by:
Erdine McMichael Nugent
Vancouver WA

James Adelbert Reynolds

James Adelbert Reynolds
b. 2 August 1861, Lagrange, Lagrange County, Indiana to William Reynolds and Sarah Elizabeth Adams
d. 2 February 1941, Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa

m. 8 August 1882, Des Moines County, Iowa
Mary Jane Kongable
b. 19 April 1860, Perry County, Pennsylvania, to George and Elizabeth (Schreckengast) Kongable
d. 7 January 1939, Des Moines, Iowa

Children with Mary Jane Kongable:

  • Charles
  • Flora May
  • Dora Alice
  • Frederick Benton
  • John Howard
  • Lilly Rose
  • Glen Horace

Submitted by:
Eileen M. Reynolds Martin
Bartonville IL

Amos Reynolds

Amos Reynolds
b. 1789, New York, to William and Mary (Lyon) Reynolds
d. 19 December 1853, South Milford, LaGrange County, Indiana

Hannah Benedict
b. to Jacob and Dorcas (Roscoe) Benedict
d. 17 October 1868, South Milford, LaGrange County, Indiana

Children with Hannah Benedict:

  • Jane
  • Harriet
  • Caroline
  • Louisa
  • William (b. ca. 1820)
  • Horton

Submitted by:
Eileen M. Reynolds Martin
Bartonville IL