Nancy Reynolds

Nancy Reynolds
birth: 17 March 1827 in Lawrence County, IN to Richard Reynolds Jr. and Martha “Patsy” McAllister
death: 1 July 1931 in Schuyler County, MO
burial: Darby Cemetery in Schuyler County, MO

marriage: 4 Dec 1851 in Schuyler County MO
Jeremiah “Jerry” Gray
birth: 25 Dec 1833, IN to Jesse Gray and Nancy Rainbolt
death: 25 Jan 1909 in Schuyler County, MO
burial: Darby Cemetery in Schuyler County, MO

Children of Nancy Reynolds and Jeremiah “Jerry” Gray:

  • John J. Gray b.1854, IA d. before 1870
  • Sarah Jane Gray b.9 Nov 1854, IA d. 17 Mar 1947 Schuyler County MO, Husband, John Rush Heaton
  • Jesse R. Gray b 1857 Davis Co. IA, d 1915 Ellis, OK, Wife Louisa Norman
  • James Henry Gray b 14 Feb 1859 Downing, Schuyler County, MO d 7 Sep 1941 Schuyler County, MO Wife Lucinda “Lucy” Mary Shreve
  • Susan Caroline Gray b 19 Nov 1861 Schuyler County, MO d 29 Feb 1928 Lewis, KS Husband Albert R. Ray
  • Nancy Cora Gray b July 1864 Schuyler County, MO d after 1931 Portland, OR Husband Charles A. Rhodes
  • Lucetta Gray b July 1869, MO d 5 May 1954 Los Angeles, CA Husband Nicholas E. Fail

Ancestor here lived in:

Lawrence County, IN

Ancestor also lived in:
1850-57 Davis County, IA
1859-80 Schuyler County, MO
1910 Crawford, KS
1925 Lewis, KS
1930 Schuyler County, MO

Other Information:

Her grandchildren claimed that she chewed long green tobacco and smoked a pipe. They took turns lighting the pipe for her and she always remembered who had done it last, no matter how long it had been between visits. Her grandchildren also claimed that she was a full-blooded Indian. She still had dark hair at her death at age 104.

Submitted by:
Sandra L Norfolk

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