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David Munns

David Munns
b. 17 January 1831, Decatur County, Indiana, to William and Jane (David) Munns
d. 13 January 1878, Knox County, Missouri

m. 16 January 1856, Knox County, Missouri
Catherine Eleanore Jolliffe
b. 18 September 1835, Indiana, to Raphael and Priscilla (Herrick) Jolliffe
d. 22 October 1914, Cushing, Payne County, Oklahoma

Children with Catherine Eleanore Jolliffe:
• Luella Jane (1857-1881)
• John Milton (1859-1860)
• James Samuel (1861-1910) married (1) Sarah E. Coulson, (2) Anna Emma Gritli “Margaret/Maggie” Forter
• Nancy Priscilla (1863-1882)
• David Silvester (1866-1869)
• Robert Bruce (1869-1950) married Mary Elizabeth McCauley
• Dora May (1871-1960’s) married Mark Branstetter
• William Franklin (1872-1876)
• Sarah Catherine (1874-1875)
• Georgie (1877-1878)

David’s family had lived in Decatur County, Indiana, for nine years before David was born. They left the state about 1838 for Knox County, Missouri. David’s widow and children moved to Payne County, Oklahoma, in the early 1890’s. David and his four brothers were farmers in Knox County, Missouri.

On 29 February 1864, David enlisted in Company E, 21st Missouri Infantry, as a Union soldier. On 25 February 1866, it was said that he deserted at Mobile, Alabama. An act of Congress on 5 July 1884 removed the charge of desertion and gave him an official discharge. David contacted tuberculosis while in the service, but did not die from it until 1878. Six of his ten children also died of tuberculosis.

The marriage between David’s son James and Maggie was a second marriage for both of them; her first husband was Hubert Edward Jurney.

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Achelus Shedrick Key

Achelus Shedrick Key
b. 18 January 1842, Surry County, North Carolina, to William S. and Lydia D. (Jones) Key
d. 13 June 1930, Sharpsburg, Taylor County, Iowa

m/1. 31 December 1862, Surry County, North Carolina
Martha Ellen Whittaker
d. Indiana

m/2. 1 November 1868, Jasper County, Indiana
Mary Grubb
b. 19 November 1846, Jefferson County, Virginia, to Adam and Elizabeth (Mercer) Grubb
d. 19 February 1901, Grove Township, Taylor County, Iowa

m/3. 22 September 1901
Sarah Ellen Coe
b. 3 September 1873, North Carolina
d. 21 July 1969, Taylor County, Iowa

Children with Martha Ellen Whittaker:
• Samuel Jefferson (1865-1924) married Rose L. Gaudard
• James Lewis (ca. 1867-1961) married Blanche Davis

Children with Mary Grubb:
• Eliza Ellen (1870-1918) married John Wattie Campbell
• Cora Lee (b. 1872) married Elmer McLaughlin
• John Orman (1874-1957) married Goldie Cook
• Charles Lee William (1879-ca. 1950) married Ida Bell Crowe
• William (b. aft. 1880)
• Oscar Henry (1883-1967) married Ethel Mae Strum
• Rosa Edith (1885-1934) married Jerry Wilson

Children with Sarah Ellen Coe:
• Roxa Viola (1902-1961)
• Lloyd Amond (b. 1903) married Edna Weese
• Eunice May (b. 1905) married James A. Eller
• Lydia DeBose (b. 1907) married Russell Reynolds
• Bessie Maciel (1908-1944) married Elwin Brown
• Hollis Cecil (1910-1910)
• Hattie Dell (b. 1911) married Asa Tackett
• Royal Jackson (1914-1917)
• Lula Tessie (1917-1917)
• Dora Jessie (1917-1918)
• Mary Lessie (b. 1917) married William Terry

A. S. Key was a Confederate soldier in Company H, 11th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry (volunteers) from June 1861 for twelve months. He was wounded as part of Jackson’s campaign of the Shenandoah Valley on 25 May 1862. In June 1862, he was reported as being “absent without leave.”

Six months later her married his first wife. The couple most likely moved to Indiana between the births of their two sons, probably because of the harsh conditions in North Carolina after the war. Martha died, leaving him with two young children. While it is not known exactly when they came to Indiana, they left Jasper County in 1869.

He married Mary in Jasper County and their first child was born in Peoria, Illinois, where Mary also had family. By 1880, the family was in Grove Township, Taylor County, Iowa.

By the end of his life, A. S. had married three times and had twenty children, the last three being triplets. His name has also been spelled Achillus Sherdrick Key.

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John Wesley Davis

John Wesley Davis
b. 14 October 1838, Wayne County, Indiana, to Moses and Elizabeth (Potter) Davis
d. 11 August 1907, Pardeeville, Columbia County, Wisconsin

m. 16 March 1866, Columbia County, Wisconsin
Zelnora French
b. 4 July 1843, Bloomfield, Vermont
d. 15 February 1931, Pardeeville, Columbia County, Wisconsin

Children with Zelnora French:

  • Myron
  • Ella married [–?–] Albee
  • Alfred
  • Arthur
  • William
  • Minnie married [–?–] Simpson

John lived in Wayne County and Wayne Township in Bartholomew County, Indiana, before emigrating in 1850 to central Wisconsin with his recently widowed mother and two younger siblings. He was a member of the Fifth Wisconsin Regiment in the Civil War.

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Francis Patrick Carr

Francis Patrick Carr
b. 12 January 1907, Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana, to Patrick J. and Blanche Eve (Record) Carr
d. 26 January 1980, Houston, Texas

m/1. 30 November 1930, Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana
Madge A. Oden
b. 24 May 1912 Miami County, Indiana, to Walter and Margaret Maude (David) Oden
d. 25 November 1986, Fulton County Indiana

m/2. 21 May 1954
Effie Lee Newton

Children with Madge A. Oden:

  • Patricia Armilda “Patsy” (b. 1931)
  • Mary Catherine (b. 1934)
  • Johannah Kay (b. 1939)

Francis Carr’s father, Patrick Joseph Carr, was born in Ireland and came to Kokomo, Indiana, from Trenton, New Jersey, in the late 1800’s to open the Great Western Pottery and later the Kokomo Sanitary Pottery. He came as the kiln man boss. He married Blanche E. Record in 1905, and they had two children Francis and Agnes.

Francis was educated in public and parochial schools of Kokomo, Indiana, and graduated from Jasper College/Academy in Jasper, Indiana, in 1925. After graduating, he worked at the Hoosier Iron Works. There he became associated with the International iron Moulders of North America. In 1929 he was employed by the Continental Steel Corporation. He was an active organizer of the Steel Workers of Kokomo and ran for City Councilman in 1938.

He moved his family to Houston Texas sometime around 1942 and was employed by the Sheffield Steel Company. He returned to Kokomo, Indiana, around 1947 because his wife was unhappy. He divorced in 1948 and moved in with his mother Blanche and sister Agnes, working as a waiter at Ko-San Luncheon which was owned by his mother. He returned to Houston Texas sometime after 1950 and worked as a guard for a security company. He married Effie Lee Newton on May 21, 1954. They had no children. Around 1955 he was out of work again so he moved to Lafayette, Louisiana to work as a plant manager for a small manufacturing company. In 1957 the plant was downsized and he returned to Houston to look for employment but then went back to Lafayette to open a car wash financed by his mother Blanche. The car wash was unsuccessful and after it closed, he and Effie moved to Arizona briefly. He eventually moved back to Houston where he took a job as a security field director until his death on January 26, 1980. He is buried in Forest Park Lawndale Cemetery.

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Abram Lincoln Burkman

b. August 1854, Decatur County, Indiana, to Daniel and Sabrina (Davis) Burkman
d. 3 January 1939, McKinzie, Carroll County, Tennessee

m. 14 September 1890, Decatur County, Indiana
Mary Kathren Evans
b. June 1868, Illinois, to Joseph and Mary J. (Lawson) Evans
d. 30 April 1930, McKenzie, Carroll County, Tennessee

Children with Mary Kathren Evans:

  • Herbert Cecil (1891-1970) married (1) Lallie McNeil, (2) Maude McCoy Martin
  • Harry (1892-1976)
  • Eldo James (1893-1959)
  • William Earl (1894-1928) married Johnie Blanche Phelps
  • Mable Claire (1896-1975) married Lucian L. Carroll
  • Nettie (1899-1899)
  • Bethel Elizabeth (1903-1981)

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Gilbert Lafayette Burch

b. 14 September 1845, Monroe County, Indiana, to Henry and Rebecca Linzey (Gentry) Burch
d. 23 June 1898, Cottage Grove, Lane County, Oregon

m. 19 December 1856, Monroe County, Indiana
Nancy Ferguson
b. 11 February 1843, Indiana, to Augustin S. and Nancy S. (Foddrill) Ferguson
d. 6 October 1926, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon

Children with Nancy Ferguson:

  • Ida Gertrude (1870-1947) married Chester A. Davis
  • Henderson Roscoe (b. 1872)
  • Orin E. (b. 1876) married Miss Knox

The family moved from Clear Creek Township, Monroe County, Indiana, to Cottage Grove, Oregon, around 1890. They went by train and took a pump organ along with the rest of their belongings. Ida and Chester Davis owned a theater in Cottage Grove, Oregon, where the pump organ was used for shows and dances at Davis Hall. After Gilbert’s death, the rest of the family moved to Portland, Oregon, around 1910. Gilbert was a farmer and active in the Masonic Order.

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Joseph C Lewis

Joseph C Lewis
b. 1810, Canada

m. 3 March 1833, Carroll County, Indiana
Azzuba Munn
b. 1811, Ohio, probably to David and Tabitha (Frizell) Munn
d. before 1870

Children with Azzuba Munn:

  • Mercy Monba (b. 1833) married Daniel P. Bugher
  • Augusta (b. ca. 1834)
  • Emily (b. ca. 1840) married [–?–] Anderson
  • William (b. 1842)
  • JoAnn (b. ca. 1844)
  • Miron/Morris (b. ca. 1846)
  • Samuel E. (b. ca. 1848) married Isabel Davis
  • Juliann (b. 1850)
  • David (b. ca. 1853) married Isabel David
  • Alice (b. ca. 1857) married Francis M. Barron

Joseph lived in two Indiana counties, Carroll and Parke. He emigrated from Indiana in 1833 to Michigan, and moved by 1840 to the area that became Kendall County, Illinois, in 1841.

Joseph was a cooper while living at Oswego Township, Kendall County, Illinois. After her husband’s death, Azzuba returned to Indiana, where she is found in Parke County in the 1870 and 1880 censuses along with some of their children.

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