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David Clinton Moore

David Clinton Moore
b. 10 July 1847, Howard Township, Parke County, Indiana, to John S. and Barbara A. (Lowe/Lough) Moore
d. 2 June 1919, Fort Dodge (Dodge City), Kansas

m. 14 April 1872, Danville, Illinois
Charlotte E. Johns
b. 26 March 1849, Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana
d. 2 August 1929, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas

Children with Charlotte E. Johns:
• Emma Norah (1872/73-1872)
• Ella Zora (1874-1913) married George Reynolds
• Thomas Clinton (1877-1949)
• Fred David (1883-1930/1931)

In 1862, David moved to Cain Township, Fountain County, and by 1889 he was living in Chicago. David was in the 116th Regiment, Company C, Indiana Volunteers during the Civil War. He was a member of GAR in Fort Dodge and Topeka, Kansas.

Submitted by:
Patricia Moore Althaus
Johnson City TX

Mathew Maddox

Mathew Maddox
b. 15 April 1828, Letcher County, Kentucky, to Matthew and Dicy (Guinn) Maddox
d. 19 July 1908, Concordia, Cloud County, Kansas

m. 1 September 1850, Covington Township, Fountain County, Indiana
Martha Jane “Jenny” Henderson
b. 4 September 1833, Covington Township, Fountain County, Indiana, to Jacob and Hannah (Booth) Henderson
d. 31 January 1911, Concordia, Cloud County, Kansas

Children with Martha Jane Henderson:
• Milton M. (1851-1939) married Lucinda Bell
• Nelson J. (1853-1926) married Nancy Jane Shrader
• John (1854-1863)
• William L. (1858-1895) married Neita L. Barcelo

Mathew came to Indiana from Mason County, Kentucky, in 1832 and lived in Troy Township, Fountain County, until emigrating to Iowa in 1852.

Submitted by:
Patricia Little Maddox
Alexandria VA

Jacob B. Henderson

Jacob B. Henderson
b. 30 March 1812, Franklin County, Indiana, to William and Martha Henderson
d. 9 September 1886, Cedar Township, Monroe County, Iowa

m. 9 August 1832, Fountain County, Indiana
Hannah Bailey Booth(e)
b. 10 August 1814, Readyville, Rutherford County, Tennessee, to Nathan and Mary (Wallis/Wallace) Booth
d. 12 September 1907, Lushton, York County, Nebraska

Children with Hannah Bailey Booth(e):
• Martha J. (1833-1911) married Matthew Maddox
• Nathan G. (1836-1881) married (1) Elizabeth Cline, (2) Harriet [–?–]
• William (1838-1839)
• John R. (1840-1860)
• James Thomas (1843-1872) married Klingen Smith
• David (1846-1924) married Elizabeth Purcell
• Mary E. (1848-1928) married Robert Anderson
• Adaline (1851-1868) married Charles Wesley Booth
• Anna Olive (1855-1938) married (1) Barzella Nelson Spar Etcher, (2) Orlan Thomas Wood, (3) Robert N. Stall
• Josephine Fern (1857-1917) married William Sanford Mart

Jacob was a farmer and a pastor of the United Brethren Church. He lived in Covington and Troy townships of Fountain County, Indiana, before emigrating to Fulton County, Illinois, in 1854.

Submitted by:
Patricia Little Maddox
Alexandria VA

Irvin Wesley Dodge

Irvin Wesley Dodge
b. 4 September 1872, Fountain County, Indiana
d. 20 April 1916, Lyndon, Osage County, Kansas

m/1. 1898, Nortonville, Kansas
Kate Sloop
d. January 1910, Lyndon, Osage County, Kansas

m/2. December 1910
Emma Miller

Children with Kate Sloop:
• Clayton
• Duane
• Irene
• Wilmer

Children with Emma Miller:
• Ernest
• Leona
• Anna

Irvin lived in Fountain County, Indiana, until he left the state in 1882.

Submitted by:
Dr. Eric C. Stumpf
Burr Ridge IL

George Washington Cain

b. 19 January 1843, Fountain County, Indiana, to John and Elvira Cain
d. 14 March 1920, Sayre, Beckham County, Oklahoma

m. 18 January 1866, Fountain County, Indiana
Anna Logsdon
b. 11 March 1845, Holmes County, Ohio
d. 24 January 1925, Sayre, Beckham County, Oklahoma

Children with Anna Logsdon:

  • John Francis Newton
  • Charles Samuel
  • Joe Andrew
  • George E.
  • Ralph O.
  • Burty
  • Florence
  • Nancy Elizabeth
  • Mattie P.
  • Robert L.

George lived in Fountain County and in Lafayette in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, before leaving between 1870 and 1872.

Submitted by:
Carol Cain Headley
Greenwood MO

John Cain

b. 1805, Warren County, Ohio, to Abijah and Martha Cain
d. 18 September 1870, Garnett, Anderson County, Kansas

m/1. 24 May 1827, Fountain County, Indiana
Elvira Cain
b. 13 March 1809, Ohio
d. 28 August 1855, Hillsboro, Fountain County, Indiana

Pernina [–?–]

Children with Elvira Cain:

  • Kesiah E.
  • America J.
  • George W.
  • Mary I.
  • Martha

John came to Fountain County in 1828-1834 and left in 1871-1872.

Submitted by:
Carol Cain Headley
Greenwood MO

Lewis Sowers

Lewis Sowers
b. 18 May 1818, Lexington, Rowan County, North Carolina, to Valentine and Eva Marie (Derr) Sowers
d. 11 February 1897, Colby, Kansas

m. 5 July 1838, North Carolina
Susannah Sink
b. 1819, Rowan County, North Carolina
d. 10 February 1863, Page County, Iowa

Children with Susannah Sink:

  • Anna
  • Jane
  • Hamilton
  • Elmine
  • William Harrison
  • Mary
  • Martha
  • Eve
  • George (b. 1863)

Lewis emigrated from Fountain County, Indiana, in 1859 to Buchanan Township, Page County, Iowa. Lewis’ son, George, was seven days old when Susannah died.

Lewis was small in stature, quick, active and strong. At almost 70, he journeyed west by covered wagon to Thomas County, Kansas, hoping to grow wheat extensively. Drought and grasshoppers took his crops seven out of ten years. He didn’t make enough money from his crops to pay for the seed. The strain was too much for him, and he died of heart failure in 1897.

Submitted by:
Karen Zach
Waveland IN

Wilson Bailey Riley

Wilson Bailey Riley
b. 30 January 1840, Hillsboro, Fountain County, Indiana, to James and Charity (Brown) Riley
d. 24 August 1920, Orting, Pierce County, Washington

m. 2 August 1865, Steam Corners, Fountain County, Indiana
Martha Elizabeth Jones
b. 25 July 1839, Indiana
d. 24 August 1915, Renton, King County, Washington

Children with Martha Elizabeth Jones:

  • William
  • Sherman
  • Elvessa Charity
  • David S.
  • Walter O.
  • Gaylord Finley
  • Carl Tinsley

Wilson moved from Wabash Township, Fountain County, Indiana, to Houston Township, Smith County, Kansas, in 1877.

Submitted by:
Linda Riley Diemert
Auburn WA

Sarah Elizabeth Livengood

Sarah Elizabeth Livengood
b. 4 August 1847, Jackson Township, Fountain County, Indiana, to Elias and Barbara (Star’ness) Livengood
d. 17 December 1932, Crescent, Logan County, Oklahoma

m. 12 February 1867, Hardin County, Iowa
William Riley Ballard
b. 2 September 1832, New York
d. 5 June 1910, Arkansas City, Cowley County, Kansas

Children with William Riley Ballard:

  • Carrie Evenaline
  • William Elias
  • Cora Isadine
  • Minnie Melvina

Sarah emigrated about 1855 from Fountain County, Indiana, to Hardin County, Iowa.

Submitted by:
JoAnn Wilkerson
Lenexa KS

John Huff Dunkin

John Huff Dunkin
b. 20 January 1800, Pennsylvania, to Hercules and Sarah (Hough) Dunkin
d. 5 May 1875, Marion County, Iowa

m. 17 September 1842, Fountain County, Indiana
Elizabeth Sargent
b. 10 July 1817, Champaign County, Ohio, to George and Abigail (Rhodes) Sargent
d. 3 August 1890, Marion County, Iowa

Children with Elizabeth Sargent:

  • Sarah Jane (1843–1931) married William Williams
  • Amos Ross (1847–1924) married Etheline Barnett
  • Lucinda A. (1850–1933) married Christopher C. Sharon
  • John Sargent (1852–1910)

Submitted by:
Iris E. Grimmett
Sweet Home OR