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Cora Mae Davidson

Cora Mae Davidson
b. 12 May 1861, Brownsburg, Hendricks County, Indiana, to James/John and Rebecca (Avery) Davidson
d. 27 December 1947, Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio

m. 8 April 1883, Hendricks County, Indiana
Silas Patterson
b. 15 April 1859, Hendricks County, Indiana, to John K. Y. and Arie Ann (Shockley) Patterson
d. 8 June 1917, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana

Children with Silas Patterson:
• Ralph (1884-1884)
• infant female (1885-1885)
• Bessie Rebecca (1887-aft. 1947) married Harry Franklin Reynolds
• Herman Clair (1880-1925) married Klora Mae Kirkendall
• Lula Verner (1890-1918) married Thomas Arthur Griggs
• Eva F. (1892-1978) married Wilbur Tedrow Kilbourne
• Wallace E. (1900-1982) married Cecelia [–?–]

The family farmed in Brownsburg, Hendricks County, Indiana, until 1907, when they moved to Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana, to work in the factories. In 1917, Cora’s husband died when he was cutting trees and fell to the sidewalk, hitting his head. Shortly after that, she and her four surviving children moved to Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.

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Meredith Thompson
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James Henry Patterson

James Henry Patterson
b. 27 September 1839, Brownsburg, Hendricks County, Indiana, to John K. and Arie Ann (Shockley) Patterson
d. 29 December 1897, Craig, Burt County, Nebraska

m. 7 November 1861, Hendricks County, Indiana
America Smith
b. 16 March 1840, Brownsburg, Hendricks County, Indiana
d. 12 September 1925, Craig, Burt County, Nebraska

Children with America Smith:
• Eva (1863-1883)
• Flora (1864-1941)
• Erastus Alexander (1867-1949) married Vina Ernst
• Wesley (1869-1872)
• Everett (b. 1872) married Hattie Pond
• Harley (1874-1970) married Martha Balzer
• Susan Lillian (1878-1905) married Charles W. Sackett
• Bert (1880-1922)
• Virgil James (1884-1962) married Ruth Monson Pearson

The family left the state in 1883 shortly after the death of Eva. They followed James’ niece and her family, who had moved to Nebraska in the 1880’s.

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Meredith Thompson
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Levi Fleming Lankford

Levi Fleming Lankford
b. 19 June 1850, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, to John C. and Emily (Ungles) Lankford
d. 14 February 1923, Phelps County, Missouri

m. 4 December 1873, Phelps County, Missouri
Lucy Ann Patterson
b. 4 November 1854
d. 17 March 1894, Macon County, Missouri

Children with Lucy Ann Patterson:
• Mary Ellen (1876-1896)
• Charley W. (1879-1923)
• John Wilfred (1881-1960)
• Emily L. (1883-1900)
• Minnie Alice (1885-1963)
• Elizabeth Pearl (1891-1974)

Levi left Indiana before 1870 from Hendricks County.

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Jean Lankford Powers
Northglenn CO

James M Dawson

James M Dawson
b. 5 April 1832, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, to Matthias and Nancy (McIlvain) Dawson
d. 1 June 1904, Ames, Cloud County, Kansas

m. 15 May 1856, Union County, Indiana
Sarah Margaret Laflin
b. 28 June 1840, Connersville, Fayette County, Indiana, to William and Mary (Tevis) Laflin
d. 21 April 1918, Clyde, Cloud County, Kansas

Children with Sarah Margaret Laflin:

  • Ella Francis (1859-1876) married Lee Means
  • Elmer Morton (1863-1936) married Ella Query
  • Georgia Ann (1865-1891) married Will Patterson
  • Clara Alice (1867-1899) married Grant Frederick
  • Lucilla (1869-1915) married George Headley
  • Sarah Cyntha (1874-1875)
  • James Arthur (1886-1973) married Alice Waunita Inman

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Cyrus Olney Patterson

Cyrus Olney Patterson
b. 25 September 1878, Brownsburg, Hendricks County, Indiana, to Francis M. and Louisa Jane (White) Patterson
d. 17 April 1940, Daly City, San Mateo County, California

m/1. 5 April 1911, Marion County, Indiana
Cuba Marie Almond
b. 1888, to Harland and Viola (Osborn) Almond

m/2. about 1921, probably Denver, Colorado
Genevieve [–?–]
b. about 1891, Iowa
d. after 1940

Children with Cuba Marie Almond:

  • Lowell (1911-1985)

Children with Genevieve [–?–]:

  • Stephen (b. ca. 1929)

Olney grew up outside of Brownsburg, Hendricks County, Indiana, and graduated from Brownsburg High School in 1898. Shortly after marrying in 1911, he left Indiana and moved to Denver, Colorado, where his son Lowell was soon born. After they divorced, his ex-wife raised Lowell until he was a teenager, then he went to live with his father. Between 1930 and 1940, Olney left Denver and moved to San Francisco, California.

Olney worked for a telephone company in Plainfield, Indiana, and when he moved west, he was a superintendent for Western Union Telegraph Company.

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Meredith Thompson
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Erastus Alexander Patterson

Erastus Alexander Patterson
b. 9 February 1867, Hendricks County, Indiana, to James Henry (1839-1897) and America (Smith) (1840-1925) Patterson
d. 18 March 1949, Stillwater, Payne County, Oklahoma

m. 1 March 1893, Alder Grove, Burt County, Nebraska
Vina Ernst
b. February 1870, Iowa, to William Ernst
d. 1930-1949, probably Pay County, Oklahoma

Children with Vina Ernst:

  • John H. “Johnnie” (1894-aft. 1949)
  • Irving (1895-aft. 1920)
  • Elsie (1897-aft. 1910)
  • Jessie or Thressa (1899-aft. 1910)
  • Edith (abt. 1901-aft. 1920
  • Alma (abt. 1904-aft 1920)
  • Edna (abt. 1907-aft. 1920)

Erastus grew up outside Brownsburg, Hendricks County, Indiana. His parents left Indiana shortly after their daughter Eva died in 1883, and they settled their family near Craig, Burt County, Nebraska. Burt County became home to several other Hendricks County families, including that of Erastus’ cousin, Annie (Tharp) McDonald. Shortly after 1900, Erastus moved his wife and children south, to Payne County, Oklahoma.

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Meredith Thompson
Avon IN
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Lawrence Patterson

Lawrence Patterson
b. 11 July 1896, Lincoln Township, Hendricks County, Indiana, to William Everett (1853-1919) and Mary Ann (Lowder) (1854-1942) Patterson
d. 13 December 1973, Coral Gables, Dade County, Florida

m. 10 June 1940, Hendricks County, Indiana
Katherine Elizabeth “Kate” Davies
b. 1905, Manhattan, Riley County, Kansas, to Edwin James and Katie Martha (Hibner) Davies

Lawrence was a resident of Brownsburg, Hendricks County, Indiana. He graduated from high school in 1914 and studied agriculture at Purdue University, but he left during his senior year (1916-17) to join the Army. He was assigned to the 8th U.S. Cavalry and served in Mexico in World War I. He was a career Army officer and retired after World War II as a colonel. During his service, he was stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas, and Monterey, California.

Lawrence and Katherine had no children and their marriage ended in divorce. He left Indiana and moved to Florida in 1964.

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Meredith Thompson
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Laura Phillips

Laura Phillips
b. 9 September 1879, Shelburn, Sullivan County, Indiana, to Thomas Walter and Alice Ann (Coker) Phillips
d. 24 August 1956, Salem, Polk County, Oregon

m/1. 30 September 1899, Sullivan County, Indiana
Joseph Davison

m/2. 12 December 1901, Lyford, Parke County, Indiana
Preston Calvert Bugher
b. 4 July 1871, Delphi, Carroll County, Indiana, to Daniel P. and Mercy Monba (Lewis) Bugher
d. 21 August 1911, Salem, Marion County, Oregon

m/3. 1 December 1915, Salem, Marion County, Oregon
J. M. Martin

Children with Preston Calvert Bugher:

  • Hazel (1902-1986) married Marion Charles Andresen
  • Walter C. (b. 1908) married Pearl M. Patterson

Laura resided in Sullivan and Parke counties, Indiana. She emigrated from Indiana in 1907 to Keltner, Texas County, Oklahoma, and then, moved about 1909 to Salem, Marion County, Oregon.

Both her first and third marriages were dissolved.

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Mary Alice Janis
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Thomas McDonald Patterson

Thomas McDonald Patterson
b. about 1839
d. 23 July 1916

m. Montgomery County, Indiana
Katherine Grafton
b. West Virginia

Thomas Patterson lived in Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana, and attended Asbury College and Wabash College. He moved to the Denver, Colorado, area in 1872. He had primary responsibility for the enabling act that brought Colorado statehood. He was the first Democrat from Colorado in the House of Representatives and was later a Senator.

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Gretel Smith
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Chief William Anderson

b. 1750-60, Ohio or Pennsylvania, to a Delaware Indian and a white trader named Anderson
d. October 1831, Kansas

m. about 1780 the widow of Twee Hul Lah Lah, who was the sister of Captain Patterson
d. after 1784


  • Se So Cum (bef. 1780-1825)
  • Me King Ees (aft. 1780-ca. 1862)
  • Sar Cox Le (1784-ca. 1886)

The family came to Anderson’s Town on the White River in Madison County about 1798. They left in 1820. The tribe was first moved to Missouri, then Kansas, then later to Oklahoma. Se So Cum was killed in Arkansas by Osage Indians while on a hunting party. Anderson, a Chief of the Delaware, died just a year after the tribe moved from Missouri to Kansas.

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Marion G. Harcourt
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