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William “Henderson” Lewelling

William “Henderson” Lewelling
b. 23 April 1809/10, Randolph County, North Carolina, to Meshach (1787-1840) and Jane (1789-1835) (Brookshire) Lewelling
d. 28 December 1878, San Jose, Alameda County, California

m/1. 30 December 1830, Henry County, Indiana
Jane Elizabeth Presnall
b. 8 April 1815, Randolph County, North Carolina, to John and Hannah (Littler) Presnall
d. 7 March 1851, Milwaukie, Clackamas County, Oregon

m/2. 27 June 1851
Phoebe Eddy Grimes



Children with Jane Elizabeth Presnall:
• Alfred William (1831-1904) married Mary Elizabeth Campbell
• Mary (1833-1850) married William Meek
• Asenath (1834-1875) married John Bozarth
• Rachel “Hattie” (1837-1917/19) married (1) Seth Eddy, (2) Henry Charles Wilson
• Jane Harriet (1839-1872) married Henry Welch Eddy
• Hannah (1841-1917) married (1) Walter Wood, (2) William Bradbury, (3) Col. A. P. Hawes
• Levi (1843-1877) married Emma Eaton
• Albert (1845-1883) married Mary Gardener
• Oregon Columbia (1847-1912) married Emily Jane Norris
• Eliza Anne (1849-aft. 1925) married Isaac Wood

Henderson came to Indiana in 1822 with his father. He was in the nursery business with his brother John while in Indiana. He moved to near Salem, Iowa, by 1837 and opened a nursery there.

After reading of Lewis and Clark’s adventures, he was determined to leave Iowa. In 1847, he took his cargo of living trees across the plains and over the Rocky Mountains to the Willamette Valley, the first cultivated or grafted fruit to reach the Pacific Northwest.

Submitted by:
Jacqueline Frank Strickland
Rockwall TX

Seth Lewelling

Seth Lewelling
b. 6 March 1820, Randolph County, North Carolina, to Meshach and Jane (Brookshire) Lewelling
d. 20 February 1896, Milwaukie, Clackamus County, Oregon

Clarissa Hosier
b. 26 March 1826, New Castle, Henry County, Indiana

m/2. 1884, Salem, Oregon
Sophronia Vaughn Olson

Children with Clarissa Hosier:
• Elva married W. J. Bradbury
• Alice (b. ca. 1850-1862)
• Adelaide/Adeline married James Dale Smith
• William Anton (1854-1879) Mary Harlan

Children with Sophronia Vaughn Olson:
• Don Vaughn (b. 1888)

Seth was a Quaker and in the nursery business. He lived in North Carolina, Indiana, and Iowa before ending up in Oregon.

Submitted by:
Jacqueline Frank Strickland
Rockwall TX

William Townsend

William Townsend
b. 5 May 1809, Indiana or Kentucky, to Moses and Abigail (Matthews) Townsend
d. 19 January 1878, Bedford, Taylor County, Iowa

m. 15 October 1829, Harrison County, Indiana
Christena Boyer
b. 1 May 1811, Kentucky
d. 25 June 1907, Bedford, Taylor County, Iowa

Children with Christena Boyer:

  • James (1830-1915) married Mary Ellen Hicks
  • Julia Ann (1832-1888) married Norris Herbert
  • John (1833-1912) married Mary Ellen Davis
  • George (1834-1837 or 1843)
  • Mary Jane (1838-1915) married (1) William A. Stine, (2) [–?–] Leathers
  • William Thomas (1840-1853)
  • Elizabeth (1842-1843)
  • Joseph Boyer (1843-1923) married (1) Isabel Bradbury, (2) Mary Boatman Martin
  • Clark (1846-1853)
  • Henry (1847-1933) married Sarah Delilah Bazter
  • Alexander M. (1849-1906) married (1) Catherine Lowe, (2) Mary Elizabeth Dwyer
  • Matilda Eveline (1852-1932) married Isaac Herbert

William immigrated from Indiana to Illinois in 1852; later he moved to Bedford, Taylor County, Iowa. William was a farmer, broom maker, and basket weaver.

Submitted by:
Ruth Townsend
Sheridan WY