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George Boxley McClelland

George Boxley McClelland
birth: 21 Oct 1874 in Clinton County, Indiana to John Newton McClelland and Eliza Tudor
death: 27 July 1936, Logansport, Cass County, Indiana
burial: Longcliffe Cemetery, Logansport, Cass County, Indiana

marriage: 21 Oct 1895 in Crawford County, Kansas
Anna Lydia Kennedy
birth: 14 Sep 1877 in McDonough County, Illinois to John Alonzo Kennedy and Minerva Arlette Kaiser
death: 15 Dec 1960 in Girard, Crawford County, Kansas
burial: Girard Cemetery, Girard, Crawford County, Kansas

Children of Anna Lydia Kennedy and George Boxley McClelland:

  • Walter Ray McClelland, b. 1896, d. 1960 wife: Florence Evaleen Bennett No children from 2nd marriage.

Ancestor here lived in:

  • Clinton County, IN, 1874 to 1885
  • Logansport, Cass County, IN, 1917 to 1936

Other Information:

Lived in Crawford County, KS 1885 to 1917. Divorced from 1st wife in 1900, Crawford County, KS. married 2nd wife, 21 Jul 1928, Cass County, IN, Roxie Mae Prophet, widow of William Riley Shaw, she was born, 10 Mar 1888 in Howard County, IN, died 19 May 1965 in Logansport, Cass County, IN, her parents were Alvin Prophet and Mary Ellen Myers.

Submitted by:
Mary E McClelland
Email: marymac1962@ckt.net

John Dellinger

John Dellinger
birth: 24 June 1784, Lincoln County, North Carolina to John and Barbara (Whitener) Dellinger
death: Between 31 Oct 1840 – 8 Feb 1841 at Clark County, Indiana

marriage: 8 Aug 1808 at Lincoln Co., N.C.
Elizabeth (Bollinger) Shuford
birth: c.1787 at Lincoln Co., N.C. to Heinrich and Mary Magdalene (Savits) Bollinger
death: After 1 June 1850, Clark Co., IN

Children of John Dellinger and Elizabeth (Bollinger) Shuford  :

  • (John’s stepdaughter) Susannah A. C. Perkins, b. 1804, d. after 1862, m. Alfred Spangler
  • (John’s stepdaughter) Mary “Polly” Shuford, b. 1806, d. 1871, m. Isaac Prather
  • Barbara Dellinger, b. c1809, d. after 1870, m. John Lutz
  • Sarah Dellinger, b. 1814, d. after 1870, m. Henry Fry
  • Elizabeth Dellinger, b. 1815, d. 1891, m. Albert Bennett
  • Jacob Dellinger, b. 1816, d. 1878, m. unmarried
  • John Dellinger, b. 1818, d. 1899, m. unmarried
  • Indiana Dellinger, b. c1820, d. after 1860, m. James Henry Whitsel
  • Sophia L. Dellinger, b. c1823, d. after 1900, m. Henry Spaulding
  • William Henry Dellinger, b. 1825, d. 1904, m. Claudine M. Clark

 John Dellinger Lived In:

  • 1784 – 1814 Lincoln County, North Carolina
  • 1814 until his death, John Dellinger lived on Lancassange Creek, Clark Co., Indiana. The area is present-day Utica Township.


Submitted by:
Kathy Gunter Sullivan
Email: sully1@carolina.rr.com

William Harry Hatter

William Harry Hatter
b. 3 August 1882, Delphi, Carroll County, Indiana, to William Riley and Annetta Roselpha (Stokes) Hatter
d. 11 April 1959, Union, Missouri

Gertrude Robinson

m/2. 26 December 1917, Starke County, Indiana
Bertha Rose Sudlow
b. 18 September 1889, Starke County, Indiana, to David Conklin Clapp and Ann E. (Hastings) Sudlow
d. 17 February 1969, Logansport, Cass County, Indiana

Ida Miriam Hight
b. 9 March 1924
d. 4 August 1944

Margaret [–?–]
d. 1962

Children with Gertrude Robinson:
• Walter Robinson (1909-1992) married (1) Edna Bennett, (2) Nina Holloway

Children with Bertha Rose Sudlow:
• Emma Rose (1919-2000) married Meredith Earl Lockridge
• Vida Louise (b. 1921) married James Walter Mondy
• Oliver Harry married Thelma Jean Bailey
• Roseltha married Raymond Leroy Halloway

Children with Ida Miriam Hight:
• Harry Lee (b. 1943)

William left Indiana in 1935. He lived in Arkansas, Arizona, Kansas, and California before moving to St. Louis, Missouri in 1940.

He was a paper mill worker, a farmer, a janitor, and a fireman. He was also a horse trader.

Submitted by:
Joan Cole
Odessa MO
E-mail: jmcole@iland.net

Edward D. Rushton

Edward D. Rushton
b. 1831, Hamilton County, Indiana, to George and Sarah (Needham) Rushton
d. Labette County, Kansas

m/1. 20 November 1852, Hamilton County, Indiana
Martha Devaney
b. 1838, Hamilton County, Indiana, to Abner and Martha Devaney
d. about 1872, Hamilton County, Indiana

m/2. 31 July 1872
Mary A. Titus
dv/2. 1877, Tipton County, Indiana

m/3. 10 July 1879, Tipton County, Indiana
Charlotte May

Children with Martha Devaney:
• John Justin (1855-1931) married Elizabeth Endicott
• Sarah (b. 1857) married Eli Martin
• Martha (b. 1859) married Alfred Bennett
• Eliza (b. 1862)
• Zeno (1865-1918) married Mary Harold
• Anna (b. 1867) married Charles Bole
• Edward (b. 1869)

Children with Mary A. Titus:
• Ida May (b. 1874)
• Grace (b. 1876)

Children with Charlotte May:
• Lovey (b. 1879)
• Cleveland (b. 1886)
• Charles (b. 1890)

Edward was a farmer, and he moved to Labette County, Kansas in about 1879. A brother, John Parker, had previously moved his family to Kansas as well.

Submitted by:
Rhonda Dunn
Nashville IN
E-mail: radunn1953@aol.com

Martha Murphy

Martha Murphy
b. 20 December 1794, Berkley County, Virginia, to James and Phoebe (Wallingford) Murphy
d. 22 December 1845, Jefferson County, Iowa

m. Kentucky
William Bennett
b. July 1781
d. 17 August 1831, Parke County, Indiana

Children with William Bennett:
• Mary Blue (d. in infancy)
• Hannah (1813-1814)
• Amy (b. 1814)
• John Saulter (b. 1817)
• David Blue (1820-1820)
• Calvin Asbury (b. 1822)
• Benjamin Reeder (b. 1825)
• Pressley Toler (b. 1827)
• Sarah (b. 1830)

Phoebe Wallingford, Martha’s mother, survived her husband James Murphy and married David Blue. Martha was raised as Martha Blue, but not being of that blood line, she is in the record of the blood line of Wallingford.

Submitted by:
Helene Nevins Fennessy
Corpus Christi TX

John M. Heidelmann

John M. Heidelmann
b. 1866, Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana, to John Theodore and Anna M. Heidelmann
d. April 1963, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

m. 21 June 1893, Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana
Rosa M. Zeyen
b. 1865, Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana
d. July 1940, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

Children with Rosa M. Zeyen:
• John W. (twin)
• Joseph (twin)
• Mary married [–?–] Quinliven
• Eugene
• Martha
• Anna
• Gertrude

Joseph and Martha died young. In the parents’ obituaries, the girls’ names were given as Mrs. Quinliven, Mrs. E. N. Darmoodey, and Mrs. C. F. Bennett.

They moved to Los Angeles, California, from Richmond, Indiana, after 1908.

Submitted by:
Barbara Wohlhueter
Bradenton FL

Alva Alaska McConnell

Alva Alaska McConnell
b. 26 October 1872, Monroe County, Indiana to Fletcher and Lucinda (Downey) McConnell
d. 26 October 1959, Bloomington, Monroe, Indiana
bur. Walkers Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery, Monroe County, Indiana

Alva Alaska McConnell

Alva Alaska McConnell

m/1. 26 June 1893, Lawrence County, Indiana
Edith E. Johnston
b. 14 June 1875, Monroe Countu, Indiana to Robert and Sarah A. (Bennett) Johnston
d. 16 August 1913, Monroe County, Indiana
bur. Walkers Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery, Monroe County, Indiana

Lurie Stipp

Children with Edith E. Johnston:

  • Eva (18941981) married James Daniel Boruff
  • Virgil E. (1897-1993) married Ruth M. Graves
  • Oliva (1902-1994) married Russell Loesch
  • Effie (1904-1998)
  • Christa L. (1911–1911)
  • Leola Ona (1912-1998) married Lester Moore

Children with Lurie Stipp:

  • Lou Ellen (b. 1919) married Mathew Kasten

Alva was born and raised in Indian Creek Township, Monroe County, Indiana. In 1893, he and his first wife, Edith E. Johnston, rode his horse to Bedford, Indiana to get married. He and Edith began their life together in Indian Creek Township. Years later, after Edith had died and he had remarried to Lurie Stipp, he purchased a farm in Pleasant Run Township in Lawrence County, Indiana. That farm was eventually sold and Alva moved to Bloomington, Indiana where he died in 1959.

Submitted by:
Mobie McCammon
Bloomington, IN
E-mail: m.mccommon@comcast.net

Louis Bernhard Tucker

Louis Bernhard Tucker(?)
b. 5 March 1868, Germany, to Louis and Amalia (Stauder) Wrede
d. 31 March 1945, Dallas, Texas

m. 20 April 1892, Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana
Emma Bennett
b. 8 November 1872, Cambridge City, Wayne County, Indiana
d. 19 October 1920, Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana

Children with Emma Bennett:

  • Pauline
  • Marie
  • Roland
  • Paul

Louis immigrated to Indiana from Germany in 1868 and then emigrated from Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana, to Dallas, Texas, in 1924.

Submitted by:
Sharon Wrede Jones
Richardson TX

John C. Ardery

b. 27 December 1822, Decatur County, Indiana, to James Ardery (1793-1853)
d. 30 June 1901, Odin, Marion County, Illinois

m/1. 26 December 1844, Decatur County, Indiana
Sarah Jane Donnell
b. 30 April 1823, to James and Elizabeth (Fisher)
d. 13 July 1864

m/2. 28 November 1867
Eliza Bennett
b. 26 May 1842, Warren County, New York
d. 26 September 1920, Salem, Marion County, Illinois

Children with Sarah Jane Donnell:

  • William L. (1846-1907) married Ann Phelps
  • Elizabeth Jane (1848-1916) married Gilbert B. Martin
  • Emma

Children with Eliza Bennett:

  • Junella (1874-1956) married Samuel Elisha Davidson (1863-1928)

The family lived in Greensburg, Decatur County, Indiana, before emigrating after 1864

Submitted by:
Marion G. Harcourt
Indianapolis IN

Abraham J Jordan

Abraham J Jordan
b. 12 September 1820, Manchester, Dearborn County, Indiana, to Abraham and Elizabeth (Miller) Jordan
d. 13 March 1897, Dewitt County, Illinois

m. 14 October 1841, Dearborn County, Indiana
Nancy Bennett
b. about 1822, Indiana
d. about 1856, Jennings County, Indiana

Children with Nancy Bennett:

  • Milo Paine (b. 1845)
  • Rebecca Jane (b. 1847)
  • Isabell (b. 1851)
  • Margaret (b. 1852)
  • Thomas Jefferson (b. 1855)

Abraham’s father emigrated from Cumberland County, Maine, to Manchester, Dearborn County, Indiana, about 1815-1816. Abraham resided in York, Dearborn County, Indiana, and Vernon, Jennings County, Indiana. He moved to Tunbridge, Dewitt County, Illinois, about 1865.

Submitted by:
Marilyn R. Jordan-Solari
Sonora CA
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