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William Wallace

William Wallace
birth: 22 Feb 1786 in Union Co., SC to John Wallace and Eleanor Morgan
death: 1 Feb 1835, Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN
burial: Old Bethel United Methodist Church Cemetery, Washington, Daviess Co., IN

marriage: 1808
Sarah Horrall
birth: 27 Nov 1791 in Union Co., SC to Willam Horrall and Priscilla Houghton
death: 5 Nov 1872, Washington, Daviess Co., IN

Children of William Wallace and Sarah Horrall:

  • William Wallace
  • John Ashbury Wallace, d. about 1847
  • Priscilla Houghton Wallace, b. 1809, m. Isaac Wright Hawkins
  • Eleanor Morgan Wallace, b. 1811, d. 1849
  • Harrison Wallace, b. 1813, d. 1850, m. H. Ellen Cummins
  • Nancy Mathilda Wallace, b. 1820, d. 1903, m. James Whittier Chapman
  • Thompson Wallace, b 1822, d. 1880, m. Elizabeth Anna Chapman
  • Morgan Woods Wallace, b. 1826, d. 1864, m. Clarinda Johnson
  • Samuel Armstrong Wallace, b. 1828, d. 1877, m. Anna Ellis

William Wallace Lived In:

  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • near Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana
  • Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana

Other Information:

William Wallace served in the Indiana General Assembly as state representative for the counties of Daviess and Marion in 1825, 1825–26, 1831–32, and 1832–33. He then served in the state senate during the 1833–34 and 1834–35 terms. He died while in office, having caught a deep cold from exposure while traveling to and from Indianapolis on horseback, and his term was completed by Henry Moore Shaw.

The submitter cites the following as a source of interesting information on the family-

“Part of the paper THE WALLACE FAMILY, REV. JOHN WALLACE, Soldier of the Revolution, Pioneer, and ‘Circuit Rider’ read by Josephine Chapman, D.A.R. Cor. Sec. 1906-7. A Charter member of White River Chapter D.A.R.”

Submitted by:
Dee Schlesser
Email: mama.dee@twc.com

Fred Horace Wallace

Fred Horace Wallace
b. 12 December 1867, Ada, Kent County, Michigan, to William and Jane Elizabeth (Green) Wallace
d. 1946, Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California

m. 31 March 1890, Ada, Kent County, Michigan
Veva Agusta Clark
b. 20 February 1871, Greenville, Montcalm County, Michigan, to Aruna Smith and Cynthia Selina (Austin) Clark
d. 1955, Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California

Children with Veva Agusta Clark:
• Farrand Almeron (1891-1967) married Adell Barthol
• Lee Clark (1893-1962) married (1) Dorothy Maebelle Kunze, (2) Ann Rebecca Margaret Rae Frost
• Lucia Jane (1898-1957) married William John Nadvornik
• Charles Henry (1911-1974) married (1) Evelyn Elizabeth Evans, (2) Dorothy Cole, (3) Ann Rebecca Margaret Rae Frost

Fred and Veva moved their family from Saranac, Ionia County, Michigan, sometime in 1910. They settled in Peru, Miami County, Indiana, where Fred opened a meat and grocery business. After losing everything in the flood of the Wabash and Ohio rivers that devastated the Wabash Valley, March 23-26, 1913, they moved back to Michigan where they remained.

Submitted by:
Dori Wegehaupt
New Baltimore MI
E-mail: doriweg@aol.com

John M. Wallace

John M. Wallace
b. 7 July 1827, near Volga, Jefferson County, Indiana, to John (1798-1866) and Elizabeth Sarah “Betsy” (1800-1854) (Giltner) Wallace
d. 14 October 1915, Moscow, Latah County, Idaho

m/1. 17 December 1846, Indiana
Minerva Ellen Duffy
b. to William R. and Malissa W. Duffy
d. 1853, Indiana

m/2. 21 September 1854, Jefferson County, Indiana
Retta Ann Lawler
b. 25 May 1833, Jefferson County, Indiana, to Ausborn (1804-1871) and Elizabeth Neal (1808-1885) (Westbrook) Lawler
d. 17 October 1915, Moscow, Latah County, Idaho

Children with Minerva Ellen Duffy:
• infant son (d. 1848)
• Mary F. (b. 1849) married Thomas P. Harbaugh
• William D. (b. 1852)
• John Samuel (b. 1853) married Eliza Sarah Geneva

Children with Retta Ann Lawler:
• Allen Hale (1859-1897) married Augusta Louise Zastrow
• Charles C. (1860-1894)
• James Lincoln (1862-1930)
• Anna Gevene (1865-1948)
• Artie Cordelia (1869-1950)
• Ednora (1872-1872)
• Jennie E. (1874-1962)

John Wallace was a millwright and he built mills in Keokuk County, Iowa; Norton County, Kansas; and Kendrick, Latah County, Idaho. He emigrated from Jefferson County, Indiana, about 1855.

Submitted by:
Connie Wallace Dawe
Arvada CO
E-mail: connie5337@juno.com

John Wallace

John Wallace
b. 4 May 1798, Iredell County, North Carolina, to John and Ruth (Barlow) Wallace
d. 26 August 1866, near Cottage Inn, Lafayette County, Wisconsin

m/1. 7 February 1823, Jefferson County, Indiana
Elizabeth Sarah “Betsy” Giltner
b. 31 March 1798, Bourbon County, Kentucky, to John Francis and Anne Elizabeth (Boyer) Giltner
d. 11 October 1854, near Volga, Jefferson County, Indiana

m/2. 12 April 1855, Lafayette County, Wisconsin
Eliza DeLong

Children with Elizabeth Sarah Giltner:
• Mary (1823-1850) married Richard Cox
• Okey (1825-1826)
• John (1827-1915) married (1) Minerva Ellen Duffy, (2) Retta Ann Lawler
• Elizabeth (b. 1829)
• Ben (1831-1867)
• James (b. 1834)
• Barnett (b. 1836)
• William (1839-1862)

Children with Eliza DeLong:
• Ada May (b. 1861)

John first bought land in Jefferson County, Indiana, in 1824; however, the first two children were born in Kentucky. The family lived in Jefferson County until about 1855.

Submitted by:
Connie Wallace Dawe
Arvada CO
E-mail: connie5337@juno.com

Retta Ann Lawler

Retta Ann Lawler
b. 25 May 1833, Jefferson County, Indiana, to Ausburn and Elizabeth Foly (Westbrook) Lawler
d. 17 October 1915, Moscow, Latah County, Idaho

m. 21 September 1854, Jefferson County, Indiana
John M. Wallace
b. 7 July 1827, near Volga, Jefferson County, Indiana, to John and Elizabeth Saray “Betsy” (Giltner) Wallace
d. 14 October 1915, Moscow, Latah County, Idaho

Children with John M. Wallace:
• Allen Hale (1859-1897) married Augusta Louise Zastrow
• Charles C. (1860-1894)
• James Lincoln (1862-1930)
• Anna Gevene (1865-1948)
• Artie Cordelia (1869-1950)
• Ednora (1872-1872)
• Jennie E. (1874-1962)

The family left Jefferson County, Indiana, about 1855. Retta’s husband was a millwright and built mills in Keokuk County, Iowa, several in Norton County, Kansas, and in Kendrick, Latah County, Idaho.

Submitted by:
Connie Wallace Dawe
Arvada CO
E-mail: connie5337@juno.com

Ausborn Lawler

Ausborn Lawler
b. about 1804, Virginia, to James Lawler
d. 1 October 1871, Liberty, Keokuk County, Iowa

m. 29 February 1830, Jefferson County, Indiana
Elizabeth Neill Foly
b. 9 September 1808, Georgia
d. 11 August 1885, South English, Keokuk County, Iowa

Children with Elizabeth Neill Foly:
• Mary J. (b. ca. 1831-bef. 1871)
• Retta Ann (1833-1915) married John Wallace
• Thomas J. (b. ca. 1835)
• Rebecca (b. ca. 1836)
• Sarah (b. ca. 1837)
• James H. (b. ca. 1839)
• Nancy (b. ca. 1841) married Lorenzo Slate
• Isabelle (b. ca. 1843)
• William H. (b. ca. 1844)
• John Levi (b. ca. 1849)
• Elizabeth (b. 1852)

Ausborn came to Jefferson County, Indiana, about 1820 and left the state between 1851 and 1859.

Submitted by:
Connie Wallace Dawe
Arvada CO
E-mail: connie5337@juno.com

Jacob B. Henderson

Jacob B. Henderson
b. 30 March 1812, Franklin County, Indiana, to William and Martha Henderson
d. 9 September 1886, Cedar Township, Monroe County, Iowa

m. 9 August 1832, Fountain County, Indiana
Hannah Bailey Booth(e)
b. 10 August 1814, Readyville, Rutherford County, Tennessee, to Nathan and Mary (Wallis/Wallace) Booth
d. 12 September 1907, Lushton, York County, Nebraska

Children with Hannah Bailey Booth(e):
• Martha J. (1833-1911) married Matthew Maddox
• Nathan G. (1836-1881) married (1) Elizabeth Cline, (2) Harriet [–?–]
• William (1838-1839)
• John R. (1840-1860)
• James Thomas (1843-1872) married Klingen Smith
• David (1846-1924) married Elizabeth Purcell
• Mary E. (1848-1928) married Robert Anderson
• Adaline (1851-1868) married Charles Wesley Booth
• Anna Olive (1855-1938) married (1) Barzella Nelson Spar Etcher, (2) Orlan Thomas Wood, (3) Robert N. Stall
• Josephine Fern (1857-1917) married William Sanford Mart

Jacob was a farmer and a pastor of the United Brethren Church. He lived in Covington and Troy townships of Fountain County, Indiana, before emigrating to Fulton County, Illinois, in 1854.

Submitted by:
Patricia Little Maddox
Alexandria VA
E-mail: ramseesmar@aol.com

Samuel R Grimes

Samuel R. Grimes
b. 18 September 1834, Elrod, Ripley County, Indiana, to John and Mary “Polly” (McDonald) Grimes
d. 28 December 1901, Vliets, Marshall County, Kansas

m. 9 February 1860, Lincolnville, Ripley County, Indiana
Catherine Ann Carrington
b. 30 April 1841, Benham, Ripley County, Indiana, to John Bennett and Maria (Chapin) Carrington
d. 29 February 1924, Vliets, Marshall County, Kansas

Children with Catherine Ann Carrington:
• Emily/Emma L. (1861-1927) married James Hervey (1854-1941) Connelley
• Nora B. (1863-1912) married Joseph H. Walker
• daughter (1864-1864)
• Mary Deborah (1865-1888) married Leonidas C. Wails
• Laura A. (1867-1941) married J. N. Banks
• Carrie A. (1871-1892) married Thomas L. Harper
• Dellie Elizabeth (1872-1952) married Charles Richard Wallace
• Robert C. (1882-1882)
• Paul W. (b. 1883)

Samuel was a teacher for twenty years. He was active in local affairs, being Assessor and Collector for Ripley County, Indiana, as well as holding other county offices. The family left Elrod, Ripley County, in 1855. In Marshall County, Kansas, he was Postmaster at Vliets and Weighmaster. Both of his grandfathers, James Grimes and Joseph McDonald, served in the Revolutionary War, as did his wife’s grandfather and great-grandfather.

Submitted by:
Don Connelley
Surprise AZ
E-mail: helenblue@att.net

Alfred Wallace Fletcher

Alfred Wallace Fletcher
b. 19 August 1850, Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana, to Alexander M. and Barshaba (Wallace) Fletcher
d. 15 September 1928, Downs, Pierce County, Washington

m. December 1879, Lonoke, Lonoke County, Arkansas
Mildred J. Boyd
b. 2 June 1862, Tipton County, Tennessee
d. 1 May 1942, Seattle, King County, Washington

Children with Mildred J. Boyd:
• John Lewis (b. 1887)
• Della E. (b. 1890)
• Ora (b. 1893)
• Harrison Blaine (b. 1895)
• George D. (b. 1898)
• Rose L. (b. 1901)
• Stella (b. 1903)

Afred emigrated from Knox County, Indiana, in 1880.

Submitted by:
Marion Fletcher Mitola
Cold Spring Harbor NY

Hall Jackson Wilkerson

Hall Jackson Wilkerson
b. 26 December 1860, Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee to John and Mary Ann (Branham) Wilkerson
d. 26 December 1934, Knightstown, Henry, Indiana
bur. Glen Cove Cemetery, Knightstown, Henry, Indiana

Hall Wilkerson and Martha Childress gravestone

Hall Wilkerson and Martha Childress gravestone

m/1. about May 1856, Tennessee
Cathrine [–?–]

m/2. 29 July 1904, Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee
Martha Florentha “Flora” Childress
b. 17 October 1880, Bearden, Knox, Tennessee, to Elisha Pharoh and Susannah Jane (Weaver) Childress
d. 27 February 1965, Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana
bur. Glen Cove Cemetery, Knightstown, Henry, Indiana

Martha Florentha Childress m/2.
Ira Lester Johnson
d. 5 May 1963, Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana

Children with Cathrine [–?–]:

  • John Michael Edward (1881-1916) married Cora May Swatzell
  • Rev. Rufus Hall (1882-1965) married Julia Privett
  • Charles (1889-1946) married Bertha Wallace
  • Laura/Larie Jane (1891-1921) married Carl O. Sharp

Children with Martha Florentha Childress:

  • Elmer (1906-1964) married Margaret Bell Slack
  • Zella Beatrice (1908-1992) married (1) Ophir Orlo Richison, (2) Delbert Albert Smith, (3) Forester Rosenbarger
  • Ethel Samantha (1912-2000) married Lyle Forrest Rozzell
  • Everett Elisha (1915-1968) married May Beatrice Michael

Hall Jackson and Flora moved to Indiana from Tennessee shortly after their marriage in 1904. He was about 20 years older than his new bride and had grown children just slightly younger than Martha. Several of the children from his first marriage moved to Indiana as well.

During the early years of their marriage Hall and Flora lived in Muncie and Progress in Delaware County, Indiana. Later they moved to Knightstown, Henry County, Indiana, and their children graduated from high school there.

While in Delaware County, Hall worked at the Kitselman Wire Mill, but when they moved to Henry County, some of his children remember him making home-made candies, apparently to sell. Flora took in washing and did housework for others to help support the family and continued doing such work to support herself after Hall’s death. Hall and Flora raised their children in a strict Baptist home, but Hall was also said to be a drinker. Flora did not remarry until many years after Hall’s death. She and her second husband lived in Indianapolis until Ira’s death just a couple of years before Flora’s. Ira was buried in Vincennes with his first wife and Flora is buried with Hall in Knightstown where they spent most of their years together.

Submitted by:
Shirley Richison Fields
Avon IN
E-mail: richison@me.com