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John Mullendore

John Mullendore
b. 23 July 1847, Bartholomew County, Indiana, to Clint and Tabitha (Brooks) Mullendore
d. July 1907, Howard, Elk County, Kansas

m. 22 August 1866, Franklin, Johnson County, Indiana
Mary Eusebia Robinson
b. 1848, Franklin, Johnson County, Indiana, to David D. and Sarah Elizabeth (Forsyth) Robinson
d. 1 November 1898, Howard, Elk County, Kansas

Children with Mary Eusebia Robinson:

  • Hallie (1867-1960) married (1) C. E. Tesh, (2) Oth Elliott
  • Eddie (1869-1870)
  • Erd (1871-1938) married Sarah Jane Berry
  • David (1873-1947) married Metta B. Killam
  • Jessie (1875-1876)
  • Harry (1877-1879)
  • Clarence (1879-1885)
  • Otto V. (b. 1881) married (1) Golda Cribley, (2) Josephine Hall
  • Claudie (1883-1886)
  • Clarice (1885-1886)
  • Ray (b. 1887) married Alma Glahn
  • Carl (1889-1922)
  • William Clinton (1892-1983) married Esther Andrews

John and Mary E. Mullendore emigrated from Franklin, Johnson County, Indiana, to Howard, Elk County, Kansas, in 1882.

John’s sons, Erd and David Mullendore, took part in the third Oklahoma land rush. Erd became an oilman, banker, and rancher, owning the famous Cross-Bell Ranch. David returned to Elk County, Kansas, where he served two terms in the Kansas legislature and became president of Production Credit Corporation.

John’s other sons also became prominent businessmen. Otto established a bank and owned a department store in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Ray became a banker first in Osage and later at Hominy, Oklahoma, where his brother Carl also was a banker. William Clinton served in the Food Relief Administration during World War I and as secretary to then Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover. Later William Clinton, an attorney, became president and CEO of Southern California Edison Company.

Submitted by:
Barbara Mullendore Calvert
Caldwell NJ

William James Bacon

b. 26 August 1877, Madison, Wayne County, Indiana, to James and Arrie (Brooks) Bacon
d. 5 November 1941, Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County,Michigan

m. 5 June 1898, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana
Elizabeth Weidig
b. 15 September 1875, Indianapolis, Marion County,Indiana
d. 16 October 1942, Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, Michigan

Children with Elizabeth Weidig:

  • Alfred
  • Ralph
  • Raymond
  • Carl
  • Iva
  • Edward
  • Robert

Only Carl and Iva survived.

William lived in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, until he left the state about 1920.

Submitted by:
Joan Van Fulpen
Kalamazoo MI

William Henry Cozine

William Henry Cozine 
b. 15 July 1819, Kentucky, to George Cozine and Charity Banta
d. 3 October 1889, Napa, Califonnia

m. August 1868, Antioch, Contra Costa, California
Margaret Jane Brooks
b. 22 December 1847, Sweetland Township, Muscatine County, Iowa, to Hiram and Isabella Jane (Clendenin) Brooks
d. 8 June 1918, San Francisco, California

Children with Margaret Jane Brooks:

  • Mary (b. 1871) married [–?–] Cook
  • William Henry (1872–1964) married Catherine Lowe
  • George H. (1875–1953)
  • Charlotte May (1876–1938) married [–?–] Agnew
  • Garrett B. (b. 1879) married Rose Joaquin
  • Martha (b. 1880) married Emanuel Marshall

William Henry Cozine crossed the plains to California in 1850, just before the admission of the state into the union.

Submitted by:
JoAnne Goodacre
Springfield VA

George Cozine

George Cozine
b. 1799 near Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentucky, to Garret and Margaret (List/Lys) Cozine
d. May 1870, Contra Costa, California

m. 13 October 1818, Mercer County, Kentucky
Charity Banta
b. 27 January 1797, Mercer County, Kentucky, to Hendricks and Rachel (Hopper) Banta
d. 2 November 1879, Franchers Creek, California

Children with Charity Banta:

  • William Henry (1819–1889) married Margaret Jane Brooks
  • Rachel (b. 1829)
  • Albert (1827–1897) married Mary H. Flippen
  • Sally A. (b. 1833) married Liras Lions
  • Abram (b. 1836)

George immigrated to Hendricks County, Indiana, from Mercer County, Kentucky, in 1835 and emigrated from Clark County, Indiana, to Carroll County, Missouri, before 1850.

JoAnne Goodacre
Springfield VA

John Carter

John Carter
b. 1791, Virginia or Kentucky
d. 5 January 1864, Clay County, Illinois

m/1. 26 July 1813, Harrison County, Indiana
Nancy Fleenor
b. 10 November 1795, possibly Virginia
d. 26 January 1857, Clay County, Illinois

m/2. 2 December 1857, Clay County, Indiana
Emaline Fielding
b. 1833, Tennessee

Children with Nancy Fleenor:

  • James
  • Sarah married [–?–] Brooks
  • Charles
  • Elizabeth married [–?–] Babbs
  • Mary married [–?–] Barnett
  • Manirua married [–?–] Bowers
  • Lucinda married [–?–] Babbs
  • Jasper

Children with Emaline Fielding:

  • Jefferson

John resided in Harrison and Washington counties in Indiana, and emigrated from Indiana in 1850 to Clay County, Illinois.

Submitted by:
Randall M. Grove
Dix IL