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James McMains

James McMains
b. about 1808, Woodford County, Kentucky, to Andrew P. and Sarah (Haddon) McMains
d. Indianola, Iowa

m. 1844
Catherine Sears
b. Monroe County, Indiana, to David and Catherine Sears
d. 14 January 1884, Jefferson County, Iowa

Children with Catherine Sears:
• Manerva
• Malissa A. married David Wertfall
• Lydia

James came to Indiana sometime between 1810 and 1820 from Woodford County, Kentucky, and lived in Lawrence, Parke, and Putnam counties. He was educated in a one-room log school. In 1837, along with his brother, John, and with one horse to ride between them, the brothers headed out to the Iowa Territory, nine years before Iowa became a state.

In 1851, James drove an ox team to California to take part in the Gold Rush there, taking six months to complete the journey. After spending two years working up and down the California and Oregon coasts, James returned to Iowa by way of the Isthmus of Panama, having walked across the isthmus.

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Evelyn Stiles
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Isaac McCoy

Isaac McCoy
b. 13 June 1784, Uniontown, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, to William H. and Elizabeth (Rice) McCoy
d. 21 June 1846, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky

m. 6 October 1803, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky
Christiana Polk
b. 12 November 1784, Nelson County, Kentucky, to Charles and Delilah (Tyler) Polk
d. 6 August 1850, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri

Children with Christiana Polk:
• Mahala (1804-1818)
• Rice (1807-1833)
• Josephus (1808-1831)
• Delilah (1809-1844) married Johnston Lykins
• John Calvin (1811-1889) married (1) Virginia Chick, (2) Elizabeth Woodson
• Elizabeth (1813-1822)
• Sarah (1815-1835) married (1) Thomas Jefferson Givens, (2) Thomas Gilens
• Christiana (1817-1837) married William Ward
• Nancy Judson (1819-1850)
• Eleanor (1821-1839) married Husband Dononue
• Maria Staunton (1823-1824)
• Isaac (1825-1849) married Martha Stone
• Charles Rice (1827-1831)
• infant (1831)

The family moved to near Sellersburg, Clark County, in the Indiana Territory in 1804. Later, they moved to Vincennes, Knox County, where Isaac was a spinning wheel maker and a jailer. In 1805, they moved back to Clark County, where he was licensed as a Baptist minister. Isaac served at Mariah Creek Church in Knox County, starting in October 1810. In 1818, he established an Indian mission north of Terre Haute near Montezuma on Raccoon Creek in Parke County. In 1820 he went to Fort Wayne in Allen County to establish a church for Indians; Christiana had a school that taught spinning and weaving. In 1828, Isaac was appointed a member of the commission to arrange the removal of Indians to reservations in Kansas. He and two sons moved to the Kansas City, Missouri area. In 1843, Isaac returned to Indiana where he was appointed Secretary and General Agent for the Indiana Mission Association of Louisville, Kentucky.

Isaac wrote a book on the white man’s attempt to Christianize the Indians in 1840. A memorial book Early Indian Missions by W.N. Wyeth tells of the lives and mission work of Rev. and Mrs. McCoy. Many of his writings are in the Isaac McCoy Collection of the Kansas Historical Society. The towns of Niles and Grand Rapids, Michigan were originally McCoy Indian Missions.

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Christie Hill Russell
Paris IL

John Homer Lee

John Homer Lee
b. 31 August 1849, Knoxville, Jefferson County, Ohio, to William (1829-1909) and Mary A. (1829-1912) (Adams) Lee
d. 20 December 1898, Harrisburg, Saline County, Illinois

m/1. 9 March 1873, Rockville, Parke County, Indiana
Rebecca Adaline Mitchell
b. 30 December 1845, Parke County, Indiana, to William Durrow (1818-1898) and Sarah Foster (1818-1857) (Martin) Mitchell
d. 9 January 1879, Harrisburg, Saline County, Illinois

Julia Dove Cain

Children with Rebecca Adaline Mitchell:
• James William Reeder (1874-1896)
• Barthenia Rose (b. 1875) married Asa Parker
• John Baker (1877-1955) married Dollie Dorris

Children with Julia Dove Cain:
• Harry Caine (1888-1959) married Beatrice Crabtree

John came to Monroe County, Indiana, from Rockville, Jefferson County, Ohio, in 1869 with his parents and siblings. He left from Parke County, Indiana, to Mitchelsville, Saline County, Illinois, in 1877. He was a doctor in Harrisburg, Illinois. John served in Company G, 13th Regiment of Ohio Cavalry during the Civil War; his papers list his name as Homer J. Lee.

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Susan Lee Cook
San Diego CA

Charlotte E. Johns

Charlotte E. “Lottie” Johns
b. 26 March 1849, Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana, to Rennie W. and Nancy (Lowe/Lough) Johns, Sr.
d. 2 August 1929, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas

m. 14 April 1872, Danville, Illinois
David Clinton Moore
b. 10 July 1847, Howard Township, Parke County, Indiana
d. 2 June 1919, Fort Dodge (Dodge City), Kansas

Children with David Clinton Moore:
• Emma Norah (1872/3-1875)
• Ella Zora (1874-1913) married George Reynolds
• Thomas Clinton (1877-1949)
• Fred David (1883-1930/1)

David Moore served in the 116th Regiment, Company C, Indiana Volunteers, July 1863-March 1864. He was a member of the Grand Army of the Republic, and Charlotte was a member of the Woman’s Relief Corps Auxiliary to the GAR. She was also a member of Eastern Star.

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Patricia Moore Althaus
Johnson City TX

Ida J. Hatt

Ida J. Hatt
b. July 1871, Parke County, Indiana, to William Albert and Martha A. (Braden) Hatt
d. after 1920

m. 21 July 1889, Parke County, Indiana
Leonard C. Stevens
b. January 1869, Parke County, Indiana
d. after 1920

Children with Leonard C. Stevens:
• Joseph Earl
• Cecil Coyer
• Cynitha B.
• Sophia Esther married [–?–] Scott
• Clyde
• Orval L.

Ida lived in Terre Haute, Vigo County, and in Tab, Warren County, in addition to Parke County while in Indiana. She left from Warren County in 1909. She moved from Farmington, Fulton County, Illinois, sometime after 1920.

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Darlene Jeannette Scott Shawn
Norman OK

Henry Clay Gibson

Henry Clay Gibson
b. 12 October 1846, Montezuma, Parke County, Indiana, to Henry Clay and Sarah (Bond) Gibson
d. 1 May 1925, Effingham County, Illinois

m. 15 February 1872, Fayette County, Indiana
Lydia Anna Veatch
b. 15 July 1849, Fayette County, Indiana
d. 29 April 1915, Effingham County, Illinois

Children with Lydia Anna Veatch:
• Henderson Brady
• Emma Zetta
• Pearl Leota
• Robert Clay

The family lived in Parke and Fayette counties and in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, before emigrating.

Bert O. Cook

Bert O. Cook
b. 16 July 1879 at Wabash Twp., Parke Co., IN to Andrew Cook and Martha Hayth
d. 12 Aug 1944 at Clinton, Vermillion Co., IN
bur. Roselawn Cemetery, Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN

Bert Cook

Bert Cook

Bert Cook gravestone

Bert Cook gravestone

m. 20 Sept 1899 at Wabash Twp., Parke Co., IN
Minnie Puntenney
b. 18 Sept 1880 at Wabash Twp., Parke Co., IN to John Guffy Puntenney and Margaret Hixon
d. 30 Jun 1953 at Wabash Twp., Parke Co., IN
bur. Roselawn Cemetery, Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN

Children with Minnie Puntenney:

  • Bereniece Cook (1990–1984), m. George Richardson
  • Maxine Eliza Cook (1903–1991), m. Walter B. (“Tip”) Murphy
  • Madonna Opal Cook (1909–1993), m. Parke Lewman

Bert’s obituary in the Montezuma Enterprise, 17 August 1944, stated that he died of a heart attack in Clinton while on the way to see a doctor in town. He was a farmer and the operator of the Cook Grain company in Mecca. He was a Mason and member of both the lodge in Montezuma and the Scottish Rite at Indianapolis.

Bert was born on his parents’ farm southwest of Mecca and spent most of his life in Parke County. He was survived by his wife Minnie; three daughters, Mrs. George Richardson and Mrs. W. B. Murphy, both of Mecca, and Mrs. Parke Lewman of Montezuma; and three sisters, Mrs. Jennie Carrico of Terre Haute, Mrs. Rose Miles of Rockville, and Mrs. Eva Funkhouser of Hymera. He also had four grandchildren.Rev. Robert Shanklin, pastor of the Montezuma Methodist Church, presided over the funeral service.

Submitted by:
Mikel Lewman

John Guffy Puntenney

John Guffy Puntenney
b. 14 Dec 1834, Wabash Twp., Parke Co., IN to Aquilla Puntenney and Elenor (Headley) Puntenney
d. 23 Feb 1917, Wabash Twp., Parke Co., IN
bur. Hixon Cemetery, Wabash Twp., Parke Co., IN

John Guffy Puntenney

John Guffy Puntenney

Liddie Brown

Phoebe Miller

m/3. 11 Mar 1875 (probably Parke Co., IN)
Margaret Hixon 
b. 3 Mar 1841, Parke Co., IN to William and Margaret Hixon
d. 8 May 1917, Parke Co., IN
bur. at Hixon Cemetery, Wabash Twp., Parke Co., IN
*Margaret was previously married to Hiram Wiese

Children with Margaret Hixon:

  • Ethel Puntenney (1 Jul 1878 – 15 Sept 1954)
  • Minnie Puntenney (28 Sept 1880 – 12 Aug 1953)

John Guffy Puntenney lived in Wabash Township, Parke Co., Indiana all his life. He was the son of Aquilla and Elenor (Headley) Puntenney, who migrated from Ohio to Indiana in 1818. Aquilla acquired several acres in Wabash Township through a land bounty grant which he received for his service in the War of 1812. As a young man, John ran a general store in Armiesburg, Indiana but soon returned to his family farm where spent the rest of his life as a farmer. John and his wife, Margaret, had two daughters, Ethel and Minnie. John was known among his friends and neighbors as honest, quiet, and unassuming. He was a Republican who supported Prohibition, and was a member of the Methodist Church.

Submitted by:
Mikel Bert Lewman
Montezuma, IN

James D Nicholson

James D Nicholson
b. 21 May 1837 at Parish of Bower, Caithnesshire, Scotland to John Nicholson and Catherine Bain
d. 19 Oct 1908 OK
bur. Seceder Cemetery (also called Portland Mills), Parke Co., IN

James Nicholson gravestone

James Nicholson gravestone

m. 25 Dec 1866 Buffalo, MO ?
Susanna Rexrode 
b. 13 Apr 1868 in Virginia to Henry Edmund Rexrode and Maria/Mary Burkholder
d. 16 Dec 1887 at Parke Co., IN
bur. Seceder Cemetery, Parke Co., IN

Children with Susanna Rexrode:

  • Mary (Molly) Belle Nicholson (13 Apr 1868-) m. George T. Johnson 7 Apr 1892
  • Charles T. Nicholson (19 Feb 1870-) m1. Nora Ratcliff m2. Bessie Minaul 16 Feb 1903
  • Ora Alice Nicholson (22 Mar 1874-5 Oct 1875)
  • William M. Nicholson (17 Jun 1876-) m. Bessie Riner 24 Nov 1897
  • John H. Nicholson (23 Aug 1878- ) m1. Cecil Mount 17 Jun 1903 m2. Artie B. Day 14 Oct 1912
  • Carmie Ethel Nicholson (27 Jun 1881-1 Mar 1961) m. William Clarence Wysong 16 Aug 1902
  • Katy Pearl Nicholson (27 Jan 1884-) m. Olan Lecker Williams Jun 1912

James D. Nicholson emigrated from Scotland in 1840. He arrived in Indiana in about 1842. With the exception of two periods in his life – between 1866 and 1882 and between 1907 until his death in 1908 – he spent all of his life in Parke County, Indiana.

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Roberta Wysong
Bloomington, IN