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David Likens McCoy

David Likens McCoy
b. 30 March 1851, Kewanna, Fulton County, Indiana, to Isaac Newton and Eliza Jan (Martin) McCoy
d. 28 November 1919, Solomon, Kansas

m. 23 May 1877, Kewanna, Fulton County, Indiana
[–?–] Sellers
b. 15 April 1856, Kewanna, Fulton County, Indiana, to Samuel Ward and Sarah E. (Cannon) Sellers
d. 17 February 1932, Solomon, Kansas

Children with [—?—] Sellers:
• Edna Dell (1878-1879)
• infant (b. ca. 1880)
• Thaddeus (1880-1959) married (1) Mabel [–?–], (2) Rose Samuels
• Leonda Guy (1882-1962) married (1) Lou [–?–], (2) Ruth [–?–]
• Verl (1887-1926) married Helen G. Romberger
• Jay I. (b. 1888) married Minnie Cole (?)
• Orin G. (1889-1976) married Martha W. Engle
• Vera Junetta (b. 1893) married Elmer E. Clark

David and his family lived near Kewanna, Fulton County, Indiana, before moving to Solomon, Kansas. He worked as a laborer and as a farmer.

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Duane Schmidt
Lincoln NE
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John M. McCoy

John M. McCoy
b. 1850. Kewanna, Fulton County, Indiana, to Isaac Newton and Eliza Jane (Martin) McCoy
d. 9 December 1913, Edmond, Oklahoma

John left Indiana and headed west in 1870, going to Illinois, Kansas, and finally, Oklahoma where he apparently settled.

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Duane Schmidt
Lincoln NE
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Luther Owen Salsbury

Luther Owen Salsbury
b. 29 January 1873, Wakarusa, Elkhart County, Indiana, to Luther (1832-1907) and Clarissa Jane (1842-1875) (McCoy) Salsbury
d. 9 May 1936, Reno, Washoe County, Nevada

m. 9 September 1900, Reno, Washoe County, Nevada
Alice Nora Smith
b. 5 September 1880, Odessa, Missouri
d. 15 January 1955, Lovelock, Nevada

Children with Alice Nora Smith:
• Luther Earl (1901-1918)
• Clarissa Ellen (1905-1983)
• LeRoy (1907-1971)

Luther left Indiana before 1900 and lived in Marseilles, Illinois, then Floriston, California, before settling in Reno, Nevada.

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Brenton M. Dodge
Grants Pass OR
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Isaac McCoy

Isaac McCoy
b. 13 June 1784, Uniontown, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, to William H. and Elizabeth (Rice) McCoy
d. 21 June 1846, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky

m. 6 October 1803, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky
Christiana Polk
b. 12 November 1784, Nelson County, Kentucky, to Charles and Delilah (Tyler) Polk
d. 6 August 1850, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri

Children with Christiana Polk:
• Mahala (1804-1818)
• Rice (1807-1833)
• Josephus (1808-1831)
• Delilah (1809-1844) married Johnston Lykins
• John Calvin (1811-1889) married (1) Virginia Chick, (2) Elizabeth Woodson
• Elizabeth (1813-1822)
• Sarah (1815-1835) married (1) Thomas Jefferson Givens, (2) Thomas Gilens
• Christiana (1817-1837) married William Ward
• Nancy Judson (1819-1850)
• Eleanor (1821-1839) married Husband Dononue
• Maria Staunton (1823-1824)
• Isaac (1825-1849) married Martha Stone
• Charles Rice (1827-1831)
• infant (1831)

The family moved to near Sellersburg, Clark County, in the Indiana Territory in 1804. Later, they moved to Vincennes, Knox County, where Isaac was a spinning wheel maker and a jailer. In 1805, they moved back to Clark County, where he was licensed as a Baptist minister. Isaac served at Mariah Creek Church in Knox County, starting in October 1810. In 1818, he established an Indian mission north of Terre Haute near Montezuma on Raccoon Creek in Parke County. In 1820 he went to Fort Wayne in Allen County to establish a church for Indians; Christiana had a school that taught spinning and weaving. In 1828, Isaac was appointed a member of the commission to arrange the removal of Indians to reservations in Kansas. He and two sons moved to the Kansas City, Missouri area. In 1843, Isaac returned to Indiana where he was appointed Secretary and General Agent for the Indiana Mission Association of Louisville, Kentucky.

Isaac wrote a book on the white man’s attempt to Christianize the Indians in 1840. A memorial book Early Indian Missions by W.N. Wyeth tells of the lives and mission work of Rev. and Mrs. McCoy. Many of his writings are in the Isaac McCoy Collection of the Kansas Historical Society. The towns of Niles and Grand Rapids, Michigan were originally McCoy Indian Missions.

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Christie Hill Russell
Paris IL
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Dudley Duncan Langton

Dudley Duncan Langton
b. 16 February 1875, Kempton, Tipton County, Indiana, to Henry A. and Jeannie F. (Turpin) Langton
d. 10 July 1914, Moberly, Randolph County, Missouri

m/1. 29 December 1897, Delphi, Carroll County, Indiana
Hulda Ray Williams
b. 14 October 1874, Delphi, Carroll County, Indiana, to Waldo Wright and Mary L. (Kirkman) Williams
d. 1 January 1944, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana

Hulda Ray Williams

Maude Higgins

Violet Reese

Children with Hulda Ray Williams:
• Martha Florence (1898-1969) married Walter Clinton McCoy
• Joseph Henry (1900-1969) married (1) Bernice [–?–], (2) Hazel Bye Chambers
• Hulda Isabell (b. 1905) married Lloyd E. Berg Children with Violet Reese:
• Dudley (b. 1912)
• daughter (b. 1914)

Around 1902, Dudley left Delphi, Indiana, for McCroy, Arkansas, then went to Des Moines, Iowa, in 1910. At the time of his death in an auto accident, he was employed as a log buyer.

The local newspaper stated that his widow and two small children in Moberly, Missouri, survived him. However, it seems that he never divorced Mrs. Maude Langton. So, he may or may not have been legally married to Violet Reese. Dudley and Maude did leave Des Moines and lived in Pekin, Illinois, for several years after Mr. Reese threatened Dudley. Mrs. Violet Langton brought Dudley’s body to Frankfort, Clinton County, Indiana, for burial, despite the complaints of Mrs. Maude Langton.

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Pat McCoy
Laguna Woods CA
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John Henry Hasselman

John Henry Hasselman
b. 12 February 1878, Ripley County, Indiana, to John Henry and Margaret Jane (Schorung) Hasselman
d. 6 December 1958, Junction City, Kansas

m. 12 March 1908, Kansas
Minnie Amelia Gfeller
b. 2 November 1888, Upland, Kansas, to John Gottfried and Mina Emile (Buche) Gfeller
d. 1 July 1931, Dickenson County, Kansas

Children with Minnie Amelia Gfeller:
• Estella Marie (1909-1999) married Theodore H. Coop
• Marlene Margaret (b. 1912) married (1) Gordon McCoy, (2) Charles Van De Mark
• Ivan John (1915-1994) married Doris Aida Kiner
• Nettie May (b. 1917) married Lester Leroy Elsasser
• Ruth Nadine (1922-1993) married (1) Allon Huggins, (2) Richard Brandel, (3) Roland B. Richmond

John left Indiana about 1917 for Alida, Kansas. He was a farmer.

Submitted by:
Duane Schmidt
Lincoln NE
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Lucretia Mable Skinner

Lucretia Mable Skinner
b. 14 September 1881 at Howard Co., IN, daughter of Johnson Ballou and Sarah (McCoy) Skinner
d. 1 December 1963 at Augusta, GA
bur. Mt. Hope Cemetery, Logansport, Cass Co., IN

Lucretia Skinner

Lucretia Skinner

Lucretia Skinner gravestone

Lucretia Skinner gravestone

m. 20 August 1909 at Logansport, Cass Co., IN
Henry F. Whitmyer
b. 14 June 1874 at Roann, Miami Co., IN, son of Henry and Catharine (Flohr) Whitmyer
d. 29 August 1927 at Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN
bur. Mt. Hope Cemetery, Logansport, Cass Co., IN)

Children with Henry F. Whitmyer:

  • Helena Catherine Whitmyer (22 July 1910–12 August 1972; m. Ralph Sandige)
  • Mary Lucretia Whitmyer (4 May 1912–1 February 1994; m. Lewis W. Robinson Jr.)
  • Boy Whitmyer (23 November 1913–25 November 1913)
  • Elizabeth Evelyn Whitmyer (3 August 1915–4 April 1923)
  • Lois Caroline Whitmyer (30 September 1917–6 Feburary 2001; m. Warren J. Jones Jr.)
  • Alice Louise Whitmyer (22 September 1921–30 March 2003; m. Bernard Bobal)

Submitted by:
Kathy Jones Stickney
Ormond Beach, FL