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James Johnson Poland/Polen

James Johnson Poland/Polen
b. 12 December 1865, Azalia, Bartholomew County, Indiana, to Clyde Washington and Elmira Elizabeth (Herod Betts) Poland/Polen
d. 27 June 1952, Gideon, New Madrid County, Missouri

m/1. 1 March 1885, Azalia, Bartholomew County, Indiana
Rhoda Charlotte Layman
b. 26 January 1890, Azalia, Bartholomew County,Indiana, to James Carter and Rutha Jane (Crosby) Layman
d. 10 September 1908, Merom, Sullivan County, Indiana

m/2. date unknown
Mary Bray

Children with Rhoda Charlotte Layman:
• Oscar Warren (1886-1925) married Lou Ethel Appell
• Edna May (1889-1954) married Lafayette French
• Nellie Gertrude (1891-1932) married Claud Glass
• Ruth Elmira (1893-1975) married Clifton Mason
• Vergle Edith (1896-1977) married John Wagster
• James Herschel (1898-1951) married Virgie Stewart
• Dauris Emeral (1901-1982) married Mildred Viola Batson
• Charley Layman (b. 1904) married Rhemo Cooper
• Leonard

James lived in Azalia, Elizabethtown, and Columbus (all located in Bartholomew County, Indiana) as well as Merom, Sullivan County, Indiana, before emigrating in 1909 to Arkansas. In 1910 the family emigrated to Malden, Dunklin County, Missouri, and then to Gidean, New Madrid County, Missouri.

Submitted by:
Betty Louise Polen Schlechte
Alton IL

William Harry Glover

William Harry Glover
b. 3 June 1868, Milroy, Rush County, Indiana, to Lemuel and Cornelia (Stewart) Glover
d. 16 September 1955, Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, New Mexico

m/1. 8 February 1889, Franklin County, Indiana
Susie Witters
b. 26 May 1868, Ohio, to Henry and Elizabeth (Overleese) Witters
d. 1953, Anderson, Madison County, Indiana

m/2. 21 April 1896, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana
Dora Isabell “Dolly” O’Keefe
b. 30 July 1877, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, to Patrick Oliver and Margaret Ann (Hoffman) O’Keefe
d. 19 February 1910, Welch, Craig County, Oklahoma

m/3. 31 December 1911, Estancia, Torrence County, New Mexico
Rachel Lutissa “Grace” O’Keefe (Dora’s older sister)
b. 1 July 1875, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana
d. 18 March 1924, Tajique, Torrence County, New Mexico

m/4. after 1924, Tajique, Torrence County, New Mexico
Lilly Bachman Burnett

Children with Susie Witters:
• Ines Flora (1889-1965)
• Bonnie Hazel (1892-1894)

Children with Dora Isabell O’Keefe:
• Paul Maurece (1900-1900)
• Cecil Carl (1903-1985)
• Henry Harold (1905-1963)
• Hortense Lucile (b. 1907)

Children with Lilly Bachman Burnett:
• Lillian (b. aft. 1925)

As Harry and his family moved west, he worked as a carpenter, building houses, buildings, and coffins to earn enough to move further west. He returned to Indianapolis after the death of his second wife, but then moved on to Tajique, New Mexico, where he bought a ranch, a 160 acre homestead.

Harry served in the 3rd Artillery in 1898 during the Spanish-American War and was a corporal when he was discharged.

Submitted by:
Ellen Mangum
Indianapolis IN
E-mail: eomangum@aol.com

Susan Jane Gamble

Susan Jane Gamble
b. 22 July 1895, Bridgeport, Marion County, Indiana, to James Westley and Cecelia Ann (Osburn) Gamble
d. 23 November 1982, South Euclid, Cuyahoga County, Ohio

m. 4 August 1924, Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio
Russell Greeves
b. 1896, to Frederick and Mary (Stewart) Greeves
d. 21 July 1949, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Susan had no children, but raised her nephew, Richard Grandriller. She emigrated from Bridgeport before 1924.

Submitted by:
Vivian Wilson Tomlin
Indianapolis IN

Charles Gaither

Charles Gaither
b. 29 September 1894, Plainville, Daviess County, Indiana, to Lincoln and Mary E. (Dyer) Gaither
d. 25 June 1976, Petaluma, Sonoma County, California

m/1. 17 October 1913
Leola “Jennie” Hough
b. November 1894, Erie County, New York
d. October 1947, New York

m/2. 1927
Ida Stewart

Children with Leola Hough:
• Raymond (1914-1936)
• Kinneth (b. 1920)
• Glada (1922-1975) married Al Higney
• Edith (b. 1924) married (1) Walter Pankey, (2) Gene Butler

Charles left Indiana in 1936 and moved to a chicken ranch in Petaluma, Sonoma County, California. He served in both World War I and II.

Submitted by:
Shirley Leola Smith
Grass Valley CA

James Edward Frad

James Edward Frad
b. 20 November 1844, Hamblin Township, Brown County, Indiana, to James and Lydia (Stewart) Frad
d. 30 December 1920, Alamo, Hidalgo County, Texas

m/1. 25 December 1867, Taylor Township, Benton County, Iowa
Eliza Porter
b. March 1848, Briston, England
d. 2 January 1903, Freeman Township, Dickens County, Iowa

m/2. 11 September 1911
Emma Paddock

Children with Eliza Porter:
• Clarence (b. ca. 1868)
• Robert J.
• William J. (1871-1932) married Lulu Pickler
• Joseph Delbert (1877-1948) married (1) Naomi Purinton, (2) Mille Peters
• Leroy (1880-1951) married (1) Emma [–?–], (2) Dolly [–?–]
• James Edward (1885-1945) married Anna Victoria Johnson

James lived in Hamblin Township in Brown County and Wildcat County in Tipton County, Indiana, before emigrating in 1865. He was a farmer.

Submitted by:
Paula Frighetti
Tucson AZ
E-mail: dntfncmein@msn.com

Pearl Bray Conover

Pearl Bray Conover
b. 20 January 1883, Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana, to Ralph L. and Anna (Smith) Conover
d. 13 May 1952, Clearwater, Pinellas County, Florida

m/1. 22 October 1902, Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana
Grace F. Stewart

m/2. 1906, Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana
Katherine McNalley
b. 1855, Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana
d. 12 March 1939, Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana

[–?–] Courtney

Children with Katherine McNalley:

  • Kathryn (1907-1992) married Charles Everett

Pearl Bray left the state in 1947.

Submitted by:
Marie Ann Reedy
Fairborn OH
E-mail: rreedy@mics.net

Mathew W Stewart

Mathew W Stewart
b. 3 September 1858, Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana, to James W. and Mary C. (Bell) Stewart
d. 8 June 1939, Salmon, Lemhi County, Idaho

m. 12 January 1905, Salmon, Lemhi County, Idaho
Catherine C. Delaney
b. 12 September 1879, Davenport, Thayer County, Nebraska, to Edward and Mary (Morley) Delaney
d. 12 January 1959, Salmon, Lemhi County, Idaho

Children with Catherine C. Delaney:

  • infant (1906-1906)
  • Margaret (b. 1907)
  • Carolyn Rose (1908-1963) married Glen Wyant
  • Matthew W. (1909-1971) married Mildred Wayman
  • James Edward (1910-1925)
  • Margaret Helen (1918-1973) married Lyle Edgar White

Matt’s grandfather came from Ireland, lived in Louisville, Kentucky, then moved to Parke County Indiana, by 1826. The family moved to Vigo County by 1829, where they built and owned the Stewart House.

Matt, his brother James, and his sister Helen, moved to Salmon, Lemhi County, Idaho before 1900. The 1900 census lists Matt as a miner, James as a tinsmith, and Helen was listed without an occupation. The three of them were not living in the same household.

Matt served as the Salmon, Lemhi County, Idaho sheriff for two terms. Three deputies were killed during Matt’s service as sheriff. He was a miner, carpenter, and livestock rancher.

Submitted by:
Leila Crawford
Philomath OR
E-mail: leila@peak.org