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John L Harmon

John L Harmon
birth: about 1767 in Virginia, father possibly William Harmon of Crooked Creek, Montgomery, VA
death: 1825 in Marion Co, Indiana
burial: Old Cotton Cemetery, Pike Twp, Marion Co, Indiana

marriage: 16 Dec 1787 in Montgomery Co, Va
Elizabeth Byrd
birth: about 1771 in Virginia to John Byrd and Sarah ( unknown). (Sarah Byrd married William Burch after John’s death)
death: after 1850, Carrol Co, Indiana
burial: maybe at Harmon Christian Church Cemetery, Harmon, Knox, Indiana

Children of Elizabeth Byrd and John L Harmon:

  • William W Harmon (1788 – 1866), m. 1814 Nancy Campbell
  • Richard Harmon (1793 – after 1860), m. about 1811 Mary (unknown)
  • John Bird Harmon (1795 – 1860), m. 1818 Mary Findley
  • James Harmon (1797 – 1847), m. 1816 Philadelphia Dickerson
  • Nancy Jane Harmon (1799 – 1872), m. (1) 1816 William Christ, (2) 1819 Robert Mitchell, (3) 1827 Chesley Wray
  • Mildred Harmon (1801 – 1838), m. 1821 Hiram Hamilton Lewis
  • Sarah Harmon (1803 – after 1860), m. (1) 1819 John Adams, (2) 1835 Nathaniel P Walters
  • Mary Harmon ((1805 – 1880), m. 1827 Alexus Jackson
  • Elizabeth Harmon (about 1807 – died young)
  • Hiram H Harmon (1810 – 1836), m. 1831 Ruth Parrish
  • Charles Harmon (1811 – 1883), m. (1) 1831 Elizabeth Rodman, (2) 1873 Mary Pitzer

Where John L Harmon lived:

  • about 1767- Born in Virginia
  • about 1820- John migrated to join his sons in Marion Co, IN
  • 1825- Died in Marion Co, IN

Other Information:

John L Harmon was likely born in Virginia as he left tax records and married in Montgomery County, VA. Deeds and tax records indicate he also lived in Grayson and Russell counties in Virginia. By 1804, John had moved to Pulaski County, Kentucky, where he can be found in the 1810 census. Later that year, the family moved to Hamilton County, Ohio but by 1820 they were in Marion County, Indiana.

John L Harmon did not have a middle initial in any record until deeds registered in Marion County, Indiana show him with the middle initial “L”, perhaps to differentiate from the records of his son. Some seem to have arbitrarily given him the name Lincoln, but that seems highly unlikely a name for a man born in the mid 1700’s.

Several John Harmons served in the Revolutionary War and this man has been accepted as a Patriot at NSDAR but it is very likely wrong, as he does not seem to have been old enough to have served.

John has often been placed in German families in North Carolina and western Virginia, but Y-DNA tests suggest he could not have been a part of these families. He is first found in the tax records of Montgomery County, Virginia, with a William Harmon. Because John L Harmon named his first son William, it is highly likely that the tax record William was his father, but there is no documentary proof.

Submitted by:
Kay Haden

William Harry Hatter

William Henry Hatter
b. 3 August 1882, Delphi, Carroll County, Indiana, to William Riley and Annetta Roselpha (Stokes) Hatter
d. 11 April 1959, Union, Missouri

Gertrude Robinson

m/2. 26 December 1917, Starke County, Indiana
Bertha Rose Sudlow
b. 18 September 1889, Starke County, Indiana, to David Conklin Clapp and Ann E. (Hastings) Sudlow
d. 17 February 1969, Logansport, Cass County, Indiana

Ida Miriam Hight
b. 9 March 1924
d. 4 August 1944

Margaret [–?–]
d. 1962

Children with Gertrude Robinson:
• Walter Robinson (1909-1992) married (1) Edna Bennett, (2) Nina Holloway

Children with Bertha Rose Sudlow:
• Emma Rose (1919-2000) married Meredith Earl Lockridge
• Vida Louise (b. 1921) married James Walter Mondy
• Oliver Harry married Thelma Jean Bailey
• Roseltha married Raymond Leroy Halloway

Children with Ida Miriam Hight:
• Harry Lee (b. 1943)

William left Indiana in 1935. He lived in Arkansas, Arizona, Kansas, and California before moving to St. Louis, Missouri in 1940.

He was a paper mill worker, a farmer, a janitor, and a fireman. He was also a horse trader.

Submitted by:
Joan Cole
Odessa MO

Emma Rose Hatter

Emma Rose Hatter
b. 20 October 1919, Delphi, Carroll County, Indiana, to William Harry and Bertha Rose (Sudlow) Hatter
d. 26 October 2000, Everton, Boone County, Arkansas

m. 1 February 1941, Knox, Starke County, Indiana
Meredith Earl Lockridge
b. 29 September 1917, Knox, Starke County, Indiana, to Guy A. and Arizona Ione (Baker) Lockridge
d. 18 January 1994, Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas

Children with Meredith Earl Lockridge:
• James Earl (b. 1944) married Regina Lee Scott
• Joan Marie (b. 1946) married Jimmie Lewis Cole
• Guy Dean (b. 1949) married Rosetta Maria Phillips
• Kathaleen (b. 1952) married (1) Harvey Worrie Clark, Jr., (2) Duane Recoy, (3) Steve Riley, (4) Buck Underwood
• Margaret Ellen (b. 1962)

Emma moved with her parents to Arkansas in 1935. The next few years found the family living in Arizona and then California before returning to Arkansas in 1939.

When her father left the family in Arkansas, she took her ill mother and younger brother and sister back to Indiana in 1940 to live with her aunt, Lucy Sudlow, in Starke County, Indiana. While there she met and married Meredith Lockridge. Together they raised her brother, Oliver, and sister, Roseltha.

Emma and her husband moved to Arkansas in 1959, living first in Newton County and then in Boone County, where they remained until their deaths.

She was a homemaker, church worker, and 4-H leader for 35 years.

Submitted by:
Joan Cole
Odessa MO

Sarah Elizabeth Mullin

Sarah Elizabeth “Libby” Mullin
b. 31 December 1869, Rock Creek Township, Carroll County, Indiana, to Lewis and Nancy Jane (Young) Mullin
d. 19 February 1923, Superior, Mineral County, Montana

m. 29 April 1891, Camden, Carroll County, Indiana
Schyler Colfax Ray
b. 4 February 1869, Camden, Carroll County, Indiana
d. 5 May 1957, Missoula, Missoula County, Montana

Children with Schyler Colfax Ray:
• Daisy Margaret (b. 1892)
• Kate Elizabeth (b. 1893)
• Lois Anna (b. 1895)
• Julia Olive (b. 1899)
• Helen (b. 1901)
• Phillip Mullin (b. 1904)

The Mullin family immigrated to Indiana from Springboro, Warren County, Ohio, in 1831. Libby lived in Rock Creek Township and the town of Camden in Carroll County, Indiana, before leaving in 1909 to join her husband in St. Regis, Montana.

After the 1910 forest fire in which Libby and her family were refugees, she went to work for the railroad as a telegraph operator. Three of her daughters were also telegraph operators for the railroad. The West was a rugged, wild place at the time Libby Ray lived there, and it is said she never became reconciled to it. She always hoped to return to Indiana, and upon her death she was returned to be buried in Camden, Indiana, as was her husband.

Submitted by:
Ann Mullin Burton
Decatur MI

George Washington Larimer

George Washington Larimer
b. 14 February 1818, Ohio
d. 28 March 1875, Jasper County, Illinois

m. 16 January 1845, Burlington Township, Carroll County, Indiana
Sarah Viney
b. 30 August 1823, Marion County, Indiana
d. 26 March 1860, Deer Creek Township, Miami County, Indiana

Children with Sarah Viney:
• Elizabeth (b. 1845)
• Lucinda (b. 1849)
• Mary (b. 1852)
• Isaac L. (b. 1855)
• Margaret A. (b. 1859)

George came to Miami County, Indiana, abut 1843 and left in 1862.

Submitted by:
Shirley Dilsworth
Grand Blanc MI

Dudley Duncan Langton

Dudley Duncan Langton
b. 16 February 1875, Kempton, Tipton County, Indiana, to Henry A. and Jeannie F. (Turpin) Langton
d. 10 July 1914, Moberly, Randolph County, Missouri

m/1. 29 December 1897, Delphi, Carroll County, Indiana
Hulda Ray Williams
b. 14 October 1874, Delphi, Carroll County, Indiana, to Waldo Wright and Mary L. (Kirkman) Williams
d. 1 January 1944, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana

Hulda Ray Williams

Maude Higgins

Violet Reese

Children with Hulda Ray Williams:
• Martha Florence (1898-1969) married Walter Clinton McCoy
• Joseph Henry (1900-1969) married (1) Bernice [–?–], (2) Hazel Bye Chambers
• Hulda Isabell (b. 1905) married Lloyd E. Berg Children with Violet Reese:
• Dudley (b. 1912)
• daughter (b. 1914)

Around 1902, Dudley left Delphi, Indiana, for McCroy, Arkansas, then went to Des Moines, Iowa, in 1910. At the time of his death in an auto accident, he was employed as a log buyer.

The local newspaper stated that his widow and two small children in Moberly, Missouri, survived him. However, it seems that he never divorced Mrs. Maude Langton. So, he may or may not have been legally married to Violet Reese. Dudley and Maude did leave Des Moines and lived in Pekin, Illinois, for several years after Mr. Reese threatened Dudley. Mrs. Violet Langton brought Dudley’s body to Frankfort, Clinton County, Indiana, for burial, despite the complaints of Mrs. Maude Langton.

Submitted by:
Pat McCoy
Laguna Woods CA

Meredith Earl Lockridge

Meredith Earl Lockridge
b. 29 September 1917, Knox, Starke County, Indiana, to Guy A. and Arizona Ione (Baker) Lockridge
d. 18 January 1994, Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas

m. 1 February 1941, Knox, Starke County, Indiana
Emma Rose Hatter
b. 20 October 1919, Delphi, Carroll County, Indiana, to William Harry and Bertha Rose (Sudlow) Hatter
d. 26 October 2000, Everton, Boone County, Arkansas

Children with Emma Rose Hatter:
• James Earl (b. 1944) married Regina Lee Scott
• Joan Marie (b. 1946) married Jimmie Lewis Cole
• Guy Dean, Sr. (b. 1949) married Rosetta Maria Phillips
• Kathaleen (b. 1952) married (1) Harvey Worrie Clark, Jr., (2) Duane Recoy, (3) Steve Riley, (4) Buck Underwood
• Margaret Ellen (b. 1962)

Meredith moved to Lorain, Ohio, in 1919 with his family but returned to Indiana the same year. He lived in Fulton County and then Starke County until 1959 when he left for Arkansas.

He was a farmer and a carpenter, but worked as a Standard Oil gas salesman and delivery man in Indiana. He also worked in a wood product factory in Arkansas. He was unaware it was his uncle who was raising him until he was told at age 21.

He served on the town council in Everton, Arkansas and helped to get the town streets paved.

Submitted by:
Joan Cole
Odessa MO