Laura Phillips

Laura Phillips
b. 9 September 1879, Shelburn, Sullivan County, Indiana, to Thomas Walter and Alice Ann (Coker) Phillips
d. 24 August 1956, Salem, Polk County, Oregon

m/1. 30 September 1899, Sullivan County, Indiana
Joseph Davison

m/2. 12 December 1901, Lyford, Parke County, Indiana
Preston Calvert Bugher
b. 4 July 1871, Delphi, Carroll County, Indiana, to Daniel P. and Mercy Monba (Lewis) Bugher
d. 21 August 1911, Salem, Marion County, Oregon

m/3. 1 December 1915, Salem, Marion County, Oregon
J. M. Martin

Children with Preston Calvert Bugher:

  • Hazel (1902-1986) married Marion Charles Andresen
  • Walter C. (b. 1908) married Pearl M. Patterson

Laura resided in Sullivan and Parke counties, Indiana. She emigrated from Indiana in 1907 to Keltner, Texas County, Oklahoma, and then, moved about 1909 to Salem, Marion County, Oregon.

Both her first and third marriages were dissolved.

Submitted by:
Mary Alice Janis
Tampa FL

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