Erastus Alexander Patterson

Erastus Alexander Patterson
b. 9 February 1867, Hendricks County, Indiana, to James Henry (1839-1897) and America (Smith) (1840-1925) Patterson
d. 18 March 1949, Stillwater, Payne County, Oklahoma

m. 1 March 1893, Alder Grove, Burt County, Nebraska
Vina Ernst
b. February 1870, Iowa, to William Ernst
d. 1930-1949, probably Pay County, Oklahoma

Children with Vina Ernst:

  • John H. “Johnnie” (1894-aft. 1949)
  • Irving (1895-aft. 1920)
  • Elsie (1897-aft. 1910)
  • Jessie or Thressa (1899-aft. 1910)
  • Edith (abt. 1901-aft. 1920
  • Alma (abt. 1904-aft 1920)
  • Edna (abt. 1907-aft. 1920)

Erastus grew up outside Brownsburg, Hendricks County, Indiana. His parents left Indiana shortly after their daughter Eva died in 1883, and they settled their family near Craig, Burt County, Nebraska. Burt County became home to several other Hendricks County families, including that of Erastus’ cousin, Annie (Tharp) McDonald. Shortly after 1900, Erastus moved his wife and children south, to Payne County, Oklahoma.

Submitted by:
Meredith Thompson
Avon IN

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