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William Thomas Stagg

William Thomas Stagg
b. 1824, Athens County, Ohio, to Thomas and Susanna (Howlett) Stagg
d. 8 October 1882, Healing Springs Township, Independence County, Arkansas

m. 11 March 1843, Ripley County, Indiana
Elizabeth Martha Ann Marshall
b. 1827, Pennsylvania
d. 9 March 1902, Pine Township, Cleburne County, Arkansas

Children with Elizabeth Martha Ann Marshall:

  • Frederic P.
  • William Hiram
  • Sylvester Harvey
  • Thomas Alfred
  • George R.
  • Susannah Jane
  • John L.

William came to Columbia Township, Jennings County, Indiana, from Athens, Ohio, in 1825. The family emigrated in 1875.

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Dorothy P. Ball
Kansas City MO

George Harvey Marshall

George Harvey Marshall
b. 14 November 1828, Berkshire, Tioga County, New York, to Harvey George and Eunice (Hull) Marshall
d. 7 March 1902, Clackamas County, Oregon

m/1. 8 December 1850, Jennings County, Indiana
Susannah Jane Howlett
b. 5 April 1832, Columbia, Jennings County, Indiana
d. 6 May 1879, Clackamas County, Oregon

Children with Susannah Jane Howlett:

  • William Nelson
  • Lucy Ann
  • David Milton
  • Sarah Jane
  • Susan Eveline
  • John Alfred
  • Mary Alice Marshall

George immigrated with his parents to Jennings County, Indiana, about 1836 from Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. His parents helped establish the Flat Rock Baptist Church, and their home was a station on the Underground Railway, passing slaves through Indiana to Canada. Perhaps George helped too, but he was married and had children of his own by then.

He resided in Jackson Township, Ripley County, Indiana, and Columbia Township, Jennings County, Indiana.

George and his wife Susannah were married before her parents and siblings left Indiana, and they lived on her parents’ place. Their youngest son was just a baby when they left Indiana by train and settled in Eagle Creek, Clackamas County, Oregon, not far from where Susannah’s family had settled.

When Susannah died in 1879, she left small children. George then married a widow with small children of her own and had two sons by his second wife.

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Bethel L. Marshall
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Lord Viscount Nelson Howlett

Lord Viscount Nelson Howlett
b. 6 May 1809, Marietta, Washington County, Ohio, to William and Susan [–?–] Howlett
d. 5 August 1851, Malheur County, Oregon

m. 28 April 1829, Indiana
Lydia Ann Taylor
b. 14 October 1812, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana
d. 26 March 1899, Eagle Creek, Clackamas County, Oregon

Children with Lydia Ann Taylor:

  • William Jackson
  • Susannah Jane
  • Catherine
  • Mary Ann
  • Louisa
  • Rufus
  • Wright
  • Lucinda
  • John Nelson

Nelson Howlett immigrated to Indiana about 1820 with his father and stepmother. Nelson’s father, William, was a Revolutionary War soldier and sailor.

He had extensive holdings in Jennings County, Indiana, which he sold to join a wagon train
traveling to Oregon in the spring of 1851. Somewhere in eastern Oregon, he died of a “bite of a buffalo gnat” and was buried along the Oregon Trail at the Birch Creek Crossing, now in Malheur County, Oregon, not far from Huntington. His widow and children became pioneers in Oregon, where Lydia Howlett married a man from the same wagon train who had also been widowed on the Oregon Trail.

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