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Andrew Augustus Robe

Andrew Augustus Robe
b. 20 January 1840, Morgan County, Indiana, to William Henry and Nancy Jane (St. John) Robe
d. 2 August 1892, Waverly, Coffey County, Kansas

m. 21 November 1865, Franklin County, Indiana
Mary Sheldmeyer
b. 7 August 1840, Schaumburg, Germany, to Henry and Christine Luise (Mohlmann) Scheldmeyer
d. 26 July 1909, Coffey County, Kansas

Children with Mary Sheldmeyer:
• William Henry (1866-1952) married Lydia Christine Lankard
• Nancy Jane (1868-1945)
• Charles Wesley (1870-1957) married Jessie Towle Witherspoon
• Myrtie Elizabeth (1872-1950)
• Andrew Edward (1874-1942) married Elizabeth Belinda Brown
• George Oscar (1878-abt. 1951) married Mattie Jane Kurtz

Andrew left Morgan County, Indiana, around 1864.

Submitted by:
Rowena Robe Selby
Derby KS
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Sarah Phares

Sarah Phares
b. 5 July 1817, Crosby Township, Hamilton County, Ohio, to Isaac and Elizabeth (Brown) Phares
d. 26 November 1906, Franklin County, Kansas

m. 24 September 1835, Shelby County, Indiana
Stacy Stephens
d. 4 July 1899, Franklin County, Kansas

Children with Stacy Stephens:
• John Paul
• James
• Rebecca Jane
• Stacy Henry
• William Thomas
• Samuel Matthew
• Sarah Mary
• Barbara Lucietta
• Enoch Elijah
• Nancy Lydia

Sarah came to Shelby County, Indiana, from Ohio with her parents and grandparents. She moved to Virginia about 1845, then to Washington County, Ohio, about 1849, and to Kansas in 1869. The moves were due to the poor health of her husband. He was a farmer. The move to Kansas was as part of a family group to homestead the land.

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Shirley J. Stedman
Marion TX
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Rachel Gertrude Nichols

Rachel Gertrude Nichols
b. 11 February 1856, Rush County, Indiana, to Thomas and Jane (Brown) Nichols
d. 22 June 1910, Valley Junction, Polk County, Iowa

m. 31 March 1875, Rockville, Parke County, Indiana
William Francis Bigwood
b. 27 March 1853, Felicity, Clermont County, Ohio
d. 14 January 1906, Earlham, Madison County, Iowa

Children with William Francis Bigwood:
• Effie Jane (1876-1961) married Frank Libby
• Zena Eliza (1878-1945)
• Marjorie Frances (1881-1963) married Joe Ficklin
• James Thomas (1884-1886)
• Maggie May (1887-1931) married Henry Little
• Ellia Nichols (1891-1909)
• Maryanna Elizabeth (1897-1980) married Lyman Lyle Libby

Rachel lived in Danville, Hendricks County, and Rockville, Parke County, Indiana, before leaving the state in 1900.

Submitted by:
Robert J. Libby
Iowa City IA

George Fred Mix

George Fred Mix
b. 8 March 1878, Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana, to Dan and [–?–] Mix
d. 24 February 1946, Oakland, Alameda County, California

Della May Brown
b. 14 April 1881, Salem, Washington County, Indiana
d. 29 February 1936, Oakland, Alameda County, California

Children with Della May Brown:
• Warren
• Loran
• Lois
• Kenneth
• Julias
• Virgilene
• Marcella

George left Indiana sometime between 1913 and 1920 and moved to Seattle, Washington. Later, he moved on to Oakland, California, where he lived until his death.

Submitted by:
Shirley Mix Elmore
San Diego CA

Samuel D. McCarty

Samuel D. McCarty
b. 23 July 1836, Jefferson County, Indiana, to Henry and Hester McCarty
d. 16 November 1900, Paris, Edgar County, Illinois

m/1. between August 1861 and January 1862, Zenas, Jennings County, Indiana
Emily Herndon
d. January 1862

m/2. 16 April 1863, Edgar County, Illinois
Mary E. Raffety
b. 1844, Indiana
d. 28 May 1875, Paris, Edgar County, Illinois

m/3. May 1876
Martha Matilda Baum

Children with Mary E. Raffety:
• William Warder (b. 1867) married Nancy Catherine Meadows
• Emmit E. (b. 1869) married Laura Brown

Samuel served in the 43rd Indiana Regiment during the Civil War. He returned to Indiana to muster in with his brothers and brothers-in-law on 18 February 1865. He mustered out as a corporal on 14 June 1865.

Samuel lived in Jefferson County and then in Zenas, Jennings County, Indiana, before leaving in 1862. According to the Paris Beacon, he “was one of Paris’ most highly respected citizens, having been successfully engaged in the insurance and real estate business in this city for several years.”

Submitted by:
Rose Overstreet Stein
Grand Rapids MI

Joseph Charles Lightcap

Joseph Charles Lightcap
b. 23 October 1882, Henryville, Clark County, Indiana, to Jacob W. and Nancy Ann (Beckett) Lightcap
d. 8 October 1939, Menard, Illinois

m. June 1905, Mansfield, Piatt County, Illinois
Lula Maud Brown
b. 14 January 1886, Mansfield, Piatt County, Illinois
d. 25 March 1966, Farmer City, Dewitt City, Illinois

Children with Lula Maud Brown:
• Dorothy Mae
• Mary Kathryn
• Russell Olander
• Martha

Joseph left Clark County, Indiana, before 1905.

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Jeannie Noe Carlisle
Nabb IN
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Samuel Carey Zombro

Samuel Carey Zombro
b. 4 February 1858, Urbana, Champaign County, Ohio, to John Thomas and Rebecca Hitt (Brown) Zombro
d. after 1920, Michigan

m. 1881
Edna Dillon
b. 1862, Indiana, to John Dillon
d. 1892, Benton Harbor, Berrien County, Michigan

Children with Edna Dillon:
• Charles (b. ca. 1882-1950)
• Richard (b. ca. 1885) married Ethyl [–?–]
• Jean Ingelow (1886-1964) married Howard Weld

The family lived in Marion, Grant County, Indiana, until leaving about 1915. Samuel was in charge of the Soldiers and Sailors farm near Marion, where he had a successful dairy herd. About 1910, he bought a dairy farm near Hot Springs, Arkansas, but had trouble getting financing, so the venture failed. He then had a peanut farm in the area. Samuel bought a farm in Wisconsin before WWII.

Submitted by:
Marion G. Harcourt
Indianapolis IN
E-mail: harcourt@comcast.net

John Wesley Kimbel

John Wesley Kimbel
b. 8 May 1847, Ohio, to Daniel and Elizabeth (Cole) Kimbel
d. 30 January 1919, Leonidas Township, St. Joseph County, Michigan.

m/1. 19 December 1868, Marshall County, Indiana
Margaret E. Hissong
b. about 1851, Indiana
d. 25 February 1873, Menson Township, St. Joseph County, Michigan

m/2. about 1876
Anna J. White
b. 1860, Michigan, to Amos and Clarissa White
d. 28 September, Leonidas, Michigan

m/3. 22 June 1881, Three Rivers, Michigan
Louisa J. Lamphier March
b. 1859
d. April 1883, Manistee County, Michigan

Emma Augusta Brand
b. 27 August 1869, Auburn, DeKalb County, Indiana
d. 12 December 1952, Centreville, Michigan

Children with Margaret E. Hissong:
• Lilly M. (1870-1876)
• George Lee (1873-1929) married Theresa Pauline Henrietta Piotrasch

Children with Anna J. White:
• female infant (1878-1878)
• Wesley John (1879-1970) married (1) Clara J. Wagner Marsac, (2) Marigam A. Monroe Ramsey

Children with Emma August Brand:
• Charles (1887-1955) married Emma [–?–]
• Daniel (1888-1949) married Jeanette Baldwin
• Arthur (1891-1957) married Alma Emilia Giehne
• Vesta (1893-1920) married Valma N. E. Brown
• Ezra R. (1895-1903)
• Clifford (1897-1903)
• Leathia R. (1898-1903)
• Ola F. (1900-1961) married (1) Harry Inman, (2) James A. Jordan, (3) Howard Ellis
• Ralph (1902-1971) married Glennys Moughton
• Katie Marie (1904-1974) married Lester George McAmis
• Earl (1905-1981) married (1) Florence [–?–], (2) Emma Bavin

John was living in Fairfield Township, DeKalb County, Indiana, by 1853. He left from Bourbon Township, Marshall County, Indiana before 1873. He also lived in Etna Green, Kosciusko County, Indiana.

Submitted by:
Sally Kimbel
Troy MI
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Achelus Shedrick Key

Achelus Shedrick Key
b. 18 January 1842, Surry County, North Carolina, to William S. and Lydia D. (Jones) Key
d. 13 June 1930, Sharpsburg, Taylor County, Iowa

m/1. 31 December 1862, Surry County, North Carolina
Martha Ellen Whittaker
d. Indiana

m/2. 1 November 1868, Jasper County, Indiana
Mary Grubb
b. 19 November 1846, Jefferson County, Virginia, to Adam and Elizabeth (Mercer) Grubb
d. 19 February 1901, Grove Township, Taylor County, Iowa

m/3. 22 September 1901
Sarah Ellen Coe
b. 3 September 1873, North Carolina
d. 21 July 1969, Taylor County, Iowa

Children with Martha Ellen Whittaker:
• Samuel Jefferson (1865-1924) married Rose L. Gaudard
• James Lewis (ca. 1867-1961) married Blanche Davis

Children with Mary Grubb:
• Eliza Ellen (1870-1918) married John Wattie Campbell
• Cora Lee (b. 1872) married Elmer McLaughlin
• John Orman (1874-1957) married Goldie Cook
• Charles Lee William (1879-ca. 1950) married Ida Bell Crowe
• William (b. aft. 1880)
• Oscar Henry (1883-1967) married Ethel Mae Strum
• Rosa Edith (1885-1934) married Jerry Wilson

Children with Sarah Ellen Coe:
• Roxa Viola (1902-1961)
• Lloyd Amond (b. 1903) married Edna Weese
• Eunice May (b. 1905) married James A. Eller
• Lydia DeBose (b. 1907) married Russell Reynolds
• Bessie Maciel (1908-1944) married Elwin Brown
• Hollis Cecil (1910-1910)
• Hattie Dell (b. 1911) married Asa Tackett
• Royal Jackson (1914-1917)
• Lula Tessie (1917-1917)
• Dora Jessie (1917-1918)
• Mary Lessie (b. 1917) married William Terry

A. S. Key was a Confederate soldier in Company H, 11th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry (volunteers) from June 1861 for twelve months. He was wounded as part of Jackson’s campaign of the Shenandoah Valley on 25 May 1862. In June 1862, he was reported as being “absent without leave.”

Six months later her married his first wife. The couple most likely moved to Indiana between the births of their two sons, probably because of the harsh conditions in North Carolina after the war. Martha died, leaving him with two young children. While it is not known exactly when they came to Indiana, they left Jasper County in 1869.

He married Mary in Jasper County and their first child was born in Peoria, Illinois, where Mary also had family. By 1880, the family was in Grove Township, Taylor County, Iowa.

By the end of his life, A. S. had married three times and had twenty children, the last three being triplets. His name has also been spelled Achillus Sherdrick Key.

Submitted by:
Sandra L. Carter-Duff
Denver CO
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William J. Jones

William J. Jones
b. 13 January 1856, Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana, to Nathaniel and Sarah (Brown) Jones
d. 23 December 1933, Everett, Snohomish County, Washington

m. 10 July 1877, Vigo County, Indiana
Florence Belle Pierce/Pearce
b. 21 June 1858, Riley Township, Vigo County, Indiana
d. 28 February 1947, Everett, Snohomish County, Washington

Children with Florence Bell Pierce/Pearce:
• Victoria (b. 1878)
• Nellie (b. 1880)
• Sylvia (b. 1886)
• Charles (b. 1889)
• Lulu May (b. 1891)

The family left Riley Township, Vigo County, in 1906 to homestead in Hettinger County, North Dakota. In about 1925, the parents and some of their daughters went to Los Angeles County, California, where they remained until about 1930 when they moved to Everett, Snohomish County, Washington.

Submitted by:
Jeanne Clement Oates
Lake Stevens WA