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William J. Jones

William J. Jones
b. 13 January 1856, Vigo County, Indiana, to Nathaniel M. and Sarah Ann (Brown) Jones
d. 23 December 1933, Everett, Washington

m. 10 July 1877
Florence Belle Pierce
b. 21 June 1858, Riley, Vigo County, Indiana, to James F. and Sylvia (Lee) Pierce
d. 28 February 1947, Everett, Washington

Children with Florence Belle Pierce:
• Victoria Sarah (1878-1941) married (1) Centenary Roscoe “Ross” Jackson, (2) Daniel C. Joslin, (3) Fred Haley
• Nellie (b. 1880) married Charles Procise
• Sylvia (1886-1977) married Robert Verr McIntosh
• Charles M. (1889-1918) married Mamie Boyly
• Lula May (1891-1914)

William’s family was first in Indiana sometime between 1850 and 1853 and resided in Vigo County. Between 1900 and 1910, he moved on to North Dakota before another move to Washington. He was a farmer by occupation.

Submitted by:
Thomas P. Jones
Indianapolis IN
E-mail: genjones@juno.com

George Washington Smith

George Washington Smith
b. 17 May 1854, Franklin County, Indiana, to John H. and Leannah J. (Lane) Smith
d. 6 October 1925, Eddyville, Dawson County, Nebraska

m. 13 December 1874, Brookville, Franklin County, Indiana
Ida Isabelle Hunter
b. 14 July 1860, Ripley County, Indiana, to Aaron Nathan B. and Cynthia Ann (Lawrence) Hunter
d. 29 October 1956, in Lexington, Dawson County, Nebraska

Children with Ida Isabelle Hunter:
• Allen M. (1876-1954) married (1) Della Clark, (2) Etta Bruce
• Charles Henry (1878-1936) married (1) Martha Nelson, (2) May E. Alexander
• Jule U. (1879-1880)
• Dore Viola (1882-1882)
• Jennie Lavine (1884-1919) married LeGrand H. Mason
• Edna Lenore (1886-1972) married Albert Bayne
• Carrie Alice (1888-1978) married Oliver S. Wagner
• LeAnna Belle (1890-1989) married Herman Leo Pierce
• Bertha Mae (1892-1966) married (1) Frank Brown, (2) George Brewster
• George Lorance (1899-1986) married (1) Clara Persons, (2) Auleen Hiner
• Franklin Evert (1898-1950) married (1) Mable Shapiro, (2) Velma Davis
• Bonnie Rae (1900-1900)

Submitted by:
Gerry Yost
Ravenna NE
E-mail: gyost@webtv.net

John Mathis

John Mathis
b. 25 December 1840, Washington Township, Brown County, Indiana, to Reuben and Loretta (Pierce) Mathis, Jr.
d. 20 February 1914, Hamilton Township, Harrison County, Missouri

m. 23 November 1873, Harrison County, Missouri
Mary Jane Yoder
b. 1 April 1854, Brown County, Indiana
d. 30 March 1894, Hamilton Township, Harrison County, Missouri

Children with Mary Jane Yoder:
• Lieuella
• Dollie
• George
• Ebenezer “Bud”
• Carl
• Carrie
• Hovey
• Alice

John left Indiana about 1868.

Submitted by:
Kathleen M. Kinstler
Tigard OR

William J. Jones

William J. Jones
b. 13 January 1856, Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana, to Nathaniel and Sarah (Brown) Jones
d. 23 December 1933, Everett, Snohomish County, Washington

m. 10 July 1877, Vigo County, Indiana
Florence Belle Pierce/Pearce
b. 21 June 1858, Riley Township, Vigo County, Indiana
d. 28 February 1947, Everett, Snohomish County, Washington

Children with Florence Bell Pierce/Pearce:
• Victoria (b. 1878)
• Nellie (b. 1880)
• Sylvia (b. 1886)
• Charles (b. 1889)
• Lulu May (b. 1891)

The family left Riley Township, Vigo County, in 1906 to homestead in Hettinger County, North Dakota. In about 1925, the parents and some of their daughters went to Los Angeles County, California, where they remained until about 1930 when they moved to Everett, Snohomish County, Washington.

Submitted by:
Jeanne Clement Oates
Lake Stevens WA

Charles Diehl Fields

Charles Diehl Fields
b. 18 February 1849, Grant County, Indiana, to Ellerson and Mary Ann (Diehl) Fields
d. 29 July 1934, Gage, Ellis County, Oklahoma

m. 14 December 1873, Blue Rapids, Marshall County, Kansas
Lucinda Victoria Morris
b. 10 February 1857, Butler Township, Bates County, Missouri, to A. Joseph and Ellen C. (Butcher) Morris
d. 25 September 1916, Gage, Ellis County, Oklahoma

Children with Lucinda Victoria Morris:
• John Walter (1874-1951) married Josephine Duck
• Frederick Ephram (1876-1949) married Anna Katherine Lewis
• Estella M. (1879-ca. 1973) married Elmer Pierce
• Clarence C. (1880-1945) married Caroline Estelle Kibler
• May (1882-1882)
• Albert E. (1883-1965) married Roberta Lee Hudson
• Floy Alice (1888-1974) married James Ellis, Sr.
• Goldie (1892-1940)

Charles lived in Richland Township, Grant County, and in Hartford Township, Adams County, while in Indiana. He emigrated in 1864 from Adams County.

Submitted by:
Aletha M. Fields
Columbia MO
E-mail: clancy@computerland.net

Sara(h) Jane Anderson

b. 25 September 1837, Farmersburg, Sullivan County, Indiana, to Absolom and Cynthia Ann (Pierce) Anderson
d. 18 February 1916, Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas

m. 21 February 1856, Sullivan County, Indiana
Abraham M. Dunagan
b. 6 May 1834, Wayne County, Kentucky
d. 13 April 1878, Sullivan County, Indiana

Children with Abraham M. Dunagan:

  • Thomas J. (b. ca. 1858)
  • William W. (b. 1860)
  • Commodore P. (b. 1869)
  • Oliver Roswell (1872-1937) married (1) Alice Virginia Sunderland, (2) Riella [–?–]
  • Jake (b. ca. 1877) married Minnie [–?–]

Sarah Jane lived in Haddon and Curry townships in Sullivan County, Indiana, before emigrating sometime after her husband’s death in 1878. She, another woman, and their children moved by covered wagon to Sedgwick County, Kansas, where Sarah Jane had relatives. She later lived in Wichita, Kansas, with her youngest son Jake and his family.

Submitted by:
Carllene Marek
Magalia CA