Seth Sampson

Seth Sampson
b. 17 January 1778 near Boston, Massachusetts, to Ezekiel and Sarah (Fance/Faunce) Samson
d. 20 August 1856, Madison County, Illinois

m. 8 July 1804, New York
Eunice Hopkinson
b. 13 July 1786, New Hampshire
d. 23 October 1883, Indiana

Children with Eunice Hopkinson:
• Olive (b. 1805)
• Lydia (b. 1806)
• Hannah
• Sabra
• Amanda
• Caleb
• Lucy
• John (b. 1821)
• Elizabeth
• Seth (b. 1825)
• James
• Mary Ann (b. 1827)
• Eunice
• Sarah
• Phobe
• Francis

Two of Seth’s children died in infancy, including the first Seth, who is not listed here. Son James also had a twin sister. All of the children were born in either New York or Indiana.

The family came down the Ohio River from Pittsburgh and settled north of Patriot in Switzerland County, Indiana in February 1816. They had a large sugar camp, a fruit orchard, and grew corn. They were affiliated with the Methodist Church and did whatever they could to maintain religious services in the communities where they lived. Seth was the first one to use a “P” in the spelling of his last name. He was a descendant of Mayflower passengers George Soule, Peter Brown, and Francis Cooke.

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Dale Davidson Harguess
Huntington Beach CA

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