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Allen Jasper Hart

Allen Jasper Hart
b. 10 January 1882, Salt Creek Township, Decatur County, Indiana, to James L. Marion and Harriett Jane (Shouse) Hart
d. 11 September 1957, Kiowa, Kansas

m. 14 February 1902, New Pennington, Decatur County, Indiana
Lou Ella Davis
b. 1 May 1881, Missouri, to David Arthur Thackrey and Anna Eliza (Hart) Davis
d. 3 August 1963, Jefferson County, Indiana

Allen was a farmer, and it is unknown when he left Indiana. Lou Ella had been committed to the Madison State Hospital on 2 September 1914, but Allen died in Kansas in 1957 before she died in Indiana in 1963.

Submitted by:
Irene Krieger
Batesville IN
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Charles Edgar Davis

Charles Edgar Davis
b. 7 August 1897, Salt Creek Township, Decatur County, Indiana, to David Arthur Thackrey and Anna Eliza (Hart) Davis
d. 30 April 1951, Michigan

m. 12 February 1922, Covington, Kentucky
Stella Marie Parmer
b. 4 November 1902, New Point, Decatur County, Indiana, to Isaac A. and Phebe May (Thackery) Parmer
d. 14 January 1996, Michigan

Children with Stella Marie Parmer:
• Doris Alene (1923-1998) married Ivan Gill
• Gerlad Keith (1927-1967) married Barbara Altman
• Joyce Marie (1936-1984) married David Fortson, Jr.

Charles was a World War I veteran. After Charles’ death, Stella Marie married Bonnye I. Donaldson. Again widowed, she married a third time to Leroy W. Vansickle.

Submitted by:
Irene Krieger
Batesville IN
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Margaret Ann Hart

Margaret Ann Hart
b. 30 July 1848, Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, Indiana
d. 20 January 1931, Cimarron, Colfax County, New Mexico

m. Trinidad, Las Animas County, Colorado
William Rufus Whiteman
b. 17 March 1839, Pleasant Hill, Jackson County, Missouri, to Samuel Rufus and Talitha (Strode) Whiteman
d. 6 October 1930, Cimarron, Colfax County, New Mexico

Children with William Rufus Whiteman:
• Rufus Elmer (1872-1957)
• William Edwin (1874-1961) married (1) Stella Burns, (2) Lessie Tull
• Eva Frances (b. 1876) married John Livingston
• Alva Hugh (b. 1879) married Josephine Alery
• Benjamin (1881-1882)
• Mary Elizabeth (1883-1974) married (1) Henry “Pete” Gimson, (2) James Lail
• Clarence Raymond (1885-1967) married Clara Grace Brooke
• Laura Adela (b. 1888) married Louis Lastroh

Margaret left Indiana to teach in Nebraska. At age eighteen she left there to care for the children of her cousin and close friend, Sarah Elizabeth (Bergan) Whiteman, who had died in childbirth in Fountain, Elpaso County, Colorado. She married Sarah’s widower in Trinidad, Colorado, homesteaded at Ponil Creek in northern New Mexico, and lived in Ute Park, Roy, and Cimarron in New Mexico.

Margaret’s husband left home in Independence, Missouri, at age 13 to look for his father who had gone west to search for gold. Not finding him, he returned to Independence and at age 18, signed on as a freighter on the Santa Fe Trail. He later worked as a carpenter, was an accomplished fiddle player, worked as a lawman, and operated a toll road from Roy, New Mexico, to Burro Canyon

Submitted by:
Marilyn H. Whiteman
Estancia NM
E-mail: rockingw3@juno.com

Henry Jeanneret Reeve

Henry Jeanneret Reeve
b. 12 September 1887, Ligonier, Noble County, Indiana, to Edwin and Julia (Jeanneret) Reeve
d. 16 April 1951, Hinsdale, DuPage County, Illinois

m. 20 April 1899, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
Eva Elizabeth Hart
b. 25 September 1874, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, to Edwin Rose Frisbie and Margaret
Elizabeth (Kull) Hart
d. 4 August 1956, Downers Grove, DuPage County, Illinois

Children with Eva Elizabeth Hart:
• Edwin Allworth (b. 1901)
• Norman Hart (b. 1903)
• Kenneth Jeanneret (b. 1910)
• Muriel Evelyn (b. 1915)

Henry lived and was educated in Ligonier, Indiana until his emigration in 1892, taking a position with the Diamond Machinery Co. in 1893-94. He retired in 1947 after having worked with various machinery companies in the area.

Henry served as treasurer of the First Congregational Church in Western Springs for many years. He also served the village of Western Springs as Treasurer and Collector, as a trustee, and as President. He was awarded the Silver Beaver for his work with the West Suburban Council of the Boy Scouts. At the time of his death, he was vice president of the Western Springs Building & Loan Association.

Submitted by:
Kenneth Jeanneret Reeve
Columbus IN

John Henry Lister

John Henry Lister
b. 1836, Lebanon, Boone County, Indiana, to Thomas and Martha (Hooton) Lister
d. 1907

m. 14 June 1857, Lebanon, Boone County, Indiana
Sarah Ellen Miller
b. 1842, Lebanon, Boone County, Indiana
d. 1909

Children with Sarah Ellen Miller:
• Martha A. “Patsey” (1859-1860)
• Nancy Elizabeth “Lizzie” (b. 1861) married (1) Josephus Fletcher, (2) John Coulter
• William (b. 1863)
• Isophene F. “Jopha” (1864-1931) married James Lafe Hart
• Aaron Thomas (1867-1940) married Ollie/Ella Ann Waters
• John Henry (1870-1936) married Mary Rader
• Ellen (b. 1871)
• Squire Irvin (b. 1874) married Eveline Clinkenbeard
• Louis Elzie (1876-1954) married Frances Jane Clinkenbeard

John Henry and Sarah moved to Jefferson City, Cole County, Missouri, in 1869 at the same time as his parents. John was a farmer there but later moved to Mountain View, Kiowa County, Oklahoma.

Submitted by:
Sharon Gilbert
South Bend IN

Russell Hart

Russell Hart
b. 26 January 1899, Saltcreek Township, Decatur County, Indiana, to Edward and Ida Belle (Snedeker) Hart
d. 18 August 1982, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Cecelia Ryan

m/2. 21 January 1948, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Nina Rippe
b. 20 September 1902, Wisconsin
d. June 1992, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Russell attended New Pennington School for eight years. In his early twenties, he took a job somewhere in the South. It didn’t work out, so he started home on a train, where he met a man from Wisconsin. The man offered him a job repairing cash registers. So, he continued to Wisconsin, eventually having his own business, “Hart’s Cash Registers and Repair Service.” He was an avid hunter and fisherman, with a cabin on the Mississippi River in Minnesota. After retirement, he spent his winters in Florida.

Submitted by:
Patricia L. Lawrence
Greensburg IN

John Hart

John Hart
b. 3 June 1838, Wayne County, Ohio, to George Christopher and Martha (Borland) Hart
d. 18 December 1902, Van Buren County, Michigan

m/1. 8 March 1861, Angola, Steuben County, Indiana
Susanna Rittee
b. 1833, to Jacob and Mary/Maria (Hartzell) Ritter
d. 18 February 1879, Steuben County, Indiana

m/2. 19 September 1880, Branch County, Michigan
Wealthy Abel/Abbott
b. June 1838, Canada
d. 1906, Steuben County, Indiana

Children with Susanna Rittee:
• Maria/Mariah (1864-bef. 1902) married [–?–] Strang
• Clara Adella “Dell” (1867-1947) married Dudley P. “Doc” Leffingwell
• Phileta “Lettie” (1868-1953) married George Fredrick Waterfield
• Mary/Mamie Leota (1870-1968) married James Brown

Children with Wealthy Abel/Abbott:
• Thomas Christopher

John served in the military in 1862 in Company C of the 152nd Regiment from Indiana. He was always a carpenter and in his later years in Michigan, he was a mailman and a milk truck driver.

Submitted by:
Marjorie Waterfield
Bowling Green OH

James Calder Fitzhenry

James Calder Fitzhenry
b. 3 October 1814, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, to Enoch and Abigail (Hart) Fitzhenry
d. 1856, Victoria, Texas

m. 12 July 1842, Jefferson County, Indiana
Sarah Ann Bailey
b. 1816, New York
d. about 1859, Lavaca, Texas

Children with Sarah Ann Bailey:
• Almond (b. 1844)
• Aurilla (b. 1846)
• William (b. 1852)

James came to Indiana before 1842 and left about 1846.

Submitted by:
Josephine Fitzhenry Hodge
Nassau Bay TX

Christopher Braun

Christopher Braun
b. 6 September 1854, to John and Katherine (Heuring) Braun
d. 11 March 1935, Spencer County, Indiana
bur. St. John Lutheran Ev. Cemetery, Row 25, Plot 17, Evanston, Spencer, Indiana

m. 5 May 1842
Anne Elizabeth Maria Mulzer
b. 4 May 1865, Spencer County, Indiana, to Wolfgang and Margaretha (Huebschman) Mulzer
d. 11 September 1939, Spencer County, Indiana
bur. St. John Lutheran Ev. Cemetery, Evanston, Spencer, Indiana

Christopher Braun and Maria Mulzer gravestone

Christopher Braun and Maria Mulzer gravestone

Children of Christopher and Anne Elizabeth Maria (Mulzer) Braun:

  • Friedrich Ludwig (1881-1954) married Amelia Anna Hartzing
  • John Henry (1884-1961) married Anna Alvina Polster
  • George (1885-1947)
  • Anna Katherine (1887-1969) married Charles W. Peters
  • Elizabeth Emile (1889-1968) married Manford E. Hart
  • Edith “Ida” L. (1893-1968) married Alvin S. Dersch
  • Heinrich Martin (1895-1974) married Meta M. Polster
  • Johann Arthur Otto (1897-1902)
  • Catherine Clara (1900-1975) married Thomas Ludwig Polster
  • Wilhelmine A. (1902-1997) married Adolph Jacob Foertsch
  • Rudolph W. N. (1912-1994) married (living)

Christoph was born in Spencer County, Indiana, and attended church at St. John Lutheran. He married Anne Elizabeth Mulzer who also attended St. John Lutheran. They had 11 children. They were farmers in Spencer County, Indiana, all of their lives.

Submitted by:
Marlene Petty Polster
Crown Point IN
E-mail: marlenepolster@sbcglobal.net

Charles Edgar Davis

Charles Edgar Davis
b. 7 August 1897, Salt Creek Township, Decatur County, Indiana, to David Arthur Thackrey and Anna Eliza (Hart) Davis
d. 30 April 1951, Michigan

m. 12 February 1922, Covington, Kentucky
Stella Marie Parmer
b. 4 November 1902, New Point, Decatur County, Indiana, to Isaac and Phoebe May (Thackery) Parmer
d. 14 January 1996, Michigan

Children with Stella Marie Parmer:

  • Doris Alene (1923-1998) married Ivan Gill
  • Gerald Keith (1927-1967) married Barbara Altman
  • Joyce Marie (1936-1984) married David Fortson, Jr.

Stella remarried after Charles died to Bonnye I. Donaldson, who also died. She then married Leroy W. Vansickle.

Charles and Stella are both buried in White Chapel Cemetery, Troy, Michigan.

Submitted by:
Irene Krieger
Batesville IN
E-mail: ihdkrieger@yahoo.com