James Inman

James “Jim” Inman
b. 8 December 1867, Martin County, Indiana, to John and Lucinda (Richison) Inman
d. about 1925, Los Angeles area of California

Emma Crane
b. February 1872, Texas

Children with Emma Crane:
• Lillian (b. 1893)
• Mary (b. 1896)
• Vent (b. 1898)
• Verda (b. 1900)
• Alvin (b. 1902)
• Lucille (b. 1906)
• Freda (b. 1908)
• Bessie Jim (b. 1910)
• Lorene (b. 1914)

While it is unknown when Jim left Indiana, he was in Texas by 1872. Between 1893 and 1896, he moved his wife and daughter to the Indian Territory of Oklahoma (Chickasaw Nation). They moved to Rush Springs, Grady County, Oklahoma, around 1909. In the 1920’s, most of the family, except Lillian and Mary who were married, moved near Los Angeles, Calfornia.

Submitted by:
Ileta Blades
Chickashe OK

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