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Samuel Piety Hill

Samuel Piety Hill
b. 31 December 1858, Bruceville, Knox County, Indiana, to George Washington and Indiana Ann (Piety) Hill
d. 13 April 1946, near Carthage, Jasper County, Missouri

m. 6 June 1886, Union Township, Jasper County, Missouri
Mary Ellen “Mollie” Burgoon
b. 29 January 1868, Grapevine, Tarrant County, Texas, to George B. and Letta Jane (Fortner) Burgoon
d. 14 August 1934, Carthage, Jasper County, Missour

Children with Mary Ellen Burgoon:
• Bruce (1887-1906)
• Lee Raymond (1888-1973) married Alice Curtis
• Frankie Faye (1891-1989) married Frank Leslie McRae
• Grace Mae (1893-1985) married (1) Chester Arizon Dipboye, (2) Luther Ellison
• Glenn George (1898-1989) married (1) Marie [–?–], (2) Adelaide M. Whitten
• Bernice Ellen (1899-1995) married (1) Joseph Mohl, (2) Ray Kibler
• Clayton Gaul (1901-1994) married Georgia Clara Janney
• Lawrence Chester (1903-1987) married Mary Elizabeth Garrett

Samuel’s parents came to Orange County, Indiana, from Tennessee in 1814. The family left Knox County, Indiana, in 1872. Samuel was a truck farmer and Justice of the Peace in Jasper County, Missouri.

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Christie Hill Russell
Paris IL
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Lucien Andrew Foote

Lucien Andrew Foote
b. 16 December 1824, Batavia City, Clermont County, Ohio, to Andrew and Jane (Tweed) Foote
d. 30 November 1910, Lake Geneva, Walworth County, Wisconsin

m/1. 3 December 1851
Susan Grier Sunderland
b. 23 April 1833, Rockville, Parke County, Indiana, to John and Elizabeth (Page) Sunderland
d. 1 April 1858, Rockville, Parke County, Indiana

m/2. 9 May 1860, Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin.
Ann Amelia Holt
b. 19 February 1832, Harper’s Ferry, Jefferson County, West Virginia
d. 18 November 1916, Lake Geneva, Walworth County, Wisconsin

Children with Susan Grier Sunderland:

  • Caroline Esther (1853-1932) married Walter Hiram Curtis
  • Eliza (1855-1915)
  • Ella Louise (1857-1922)

Children with Ann Amelia Holt:

  • Mary Florence (1861-1886) married [–?–] Kimball

Lucien came with his parents and siblings from Cincinnati in April 1833 via steamboat to the rapids below Vincennes, than by land to Rockville, Parke County, Indiana. Their household goods came by keelboat to Montezuma.

Besides being a Forty-Niner and purveyor of supplies in California, he had a bookstore, was Auditor of Parke County, Indiana, was Deputy Clerk of the Circuit Court of Montgomery County, Indiana, and Councilman in Crawfordsville, Indiana for three terms. He served on the school board at Crawfordsville for six years, served in the Civil War and became Grand High Priest of Masonic Grand Chapter of Indiana.

Submitted by:
Grace C. Eells
West Allis WI
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Jacob Carver

b. 11 April 1807, Elizabeth Township, Miami County, Ohio, to Michael and Anna (Lennon) Carver
d. 7 May 1897, Clarksburg, Bourbon County, Kansas

m. 3 January 1830, Miami County, Ohio
Eleanor Derr
b. 1 February 1812, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, to Joseph and Eleanor (Vanderbilt)
d. 26 April 1892, Clarksburg, Bourbon County, Kansas

Children with Eleanor Derr:

  • Aaron (1830-1830)
  • James (1832-1909) married (1) Margaret Ann Reece, (2) Mary Jane Smith
  • Michael (1836-1916) married Matilda Eleanor Neeley
  • Joseph (1838-1914) married (1) Elizabeth Jane Elwood, (2) Marietta Curtis
  • Henry Rowe (1840-1892) married Elizabeth Jane Griffith
  • Nancy Catherine (1846-1900) married (1) Henry Pemberton, (2) John S. Barnhill
  • John Arthur (1852-1918) married (1) Elizabeth P. Johnson, (2) Catherine Ann Bloom
  • Barbra Elizabeth “Lizzie” (1855-bef. 1882) married Edward Hampton Greening

In 1841, the family came to Stoney Creek Township, Randolph County, Indiana. They left in 1868.

Submitted by:
Marjorie Meagher
San Jose CA

Lucy Mildred Holman

Lucy Mildred Holman
b. 4 May 1819, Dearborn County, Indiana, to Jesse L. and Elizabeth (Masterson) Holman
d. 7 June 1912, Los Angeles, California

m. 16 March 1837, Dearborn County, Indiana
Israel Coleman Curtis
b. 21 July 1813, Mississippi Territory
d. 3 October 1883, Los Angeles, California

Lucy emigrated from Indiana to Iowa in 1844 and moved to California in 1863. This couple
had ten children.

Submitted by:
John Stutesman
San Francisco CA

Elias Pierce Hollingsworth

Elias Pierce Hollingsworth
b. 7 November 1820, near Pendleton, Madison County, Indiana, to Elias and Eliza (Curtis) Hollingsworth
d. 1884, Windom, McPherson County, Kansas

m/1. 1836–1837
Malinda Shinkle
d. 1839

m/2. about 1840

m/3. 1844, Madison County, Indiana
Mary Jane Morrill
b. 1826, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio
d. 28 April 1892, McPherson County, Kansas

Children with Malinda Shinkle:

  • John Shinkle

Children with [–?–]:

  • Martha

Children with Mary Jane Morrill:

  • Mary E.
  • Elsie A.
  • William
  • Lucy Jane
  • David
  • Elias Pierce “Lyle”

Elias Hollingsworth started out in life as a shoemaker but then was taught brick making by his uncle William Morrill. He emigrated from Madison County, Indiana, to Unionville, Macon County, Missouri, in 1860, where he made the brick for a seminary in Unionville, Macon County, Missouri, in the 1860’s. He then moved his family from Missouri to Appanoose County, Iowa.

From 1880 to 1884, Elias was a farmer and a hotel keeper at Mormontown, Taylor County, Iowa. In 1884 he moved his family to Windom, McPherson County, Kansas, where he died a few months after settling there.

Submitted by:
Eileen Hollingsworth Gray
Florence OR

Elias Hollingsworth

Elias Hollingsworth
b. 1794, 96th District, Union County, South Carolina to Benjamin and Phebe (Posey) Hollingsworth
d. 21 January 1846, Osage County, Missouri

m. 1813, Ohio
Eliza Curtis
b. 1794, Harrison County, Virginia
d. 23 April 1849, Richland, Madison County, Indiana

Children with Eliza Curtis:

  • James
  • Phebe
  • Benjamin
  • Elias Pierce
  • Frances Minerva
  • Elizabeth
  • Mary
  • William Flacher
  • Leonard
  • Absalum
  • Susannah

Elias immigrated to Indiana in 1820 from Springfield, Clark County, Ohio. He emigrated from Madison County, Indiana, to Osage County, Missouri, in 1844.

Elias Hollingsworth came from a long line of Quakers, but when he married Eliza Curtis, a Methodist, he was disowned for marrying out of unity. Their son Elias Pierce was the first white child born in Madison County.

Elias and Eliza held Methodist church meetings in their home, and in 1823, along with several neighbors, they established the Fall Creek Methodist Church. In 1844 the Hollingsworth family moved to Osage County, Missouri, where Elias built a church and designated a burial ground. On 21 January 1846, he died of blood poisoning from an ax wound on his leg and was buried in his graveyard in Osage County. After his death, Eliza took their children back to Indiana to live with her eldest son, James, in Anderson, Madison County, Indiana.

Submitted by:
Eileen Hollingsworth Gray
Florence OR

Allen Pickney Chaplin

Allen Pickney Chaplin
b. 9 December 1867, Kosciusko County, Indiana, to Rolanda P. and Clarissa (Logan) Chaplin
d. 22 May 1938, Cowley County, Kansas

m/1. 22 December 1890, Bolton Township, Cowley County, Kansas
Minnie Lillie Vickery
b. 16 April 1868, Doniphan County, Kansas, to Ira Marion and George Ann (Young) Vickery
d. 11 October 1928, Anderson County, Kansas

m/2. 24 August 1931
Helen Smith Barnett

Children with Minnie Lillie Vickery:

  • Dora (1891–1976) married (1) David Rayner Gillespie, (2) Charles P. Morgan
  • Vernon Wiley (1892–1986) married Lydia DeMott
  • William Cullen (1894–1916)
  • infant (1897)
  • Charles Stedman (1899–1975) married Hazel Fern Smith
  • Georgia Clarisa (1902–1951) married Ray Peters
  • Ella Mariam (1904–1978) married (1) Jack Curtis, (2) Bill Havens
  • Byron Atherton (1908–1953) married Ruby Jones

Allen Chaplin left Kosciusko County, Indiana, in 1878.

Submitted by:
Carol Chaplin Milbourn
Roanoke VA