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Jacob Carver

b. 11 April 1807, Elizabeth Township, Miami County, Ohio, to Michael and Anna (Lennon) Carver
d. 7 May 1897, Clarksburg, Bourbon County, Kansas

m. 3 January 1830, Miami County, Ohio
Eleanor Derr
b. 1 February 1812, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, to Joseph and Eleanor (Vanderbilt)
d. 26 April 1892, Clarksburg, Bourbon County, Kansas

Children with Eleanor Derr:

  • Aaron (1830-1830)
  • James (1832-1909) married (1) Margaret Ann Reece, (2) Mary Jane Smith
  • Michael (1836-1916) married Matilda Eleanor Neeley
  • Joseph (1838-1914) married (1) Elizabeth Jane Elwood, (2) Marietta Curtis
  • Henry Rowe (1840-1892) married Elizabeth Jane Griffith
  • Nancy Catherine (1846-1900) married (1) Henry Pemberton, (2) John S. Barnhill
  • John Arthur (1852-1918) married (1) Elizabeth P. Johnson, (2) Catherine Ann Bloom
  • Barbra Elizabeth “Lizzie” (1855-bef. 1882) married Edward Hampton Greening

In 1841, the family came to Stoney Creek Township, Randolph County, Indiana. They left in 1868.

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Marjorie Meagher
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Lewis Sowers

Lewis Sowers
b. 18 May 1818, Lexington, Rowan County, North Carolina, to Valentine and Eva Marie (Derr) Sowers
d. 11 February 1897, Colby, Kansas

m. 5 July 1838, North Carolina
Susannah Sink
b. 1819, Rowan County, North Carolina
d. 10 February 1863, Page County, Iowa

Children with Susannah Sink:

  • Anna
  • Jane
  • Hamilton
  • Elmine
  • William Harrison
  • Mary
  • Martha
  • Eve
  • George (b. 1863)

Lewis emigrated from Fountain County, Indiana, in 1859 to Buchanan Township, Page County, Iowa. Lewis’ son, George, was seven days old when Susannah died.

Lewis was small in stature, quick, active and strong. At almost 70, he journeyed west by covered wagon to Thomas County, Kansas, hoping to grow wheat extensively. Drought and grasshoppers took his crops seven out of ten years. He didn’t make enough money from his crops to pay for the seed. The strain was too much for him, and he died of heart failure in 1897.

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