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Jacob Carver

b. 11 April 1807, Elizabeth Township, Miami County, Ohio, to Michael and Anna (Lennon) Carver
d. 7 May 1897, Clarksburg, Bourbon County, Kansas

m. 3 January 1830, Miami County, Ohio
Eleanor Derr
b. 1 February 1812, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, to Joseph and Eleanor (Vanderbilt)
d. 26 April 1892, Clarksburg, Bourbon County, Kansas

Children with Eleanor Derr:

  • Aaron (1830-1830)
  • James (1832-1909) married (1) Margaret Ann Reece, (2) Mary Jane Smith
  • Michael (1836-1916) married Matilda Eleanor Neeley
  • Joseph (1838-1914) married (1) Elizabeth Jane Elwood, (2) Marietta Curtis
  • Henry Rowe (1840-1892) married Elizabeth Jane Griffith
  • Nancy Catherine (1846-1900) married (1) Henry Pemberton, (2) John S. Barnhill
  • John Arthur (1852-1918) married (1) Elizabeth P. Johnson, (2) Catherine Ann Bloom
  • Barbra Elizabeth “Lizzie” (1855-bef. 1882) married Edward Hampton Greening

In 1841, the family came to Stoney Creek Township, Randolph County, Indiana. They left in 1868.

Submitted by:
Marjorie Meagher
San Jose CA

Jacob Tyrrell Railsback

Jacob Tyrrell Railsback
b. 19 October 1845, near Clermont, Marion County, Indiana, to Thomas Jefferson and Beulah Ann (Barnhill) Railsback
d. 9 February 1932, Sierra Madre, Los Angeles County, California

m. 27 May 1868, Clermont, Marion County, Indiana
Joan Pauline Mendenhall
b. 11 November 1853, Brownsburg, Hendricks County, Indiana
d. 9 October 1928, Sierra Madre, Los Angeles County, California

Children with Joan Pauline Mendenhall:

  • Thomas Alveron (1869-1946)
  • Walter Ellsbrook (1870-1930)
  • Agnes Beatrice (1872-1954)
  • Linnie Martha (1875-1888)
  • John William Hornaday (1877-1952)
  • Beulah (1887-1888)
  • Jacob Tyrrell (1891-1969)
  • Bryan Mendenhall (1896-1980)

Jacob enlisted in the 8th Indiana Cavalry, 39th Regiment, in 1864. He was wounded in November 1864 near Waynesboro, Georgia. He was one of General Grant’s bodyguards at the surrender of General Lee.

After his marriage, his family moved to Crawfordsville in 1868, then to Rockville in 1874, and back to Crawfordsville that same year. Jacob’s family, his mother Beulah Bailey, and brother Amasa Walter moved to Kansas in 1877 where Jacob worked for the railroad. Later in his career with the railroad, he invented a coupling device, and even though it was widely used, he never received credit for it. He moved his family to Kansas City, Missouri, about 1889. Jacob and Joan moved from Missouri to California after May 1918. Both Jacob and Joan are buried in Atchison, Kansas.

Submitted by:
Glenn Albert Railsback, III
Pine Bluff AR