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Lucien Andrew Foote

Lucien Andrew Foote
b. 16 December 1824, Batavia City, Clermont County, Ohio, to Andrew and Jane (Tweed) Foote
d. 30 November 1910, Lake Geneva, Walworth County, Wisconsin

m/1. 3 December 1851
Susan Grier Sunderland
b. 23 April 1833, Rockville, Parke County, Indiana, to John and Elizabeth (Page) Sunderland
d. 1 April 1858, Rockville, Parke County, Indiana

m/2. 9 May 1860, Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin.
Ann Amelia Holt
b. 19 February 1832, Harper’s Ferry, Jefferson County, West Virginia
d. 18 November 1916, Lake Geneva, Walworth County, Wisconsin

Children with Susan Grier Sunderland:

  • Caroline Esther (1853-1932) married Walter Hiram Curtis
  • Eliza (1855-1915)
  • Ella Louise (1857-1922)

Children with Ann Amelia Holt:

  • Mary Florence (1861-1886) married [–?–] Kimball

Lucien came with his parents and siblings from Cincinnati in April 1833 via steamboat to the rapids below Vincennes, than by land to Rockville, Parke County, Indiana. Their household goods came by keelboat to Montezuma.

Besides being a Forty-Niner and purveyor of supplies in California, he had a bookstore, was Auditor of Parke County, Indiana, was Deputy Clerk of the Circuit Court of Montgomery County, Indiana, and Councilman in Crawfordsville, Indiana for three terms. He served on the school board at Crawfordsville for six years, served in the Civil War and became Grand High Priest of Masonic Grand Chapter of Indiana.

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Grace C. Eells
West Allis WI
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John Harrison Cochran

b. 1 November 1840, Allen County, Ohio, to George and Mary (Sunderland) Cochran
d. 1 February 1905, Middle Point, Van Wert County, Ohio

m. 11 September 1862, Middle Point, Van Wert County, Ohio
Anna Catherine Null
b. 30 March 1843, Thorn Township, Perry County, Ohio
d. 6 April 1936, Middle Point, Van Wert County, Ohio

Children with Anna Catherine Null:

  • John A. (1863-1864)
  • Charles E. (1865-1945)
  • Franklin E. (1867-1951)
  • Ida Jane (1870-1943)
  • Nettie Viola (1877-1957)
  • Lorena Elmira (1879-1967)

The family arrived in Tiosa, Fulton County, Indiana, after August 1869 and left after 1872.

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Carol W. Moellering
Fort Wayne IN

Sara(h) Jane Anderson

b. 25 September 1837, Farmersburg, Sullivan County, Indiana, to Absolom and Cynthia Ann (Pierce) Anderson
d. 18 February 1916, Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas

m. 21 February 1856, Sullivan County, Indiana
Abraham M. Dunagan
b. 6 May 1834, Wayne County, Kentucky
d. 13 April 1878, Sullivan County, Indiana

Children with Abraham M. Dunagan:

  • Thomas J. (b. ca. 1858)
  • William W. (b. 1860)
  • Commodore P. (b. 1869)
  • Oliver Roswell (1872-1937) married (1) Alice Virginia Sunderland, (2) Riella [–?–]
  • Jake (b. ca. 1877) married Minnie [–?–]

Sarah Jane lived in Haddon and Curry townships in Sullivan County, Indiana, before emigrating sometime after her husband’s death in 1878. She, another woman, and their children moved by covered wagon to Sedgwick County, Kansas, where Sarah Jane had relatives. She later lived in Wichita, Kansas, with her youngest son Jake and his family.

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Carllene Marek
Magalia CA