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Thomas Franklin Alexander and Mary Ann Courtney

Thomas Franklin Alexander
b. 19 October 1850, New Pittsburg, Randolph, Indiana, to Thomas and Lucinda (Harshman) Alexander
d. 25 October 1915, Portland, Jay, Indiana
bur. New Pittsburg Cemetery, New Pittsburg, Randolph, Indiana

m. 4 September 1873, Randolph County, Indiana
Mary Ann Courtney
b. 22 November 1849, Switzerland County, Indiana
d. 20 December 1903, Jackson Twp., Jay, Indiana
bur. New Pittsburg Cemetery, New Pittsburg, Randolph, Indiana

Thomas Alexander and Mary Ann Courtney gravestone

Thomas Alexander and Mary Ann Courtney gravestone

Children of Thomas Franklin and Mary Ann (Courtney) Alexander:

  • Norman (1874-1933) married (1) Anna J. Hinkley. (2) Katie McClish
  • Carman (1876-1944) married Diora Delltieu Vincent
  • Clarence (1879-1975) married (1) Blanche Bash, (2) Anna Jennetta Imel
  • Arthur (1883-1953) married Eva Bisel
  • Armeda (1885-1913) married Robert Clem McKinley
  • Olive (1887-1973) married (1) Dallas Ray Richison, (2) J. Frank Hodge

Thomas appears to have spent his entire life in Jay and Randolph counties. He was a farmer and had pictures taken of he and Mary Ann with their first grandchild about 1901 or 1902 by a photographer in Portland. Another picture taken at the same time includes all of his children. Each of the pictures were passed down through different branches of the family and only recently have the present owners of the two pictures learned of the existence of the second picture.

Submitted by:
Shirley Richison Fields
Avon IN
E-mail: richison@me com

Dallas Ray Richison and Olive Alexander

Dallas Ray Richison
b. 4 August 1884, Jay County, Indiana, to Frank Albert and Sarah Jane (Davis) Richison
d. 13 March 1947, Winchester, Randolph County, Indiana
bur. Fountain Park Cemetery, Winchester, Randolph, Indiana

m. 11 August 1906, Bearcreek Township, Jay County, Indiana
Olive Alexander
b. 10 June 1887, Jay County, Indiana, to Thomas Franklin and Mary Ann (Courtney) Alexander
d. 29 October 1973, Merced, Merced County, California
bur. Fountain Park Cemetery, Winchester, Randolph, Indiana

Dallas Richison and Olive Alexander gravestone

Dallas Richison and Olive Alexander gravestone

Children of Dallas Ray and Olive (Alexander)Richison:

  • Modjeska Pauline (1907-1989) married Milburn Theodore Thornburg
  • Ophir Orlo (1909-1949) married Zella Beatrice Wilkerson
  • Herbert Meredith (1913-1969) married Alice Louise Richardson
  • Charles Allen (1918-1989) married Mildred Miley
  • Frank Vaughn (1920-1999) married Edith Catherine Smith

Dallas Ray was a painter and paperhanger in Winchester, Indiana, along with some of his sons at various times. He also had a small farm about five miles northeast of town. He died of injuries suffered during a fall in a stairwell where he was working. According to newspaper articles, he had not been feeling well and apparently had a dizzy spell. He struck his head and back on a banister as he fell and died a few days later.

Olive died in Merced, California where she had been living close to her youngest son, Frank. She was cremated and her ashes were shipped back to Indiana to be buried beside Dallas in November of 1973. A few friends and some of her grandchildren attended that graveside service in Winchester, Indiana.

Submitted by:
Shirley Richison Fields
Avon IN
E-mail: richison@me com

Cora Conner

b. 3 December 1850, Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana, to Richard James and Mary McAlpine (Alexander) Conner
d. 28 February 1937, Washington, D.C.

m. 27 April 1870, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana
W. Terrell Pattison
b. 13 November 1845, Marion County, Indiana, to Thurston Thomas Nelson and Elizabeth Grant (Mauzy) Pattison
d. 14 November 1928, Washington, D.C.

Children with W. Terrell Pattison:

  • Frederick (1871-1891)
  • Gertrude (b. 1872) married Clarence Benjamin Miller
  • George [a daughter] (b. 1875) married Edward Neffeler
  • Florence (b. 1877) married Edwin Derickson Vincent
  • Louise (1885-1971)

Cora lived in Noblesville and Indianapolis, Indiana, before emigrating in 1935 to live with her daughter Gertrude in Washington, D.C.

Submitted by:
Marion G. Harcourt
Indianapolis IN

Anna Laura Conner

b. 11 April 1861, Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana, to George Frederick and Elizabeth (Hazelrigg) Conner
d. 17 May 1912, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

m. 1885, Laurel, Franklin County, Indiana
John Betson Johnson
d. 4 April 1925, Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California

Children with John Betson Johnson:

  • Lucas Conner (b. 1886) married Rachel Roberts Alexander
  • George Conner (1888-1917)
  • John Conner (b. 1894)
  • Richard Conner (b. 1896) married Etta Shaw

Anna lived in Noblesville, Hamilton County, and Laurel, Franklin County, before leaving Indiana around 1887.

Submitted by:
Marion G. Harcourt
Indianapolis IN

Austin David Rutter

Austin David Rutter
b. 14 March 1844, Posey or Gibson County, Indiana, to Austin A. and Elizabeth (Johnson) Rutter
d. 7 March 1933, Wabash County, Illinois

m/1. 28 February 1864, Gibson County, Indiana
Eliza Rosborough
b. 16 August 1846, Montgomery Township, Gibson County, Indiana
d. 10 November 1898, Petty Township, Lawrence County, Indiana

m/2. 21 July 1906, Wabash County, Illinois
Maria Louisa Keen

Children with Eliza Rosborough:

  • Rane (b. 1867) married Rose Peters
  • Essie Flora (1870-1939) married Abner Berry
  • Francis Eugene (1872-1873)
  • Clarence Greene (1874-1951) married (1) Cora Reid, (2) Ida May Hieronimus, (3) Sarah M. Addis
  • Marice Ann Agnes (1879-1962) married Charles Alexander
  • Mayme “Maud” Elvira (1882-1929) married Frank Fereau
  • Orvis (b. 1885) married Daisy Hill

Austin Rutter served with Company E, 42nd Regiment, Indiana Volunteers, during the Civil War. He emigrated from Indiana to Petty Township, Lawrence County, Illinois, about 1866.

Submitted by:
Judith E. Svoboda
Longmont CO
E-mail: jzsvoboda@earthlink.net

William Dolph Murphy

William Dolph Murphy
b. 25 March 1834, Dearborn County, Indiana, to Peter Liam and Drusilla (Dolph/Dewolf) Murphy
d. 26 January 1882, Central City, Putnam County, Missouri

m. 3 November 1854, Spencer County, Indiana
Sarah Ellen Brown
b. 3 December 18336, Spencer County, Indiana, to James Abbott and Sarah (Masterson) Brown
d. 7 February 1895, Putnam County, Missouri

Children with Sarah Ellen Brown:

  • Luella Belle (1855-1927) married Giles M. Morgan
  • RoseAnn Drusilla (1858-1934) married Louis Clinton Morgan
  • William Brown (1860-1928) married Nellie Ellen Metz
  • Sarah Elizabeth (1864-1942) married Loren L. Gray
  • Eunice Jane (1867-1962) married John H. Sandusky
  • Julia Ida (1868-1869)
  • James Lehem “Lee” (1869-1959) married Kitty Ann Duncan
  • Albert David Arthur (1873-1951) married Bertha May Alexander
  • Mary Emaline (1875-1970) married James H. Demry
  • Newton E. (1877-1877)

William emigrated in 1866 from Indiana to Central City, Putnam County, Missouri.

Submitted by:
Betty Murphy Mabee
San Diego CA

William Craigmile Montgomery

William Craigmile Montgomery 
b. 8 May 1840, Springfield Township, Franklin County, Indiana, to Andrew and Lydia (Craigmile) Montgomery
d. 22 February 1918, Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas

Dorcas Ann Barlow (perhaps)

Delia Feeney
b. 16 December 1853, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio
d. 6 August 1925, Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas

Children with Dorcas Ann Barlow:

  • Caroline (who was about the same age as her stepmother)

Children with Delia Feeney:

  • Margaret Mary “Molly” (b. 1875) married John Alexander
  • Luella (b. 1878) married George Downer
  • Lydia Katherine (b. 1881) married William Noah Sidlinger
  • William Amos (b. 1884) married Anna Edith Rummerfield
  • Andrew Earl (1889–1980) married Sarah Ikel

William Craigmile Montgomery emigrated in 1887 to Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas.

William C. Montgomery’s grandparents, James and Mary Montgomery and Alexander and Rachael Craigmile, all came from Tyrone County, Ireland. The Craigmiles lived in Indiana and in Butler County, Ohio.

Submitted by:
Virginia Sidlinger Foster
Hastings NE