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John Quincy Adams Hickman

John Quincy Adams Hickman
b. 6 December 1853, Ray Township, Franklin County, Indiana, to John Barton and Mary Ann (Moody) Hickman
d. October 1895, Illinois

m. about 1875
Mary Anna [–?–]
b. about 1855

Children with Mary Anna [—?—]:
• Amazette (b. ca. 1870)
• Ray (b. ca. 1870) married Ellen Sappenfield
• Clyde (b. ca. 1880)
• Francis (b. ca. 1880)

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Irene Krieger
Batesville IN
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Catherine Byerly

b. 28 July 1824, North Carolina, to George Joseph and Leah (Sappenfield) Byerly
d. 9 August 1902, Fairfield, Jefferson County, Iowa

m/1. 27 August 1846, Greene Township, Parke County, Indiana
James Mottern
b. 1823, Carter County, Tennessee
d. 27 August 1853, Greene Township, Parke County, Indiana

m/2. 12 June 1873, Iowa
Nicholas Mottern
b. 20 February 1820, Carter County, North Carolina
d. 19 April 1893, Parke County, Indiana (his first wife was Sarah Sappenfield)

Children with James Mottern:

  • Melissa Jane (b. 1847)
  • Julia Ann Leah (b. 1849)
  • Rachel Martha (b. 1851)
  • Mary Lucy Deborah (b. 1852)

James and Nicholas Mottern were brothers. Catherine Byerly and Sarah Sappenfield were cousins.

The first three children were born in Parke County, Indiana; the last child was born in Knoxville, Marion County, Iowa.

Catherine left Greene Township, Parke County, Indiana, in 1852.

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Lucy F. Katz
Long Beach CA
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George Joseph Byerly

George Joseph Byerly
b. 1799, Rowan County, North Carolina, to John David and Louisa (Lukenbill) Byerly
d. 24 March 1867, Albia, Monroe County, Iowa

m/1. 1818, North Carolina
Lydia Sappenfield
b. 1804, to Mattias and Secrist Sappenfield
d. about 1821

Children with Lydia Sappenfield:

  • David (1819-1870) married Susannah Myers
  • John Riley (1820-1904) married (1) Lydia Brock, (2) Josephine Dye

m/2. about 1822, Rowan County, North Carolina
Leah Sappenfield (twin sister of his first wife)
b. 1804, Rowan County, North Carolina
d. 12 February 1878, Albia, Monroe County, Iowa

Children with Leah Sappenfield:

  • Catherine (1824-1902) married (1) James Mottern, (2) Nicholas Mottern
  • Rachel (1826-1900) married Jesse Koonz
  • George Washington (1829-aft. 1909) married (1) Margaret H. Miller, (2) Mary J. [–?–]
  • William Mathias (1831-bef. 1909) married Elizabeth Amy [–?–]
  • Andrew J. (1833-1916) married (1) Sus. S. [–?–], (2) Mary Jane Burnside
  • Francis Marion (1835-1907) married Mary J. [–?–]
  • Mary Ann Lucy (1837-1873) married David Lanning
  • Jacob Mathias (1841-1930) married Arrilla Catherine Fall
  • Leah A. (1844-aft. 1909) married (1) Joel Peppin Fall, (2) John E. Bissell
  • Lydia L. (1844-aft. 1909) married Joshua A. Moss
  • Ephriam Melanchthon (1847-1935) married Minnie E. [–?–]

The family came to Greene Township, Parke County, Indiana, in 1828 and left in 1858. Members of this family have used various spellings: Byerly, Byerlee, Bierly, Birely, Byarley, Byerley, Byerly, Sappenfield,Zappenfeldt, Lukenbill, Lookabill, and Luckenbill.

Submitted by:
Lucy F. Katz
Long Beach CA