Jarred Hickman

Jarred Hickman
b. 5 September 1859, Ray Township, Franklin County, Indiana, to John Barton and Mary Ann (Moody) Hickman
d. 3 January 1914, Kansas City, Kansas

Jarred was the wanderer of his family according to his brother, Ambrose. He never married but went to Chicago to work with his brother, Dan, for about two years. Then he decided to work his way west to California, working in harvest fields and at any other kind of work he could find along the way. The wanderlust kept him moving and he went to Kansas, then back to Indiana, again to Kansas, and eventually to Texas. The next time he returned to Kansas, he was a very sick man and only lived a short time. He is buried in Kansas City, Kansas.

Submitted by:
Irene Krieger
Batesville IN
E-mail: ihdkrieger@yahoo.com

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